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Gisele Q.

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Day 7

Last week, workouts were 100%!

There were two slip ups diet wise yesterday as the foodie friends were over this weekend.

A cracker with foie gras and couple of spoonfuls of chocolate mousse gave way to painful stomach cramps and get the picture.

So I paid dearly for rich, fatty stuff my body is no longer used to. Needless to say, I'm back on point today and will not stray until the end of the program.

Glad to see the diet is now up. But I've really got to get organised and do some fruit and veggie prep. I make my lunch the night before, and find I'm still weighing and portioning until 10.

Always surprised by the amount of food. It blows me away that the carb allowance for lunch equals three slices of bread!

Workouts going well. I love doing upper body and find you see results really fast. Don't get me wrong, I don't have bulging biceps or sexy shoulders just yet......but after a couple of days my muscles feel tighter.....I like that!

Foodie friends from out of town coming for the weekend. I'm not super inspired to cook, so I think they'll find my meals a little ho-hum, but hey, I'm on Kenzai right?

Ready to have a Blast!

Last two KB programs I did were Reach and Mind. Needed something a little more physical. And from the looks of today's warm-up workout, this will definitely fill that order.

We've only got 28 days.....I've got to get this right!

Good for the Mind 

I really enjoyed this program. Didn’t think I would but I did!

It was a little tricky doing a program during summer holidays and I am still a bit behind on my meditation sessions but now that I’m on true vacation here in Maine I will definitely have the time.

I think the trick will be to carve out a meditation time every day and that should be easier once I get back into my work routine. I fully intend on doing so. I love this quiet, nothing on the brain time that meditation provides.

Thanks to Ward and the team and all my Kenzai friends who take the time to help me along each and everyone of my Kenzai journeys. Your thoughts and encouragement are what keep me going.

Looking forward to my next program......not quite sure yet what it will be.....maybe a beach blast!

25 minutes

It was a bit daunting to see a 25 minute meditation today (keep in mind I’m still a few days behind).....but I did it. Yes there are still several thought chains popping up but all in all it was pretty good!

My 'friend' Ted

I'm still a bit behind on my sessions.

The NYC trip was great, but not really any alone time. So I'm still in catch-up mode....

Today I read the lesson about Ted, who gets into our head and feeds us all kinds of negative thoughts. Boy oh boy, does he visit me often, or I should say he used to visit me more often. I've noticed in the last little while, that I'm quite a bit more 'chill' with stuff. I don't get as worked up as I used to about some things. I was wondering if it was due to meditating and I'm thinking maybe it is!

I've also come to the realization that I probably won't catch up by the end of the program, so I'll just finish a few days after everyone.

Doing a kenzai program while on vacation is difficult. When I'm working I fit it into my schedule and don't think about it, I just do it. But now, I get up, do my workout and next thing you know it's the end of the day and I haven't done my meditation yet!

So, I'm a little behind. I've been doubling up on sessions for the last couple of days....which I quite like. But I'm having a hard time catching up. Should I catch up?

Thursday morning we leave for NYC. Our son has a soccer tournament there. Will also be transporting three, 17 year-olds. Something tells me that won't be conducive to meditation either.....soooo frustrating......

Still Meditating

Just realised I’ve been off the blogs for a few days.

Am on « vacation » for the next few days, at my dad’s farm building a shed. My husband is building the shed, I’m the helper. I’ve gotten quite proficient at hammering nails and would recommend it as an alternate meditation. There’s something about pounding a nail that is quite therapeutic.....especially when thinking about the fifth stone person from the other day.

Have been meditating at different times and places to change things up. Did a session in a park on lunch hour last week. It was good. I was able to focus although the bench was not comfortable.

Did a few evening sessions this week but was really tired and ended up falling asleep a few times.

Today I will try a mid-morning session!

I’m still having gazillions of thought chains. Really looking forward to being able to quiet things down.

Mind Update

All is pretty good on my end.

I kind of liked the walking meditation......I felt like I should have a a white beard and flowing robes while doing it.....but I like the sensation on my feet on the floor.

I have been enjoying the 'regular' meditation as well. Some days are easier than others......eyes open is more difficult than eyes closed (but I'm getting used to it). Thought chains are still coming fast and furious, but I'm managing to knock them down.....most of the time.

I'm really looking forward to feeling something after meditating.......I'm sure that will come.

Eyes wide open

I'm a day behind with my meditations. I was sick yesterday so no meditating for me.

Did the open-eyed meditation today. Did it with my glasses definitely a soft hue. However, my brain was just racing all over the place. Worse session yet! I guess that can're doing ok then all of a sudden you feel like you've taken a few steps backwards. Is it because my eyes were open? Because I had missed a day? Or just a fluke?

Hopefully, things will go better tomorrow.

Week 1

Week 1 is done and I quite enjoyed it. Ten minutes of meditating is okay. It mostly goes by fast. The guided meditation was a bit weird. Not sure it's my cup of tea. But now I see my thought chains as 'balloons that I have to set free' that kind of helps.

I have a bunch of questions......Should we meditate with our eyes open or closed? Lights on or off? Why can't we meditate while lying down? How am I supposed to fee after I've meditated? So very different from workouts when you just feel beat at the end!

Workouts are good. I've been doing my own thing....Monday: 1 hour of various cardio (bike, elliptical, rowing), Tuesday: weights-based class, Wednesday: spin class; Thursday: weights-based class: Friday: flow class (mix of yoga, pilates and tai chi); Saturday: spin class; Sunday: two-hour walk by the lake.

Diet starts tomorrow. I'm going relaxed, but relaxed isn't really all that relaxed.....that's ok, I'm in!

They won! Onward....

Yessss, the Raptors won! The city went crazy last night, and everyone's a bit hungover this morning!

My 6:30 am yoga class had only 5 participants this morning. I stayed for relaxation. Decided to give meditation a go. I usually use the relaxation portion of the class to go through my to-do list for the day. But today I tried concentrating on getting back to my breath. It worked....a bit.....but still a long way to go.

Now that the Finals are over, I can get back to going to bed at my normal time. Not to mention the stress.....I grew up watching hockey, my son plays soccer......but the stress of basketball....whoa!

Housekeeping Stuff

I'm Gisèle. I live in Toronto with my husband (an avid cyclist, but not so keen on Kenzai, alas....) , our 17-year old son, and the 19-year old daughter who is away at university but who pops in every few weeks to raid the fridge.

I spend a lot of my time at work--I work in the television/print/web news biz. But when I'm not working, I enjoy working out, cycling, hiking, reading.....

I've been waffling a lot about this programme. I chose to do it now, because I can sort of do my own thing with the workouts.....and for me, it's really important to be outside at this time of year.

I don't sleep very well. I lie in bed and a whole batch of thought-chains swirl around my head. (And if these darned NBA Finals could ever finish, maybe I could get to bed at a reasonable hour) I'm hoping Mind will give me the tools to put them at bay so I can get some sleep.

I've been on Kenzai for 5 years now. My friend Barb H (she's doing KBells 2 right now) got me interested and I was hooked! I've done most of the programmes except for the running ones and the ski one.....a wonky hip doesn't allow for running.

I don't foresee any huge obstacles. Midway through the programme, I'll be on vacation, which will consist of some time at my Dad's farm, then in NYC where my son is playing in a soccer tournament, then off to Maine where we've rented a place for a week. For me, it should be a good time to tackle this programme.

Just finished the 5-minute meditation.

If there is a prize for the most thoughts, I've certainly won it. Just random stuff like: need to buy a corsage for my son's girlfriend's prom, will the Raptors take it in six, Aileen from our group lives in Kazakhstan...that's so cool....So many thoughts that I just burst out laughing....... Is this normal????

Let's just say my meditation techniques need work.....

That being said.....I HAD to meditate right after dinner which meant I COULDN'T do the dishes!

Mind over Matter

I've been waffling about this programme for a while. Do I take it? When do I take it ? Will I like it?

I'll be on vacation for half the programme so I'm hoping to carve out some time for exercise (which I love) and meditation (which I'm not sure I'm going to love). As for food, it's vacation, so I want to stay on point, but I also want to live a little.

I have no expectations.....although if Mind helps the wheels stop turning when I go to bed or when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall back will be amazing!

Looking forward to it.....but also a bit afraid.......

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