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Gisele Q.

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Day 91 

Ok...I did an extra day!

Last week's sleepless night, turned into a workout-free day--and I really, really wanted to finish up the program having done every I did the Day 90 workout today! And now I'm done!

This was my second time around for KB2....and honestly, I couldn't remember anything from the first time---except that I don't think I ate as many egg whites for dinner, the first time. It was just like doing a brand new program.

I enjoyed being on a 90-day program---even though it does come with its challenges.....very long workouts, and lots of the aforementioned egg whites. You really get into a groove! That being said, my next choice will probably be a shorter program.

Thanks to the team.....small but mighty! And thanks so much to Elissa. This was the first time we worked together and I really appreciated your no-nonsense, tell it like it is approach! All of your comments were very thoughtful, useful and right on point.

Looking forward to some down time over the holidays. We'll be off to Quebec to ski, snowshoe and dogsled....and probably eat fondue, raclette and tourtière. Not sure what I'll jump into next, but Fusion sounds cool. Any thoughts anyone?

Note to self 2

Do not work out in the evening. It prevents you from sleeping.

Workouts are long and days are super busy so I had to break up my cardio. That left me with 40 minutes to do this evening.

But now it’s 3 am and I haven’t slept at all.

Luckily I’ve had great sleep these last few nights.

Really looking forward to this being over and getting back to more reasonable workout durations.

Other than that all is good!

8 days to go!

I've been on auto-pilot this week. Charging through the workouts. Yesterday I only had time for 30 minutes of elliptical so today I had time to do the 20 minutes I didn't do yesterday plus the 50 I need today. Unfortunately the reason is that I woke up at 3 am and didn't get back to sleep.

Diet has been ok....not stellar.

Feeling really tired tonight......but generally feeling super strong! Need to bottle up this feeling so that it can take me through the holidays.

Hopefully will sleep through the night.....oh my, I sound like a newborn??*&%!!!

80-day Kenzai?

I think for me Kenzai programs should last 80 days.

I’ve done KB1, KB2, KB3 and Iron (all 90 day programs) and each time exhaustion starts setting in at day 80.

I’m feeling tired with no more spring in my step and feeling a little under the weather.

Will listen to my body and adjust accordingly in the last few days......but hey who am I kidding...I am 100 % for the workouts until now, so I will definitely power through!

Helpful Lessons

This last stretch is tough! Days are short. Mornings are dark. Workouts are long. Luckily the last few lessons have helped me get the motivation needed to get through the day.

One day at a time!
Gotta stay strong!

Back to KB2

Back home after a wonderful 5 days in Mexico!

I stayed up the date with the lessons. Did all the workouts, plus a one to three-hour walk on the beach everyday. Also got a well-deserved massage to get all the Kenzai kinks out.

The diet , let's just say, there wasn't really a diet. Breakfast was fine....eggs and egg whites, plus lots, and lots of veggies. I did ok with lunch as well. At dinner the portions were very reasonable so I never ate too much. That being said I did had a cocktail and a glass of wine here and there and I did have dessert with dinner.

But that's all over now, and I'm back to the egg whites for dinner once again!

Decent week

Had a pretty good week although crazy, busy at work. Had my team in Toronto for 3 days of meetings and workshops, but managed to get in all my workouts with diet at about 90%. Sleep was the most challenging---a couple nights of 4 hours only.

As mentioned previously, I will be stepping away from Kenzai for the next five days. Off to Mexico with my husband to celebrate 25 wonderful years of marriage! The workouts won't be a problem, as the resort has a great gym, and long walks on the beach will provide extra cardio. That said, I won't even pretend to stay on diet. I will gravitate to fresh fruit and veggies. However, there will be dessert at dinner and probably a glass of wine and a cocktail here and there. I knew this trip was coming when I signed up for KB2.....but for me it's almost impossible to get a totally, obstacle-free 90 days.

I think that regardless of this trip, I was going to take a couple days off the diet anyway. I'm heading into my 6th week of egg whites for dinner. Every Saturday morning I eagerly check out my diet and for the past 6 weeks the there they are (albeit with AMAYW veggies for the past two weeks)

For the last couple of weeks, those Saturday mornings have been disappointing and somewhat demoralizing. I'm finding it difficult to drum up the energy and enthusiasm when the message I'm hearing (and I'm not saying it's the one I'm being given) is that there is still much work to be done.

So I will be stepping away for the next 5 days and I'm sure that when I return I will be ready and refreshed to finish the program strong. Maybe I won't have the results I could have had, but I'm ok with that.

New week

I like Mondays on Kenzai. You get to start all over again.

Workouts are going well. They're long but that means extra 'me' time.

Diet was so-so this past week. Because of the rain, we got fewer trick or treaters than usual. 220, instead of the usual 300, so that means extra crappy chocolate around the house.

I was quite upset when I saw this week's diet. I still have egg whites for dinner, albeit with veggies so I'm ok with that. However, as I took a second glance I noticed that I no longer have carbs for breakfast!

Need to have a super-strong week as next week I will be hopping off the Kenzai bandwagon for a few days. My husband and I are heading down to Mexico for a few days to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

I'll share my plan on my next blog.

Kenzai Komplainer

Ok, I'm usually pretty upbeat about all things Kenzai. But it's Day 52 and I'm losing steam.

Workouts are great but they are super long. 90 minutes. I start at 5:45 and finish at 7:15 am. Mind you I feel great all day but they're taking a huge chunk out of my life.

Also, I can say that I've had enough of egg white dinners. It is cold and rainy today. I was soaked when I got home. My husband had made a chicken and veggie coucous. I needed something warm in me, so I bailed on the egg whites and had coucous instead.

I need to take things one day at a time because if I look long term, I get discouraged. Will need extra resistance for Halloween. We normally get about 300 kids, so there's lots of candy in the house.

Thanks for letting me vent......feel better now :))

The day the next indulgence went up was a bit ironic for me.
I had to prep for a very minor medical procedure which meant, going off Kenzai and drinking juice, broth, jello it was definitely not the day to indulge.

Procedure was yesterday, everything went well. Did a light workout and because I hadn't eaten for a while I decided to forego the egg white dinner and have a more regular Kenzai meal.

Today I'm off to an awards team is I'm inverting my meals. Egg whites for lunch and regular lunch for indulgence will be the dessert!

Don't like to wait too long for indulgences or to think too much about them.

Will be back in Toronto tomorrow and ready to start a new, hopefully normal week.....with more egg whites for my evening meal....sigh!!!!!


Kenzai compatriot BarbH was over last night to watch the Canadian federal election results roll in.

We stoically ate our egg whites and veggies and apples and yogurt as our spouses inhaled pizza and wine and cheese and chips!

We deserve a medal!

Thanks Barb! I would’ve totally caved without you!


In my world, there are good mirrors and bad mirrors. The good mirrors make me look lean. The bad mirrors don't make me look so lean.

This week, I went shopping and decided to try on some jeans. Everywhere I went, there were good mirrors. Coincidence.....I don't think so! Changes are starting to happen! And I feel good about myself.

Did a buy a new pair of jeans? No, not yet.....I'm going to give it a few more weeks!

Spent the better part of last week on the road, with a business trip and a visit to see my Dad.

Happy to report that everything went well. I had to switch up a couple of workouts but everything got done. As for meals, I had to eyeball some portions, did the social stuff at lunch and sat down solo to egg whites etc for dinner.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in Canada. It's my favourite holiday. I love the weather and all the family stuff, but without all the expectations of gifts etc. This year my family is MIA. I should admit that it's just the four of us, but my daughter has three mid-terms this week so she's staying at school to study and my son is off to Montreal. So it's just me and my husband and a roasted chicken and veggies.....for lunch!

Week 5--Day 1

On the road with Kenzai. I packed alot of my food (egg whites, apples, bananas, yogourt) for this trip. Have a fridge and microwave in my hotel, so I only have to really worry about lunch. Today I had a salad with chicken and quinoa. I had to eyeball it, but the portion size was very reasonable.

Off to do my workout now. I little worried about the length of these workouts. I don't really jump rope because of hip issues, so I rely on alternate cardio---which means the 18 minutes of skipping turns into 45 minutes of elliptical or bike.....add on the resistance training and that's a long workout, especially in the morning.

I might have to break it up......just worried that I'll never get around to the evening portion of the workout.

I'll figure it out.

An ok week

This past week was not an amazing week.

I did all my workouts and read all my lessons, and did ok on the diet front, as I had prepped really well on the weekend. But I had little cheats here and there. And I know, I'm not supposed to, but when I get in from work, and it's late and I have to make dinner....and then do more work, and there's a kid crisis etc.....the shield goes down and my mouth opens up and gets stuffed with whatever crap can be found. Ok, I'm exaggerating, but you get the gist.

I have a short business trip at the beginning of the week, and I usually do well with those. My husband is back from France on Tuesday, so he'll be able to take over some of the domestic chores, and a kid crisis here and there. Hopefully, that will set me straight for a great week and re-balance things for the rest of the program.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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