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Girish S.

Reboot | Day 20 (Member)
Day 20
Program progress:

Week 3 challange.

Day 2well-v

Its going good, enjoying the new routine, hope to continue this for the remainder of the year, aiming high for 2019. Hope it does not Come crashing down , a veggie Kenzai week and its not that bad and quite managbl. Loving few new exercises which were not there in Body1.

Week Welldone

its been good to be back in routine, and thanks to Wards efforts I am on a veggie diet.

My usual week excersie is at home basement, I have posted image for the same previously while doing body1, but today I post an image of my weekly cricket game.

I kept the tradition of Sunday exercise doing at the ground before the game, one thing has been constant since body1 is Sunday game.

DAY 5!

Spot on till now, feeling sore but yes the day feel's bigger , better and lots of energy.

Need advise to keep my grey matter in sync with exercise as soreness only makes it more difficult to get out of bed and get going.

22 days to go

Happy Kenzai

so how does scoops are to be replaced with gm's of chicken and egg serving.

I am choosing the below one, is this ok, just your thoughts would be helpful.


Diet on point, exercise not on point. Had a patchy sleep due to 7 month's old baby boy. Which has been the addition to the year of Kenzai gone by, looking forward to pull the exercise towards evening. I understand routine is also something Kenzai taught but sticking to getting exercise routine first then daily routine.

Happy Kenzai

Well thats a start and a start is also an achievement. Well it feels like one achievement to start exercising again, now time to keep head straight and give it all.

WOW 90 Days 

Never thought I would be able to do it. I had this thing going in mind since turning 30 in October 2017, I need to change something in my lifestyle. I had stopped enjoying going out and getting smashed, headache's heartburn were common feature every weekend. Energy level's were down to being so bad that every evening I was done by 6pm.

I went to my family doc for regular check ups when I was going thru low energies. I was advised to change my life style as my BP was towards higher end, and continuation of this would have left me using BP medicines.

Kenzai came to me thru my cousins who live in Hong Kong, I was so impressed to see their results and I could relate to them as their live's before Kenzai was pretty similar. Biggest motivation was if they could do it, so I had it in me why won't I be able to.

What Kenzai has left me is with Newer Me, in better shape and mind frame. My perspective to life has changed, its not just a weight loss program its life altering program in a very positive manner.

I hope to be back soon on some other program soon.

I am having issues with my thigh's, last week's leg exercises still have me sore. when I try and squat my thighs pain allot. My knee area as well is sore. I can't believe it would be one week and I still haven't recovered completely. I tried getting a massage session yesterday, as deep tissue massage and the therapist had to do 1.5 hr session than 1 hr I session I opted for.

His advise to go slow on exercises for few days, as my calf's were full of knots. I am not sure why towards the end these things are popping up when I so badly want to be finishing on high. Used my yoga lesson today to do extra stretching today morning to relax my legs.

Hope to be better by evening to finish today's exercises.

Image for today would be on tomorrow morning.

Sorry been away

I have been down on writing on the blog, but exercise and diet has been going good. Need for more morphine kicks in every now and then and best stress buster is Jump rope.

8 hours do help

Recently I had been travelling and sleeping for 5-6 hours only. hence today morning I tried to give a skip to exercise in the morning , slept for 8 hours and I feel re fresher, exercise is scheduled for today evening and I think I am gonna nail them.

Oh its tuff.

today's lesson about being sore and fighting to sustain is absolutely true. I am trying my best, I have yoga lessons every alternative day of the week, my teacher has incorporated all the exercises and its more of a Kenzai class than yoga, he only adds more stretches towards the end, but the point being when he is there the motivation is higher and other days when he's not the struggle is higher , body refuses to get going. and now on top of it back is hurting.

I am gonna be travelling, my skipping rope is packed, stretch bands are ready hope back recovers and none of the workouts are missed.

After my trip last week where I ended up having regular outside food for lunch meal, as that was the only thing available in south of india highway, where language is a barrier as well. I took my Kenzai indulgence meal yesterday.
trust me I felt as if I would just blow away, I felt so stuffed that I had to miss my proteins for night and had to make do with some fruits,i know I messed it up all yesterday .

Regarding work out its getting difficult day by day, reps are just going on increasing and till now unfortunately I have not found two balanced surfaces in my house where I could do chest dips. Please help on this one.......

15TH I had an off day for not feeling to wake up and leave my workout for the evening which never happened.

So all in all the most jittery week uptill now and another two days of travel coming up this week.

I hope to stay on track.

You are damm right

I know you guys are the experts, and bag on is the lesson for yesterday. Last week I missed one session of exercise but cardio was done in terms of cycling for 45mins, 16km avg speed of 21km/h.

But I have been feeling the pangs of tired body and stiffness. I got up today and just could not convince my self to start with exercises and ended up with stretching with my yoga poses I used to do before Kenzai began and ended up passing out on my yoga mat listening to chants. Was it cause of my Cricket session yesterday maybe.

I am feeling burned out , low on energy. Time for some Q&A.

Happy mid of Kenzai everyone

day 37

There are ups and downs. but waking naturally in the morning is constant. I do use an alarm , 🚨 but it does not deter me to keep putting it on Snooze, pre Kenzai I could snooze 8-10 times and yet sometimes not wake up.
But now maximum on 2-3 snoozes and the 🧠 says don't miss your workout. Great feeling, tiredness thru the day is also disappearing. Over all great journey has begun.