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Note to Self

When you don't eat all your allotted carbs at lunch time, it doesn't mean you can have a spoonful of ice cream after dinner. Right?

If you'd like to contradict, feel free.....but I don't think that'll be happening ;)

End of Week 3

This weekend was a bit tough. Had visitors Friday and Saturday. Indulged in a small 1 inch x 1 inch piece of brownie.

Baked some croissants for today's breakfast, but was more than happy with my egg and avocado toast!

Other than that, all is good.

Workouts are's lesson addressed that fact that they were a bit light....and now we know why.

Food prep is happening today and tomorrow, so everything will be in order for the upcoming work week.

Sleep has been pretty fabulous this last week.....I hope I didn't jinx it by writing about it on my blog!

I'm out of fruit!

Geez, we sure do consume a lot of fruit on Kenzai. After all the prep I did on Sunday, my fridge is almost empty. (just fruit, still have tonnes of veggies)

Mind you, my son usually has fruit in the evening as well. So that means we eat almost a kilo of fruit per day.

Anyway, off I go to the grocery store to get some more!

Am now organised!

I went into prep mode this weekend.

I now have in my fridge: sauteed zucchini, braised carrots, roasted broccoli, roasted cauliflower, roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes, avocados, cucumber, tomato, chicken brochettes, small roast beef, and four pieces of baked salmon. I have bread, milk, and yogurt. And I have cubed papaya, cubed pineapple, green grapes, sliced kiwi, sliced watermelon, cubed cantaloupe. And yes, I also have eggs, of which about 10 are already hard-boiled.

I am going to nail the diet this week!

Organisation Required

I really need to get my head in the game will meal prep this weekend.

At our house, for the last couple of years, it's my husband who does the cooking. But he's away for the next three weeks, so it's all me. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, you name it. It's surprising how quickly you get out of the groove.

Other than that, diet and workouts are good. Sleep....not so much.

Just getting started

Hi everyone! Just jumping into this program this week. Finished Kenzai T-shirt on Sunday. LOVED IT!!! Took two days off from workouts, ate some cheese, chocolate and had a glass of wine. Now I'm ready to get back at it!

Here's the intro stuff.

I live in Toronto with my husband (who just flew off to Paris tonight to spend a few weeks with his parents) and our two kids---my daughter who is 20 is away at university and my 17-year old son is here in the city with us. I work in the television news business and am pretty busy these days as we are in the midst of a federal election campaign here in Canada.

I did KB2 about four years ago. This is the first time I've repeated a Kenzai program.... but as I read the lessons and have virtually no recollection of ever having read them in the first place.... I don't think this will be a problem.

I've come to the realization that I need Kenzai. When I'm doing a program I feel better about how I look and how I feel.

I love working out, that's never been a problem. But I need a little extra bit of discipline on the diet. I love peeking in on people's blogs and hope you'll do the same on mind.

Looking forward to spending the next three months with you all!

Great Program 

I LOVED this program. Coming off Mind this spring, I was looking for something that was a bit more hard core.

These workouts were pretty intense (and there were a couple that were a wee bit too long earlier this week). Working with dumbells is super fun. With a tight diet, results come relatively quickly!

Thanks to our trainer and to a great team. I'm going to take a couple days off and then will roll into the KB2 program that started up last week. And I will definitely sub in some dumbells for the bands!

The banana

I've been wanting to ask this question for a while now.

I have a pre-workout banana in my diet this week. I work out at 5:30 am. The banana doesn't sit so well if I eat it just before the workout, and I don't care to get up any earlier to eat the banana. Can I forego the banana....or move it elsewhere during the day as I believe we can with milk and yogourt?

Workouts going really well! Feeling stronger! (but man are they long......)

Too late.....

Today's lesson came a day too late for me.

Was visiting my dad this weekend, and well, we like to take him I had a half dozen french fries and a piece (very small) of chocolate cake. Felt extremely guilty...... Read today's lesson and am back on track.

I see some crab walks in this week's workouts....will try to use the push up bar and see if that helps.

I like to time the workouts ahead of time to see how long they will take.....uh, I think I need to quit my job, to do this week's workouts......

Carbs are back!

Don't know if it was my belly-aching blogpost.......but the breakfast carbs are back!!!! Do I sound happy? Ecstatic? You bet! That being said breakfast without them, was not the end of the world!

Oh and one more thing ---- did you know that crab walk gives you blisters. I'm not a big fan, but I'm reasonably proficient at doing them. The other day towards the end of my workout, I noticed I had a huge, painful blister at the very bottom of each hand. The only thing I can think of was the crab walk. Maybe doing 5 sets is a bit overkill......

Anyway, I've taken out my bike gloves to do any exercise that involves pressure on the bottom of the palm.

What we have to go though while on Kenzai :))

All is good

Three mornings with no carbs and my world hasn't fallen apart. I'm adding some variety to my breakfast routine which is good. (although I have extra avocados in the house, which never happens.....)

Workouts are great! I'm having to budget some extra time as they're getting longer.....but am still really enjoying the variety.

Sleep is always my weakness......although I try, and I try.....and do everything I'm supposed to......getting all those hours ain't happening........but hey I've been like this since my twenties (aka.....a long time ago).

No carbs!

Whoa! My diet this week says I have zero carbs for breakfast!!!???

This is my 11th Kenzai program and it's the very first time I've had no carbs at breakfast. I've had egg whites and apples for dinner, but even then there were a few grams of carbs in the morning.

I'm feeling a bit empty (not my stomach, but my soul) because the very, very best thing about Kenzai is mashed avocado on a piece of toast in the morning. ....

Alas, I will give it a go.....I have stocked up on lots of different veggies that I will sparse throughout my meals.

Wish be luck!

Feeling Strong

I really like the super heavy upper body day. Such a nice mix of exercises. Was feeling stronger today, so upped the weights and got a really good burn. Will probably regret it tomorrow though.

Diet is A+.

Only drawback is sleep. I don't get enough....not because I don't want to, or because I don't have the body only sleeps for 6 hours a night. And that's not enough during a program like this one....

It's been a brutal couple of weeks at work, so maybe I'll be able to relax more this long weekend.


My daughter is baking cookies. They smell soooo good. But I’m not going to eat any. Will have fruit snack instead...... #thepowerofblogging


Is it me or is there not a ton of cardio on this program?

I don't jump rope so the cardio portion is usually 2.5 times the amount of skipping---which is around 40-50 minutes long on a 'regular' KB program. So how come I'm getting away with a 12 minute cardio session on t-shirt blast? (although there are those few minutes of full-body exercises right after cardio).....Anyhow.....Did I miss something?

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