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Gisele Q.

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Chisel is a fantastic program! 

I waited a while before signing up for chisel. It seemed very daunting.....and it was. That said, I'd say that chisel is one of my favourite programs, and I've done most of them.

It was tough, but never monotonous. The workouts offered a lot of variety, they were quick and rewarding. (although there were a few out-of-left-field exercises in today's final workout!)

I feel great! My clothes fit a wee bit looser, and my whole body feels tighter, especially around the abs.

Tomorrow, husband flies home after three weeks in France. Daughter comes back from university on Thursday. And on Sunday, the whole family heads off the Mexico for the holidays.

A big thank you to all my training mates and to my little Kenzai community for your support over the past six weeks. Wishing you all a restful and peaceful holiday season! Will be seeing on the blogs in the New Year!

(full disclosure.....I still have one last workout to do.....the one I missed last Monday....yes, I know, totally OCD!)

Missed workout

Missed my workout yesterday due to sleep issues.....(first missed workout of the program 😠)

Was able to get back on track today.

On another program I would probably double up on the workouts to catch up but don’t think I’ll try that option on chisel.

I think I’ll just finish a day later than everyone else.....

One week to go!

Only seven workouts to go. And boy do they look tough!

Not to mention the fact that holiday parties, and dinners and lunches have begun!

This upcoming week will be tough....

Today’s cardio was a super long was cold but sunny with just a dusting of snow. Perfect day to pick out the Christmas tree!

Have a great final week everyone!

The Countdown Begins

I really like today's appealed to the OCD part of my brain. I like numbers and counting things down! In my mind I will remove a sock for every workout for the next 14 days.

Things could've gone off the rails today. Had trouble falling asleep so decided this morning sleep was more important than exercise. I decided to try and leave the workout until this evening---which is very dangerous for me. I'm usually too wiped out by the end of the day.

So I left work a bit early, the streetcar cruised all the way to my neighbourhood, I changed into my workout clothes and did the whole three cycles!

I just hope this late-in-the-day exercising won't prevent me from sleeping tonight because tomorrow, first meeting is at 9 and the last one will finish up around 6.......doing the workout tomorrow night could be challenging!


Last week was tough.
Husband off to France for a few weeks.....his mother in the hospital.
Dad had a fall....he's ok.
Brutal week at the office....12-hour days.....and only one day off this weekend.
Feel a sore throat coming on....

So, when I read about the Wall in yesterday's lesson....I could see a massive one heading my way. Decided to chip at it one workout at a time, one meal at a time. Got all workouts done. And diet has been ok, except for that load of French bread that found its way into our home last night.......a slice (with butter) landed in front of me, and charged into my mouth.......!!!! Never saw it coming!

Today was regroup day....prepped and cooked a bunch of veggies for the week. Protein for meals is planned.

Starting to feel very subtle changes in my body....upper body especially, but also in the butt and thighs. There is still much work to do, but those itsy-bitsy changes do give one the momentum to keep going.

Have a wonderful week all!


Indulgence = Deep fried Brussels sprouts....

Need I say more.....😕

Was off visiting my dad this past weekend. In our tiny village, there is one restaurant. The owner prides herself on preparing everything she serves. I went for the local fish, which is always great. But instead of the mountain of homemade french fries or mashed potatoes, I asked for the vegetable of the day. 'That'll be deep-fried brussels sprouts'. ......Really? Is that even possible? I should've said no to the brussels sprouts, but I was I had them. They were delicious!!!!! I'm guessing, if you're going to have deep-fried anything, it might as well be brussels sprouts, right?

That being said, I think I'm working them off with this week's extra-challenging workouts! (and I'm also back on track with the diet! Thankfully!)

Steady Going

Things are going relatively well. Am enjoying the workouts....haven't missed one yet.

Diet is pretty good. Up until two days ago I would have given myself a 95%. But since Thursday, it's gone down to 90. Work has been crazy, and stressful and the days have been long. So at the end of the day, I feel like I need a little treat to make up for the day's crap. Nothing major, but I did have half a cookie one evening and a small glass of chocolate milk the next. And probably a little extra fruit and veg here and there.

So today, things need to get back on track.

I've notice slight changes to my body. As usual, the top part starts to see the changes first, whereas it's the bottom part that needs the changes more. Frustrating!

Temptation follow-up

The cake has left the house. Had quite a bit leftover so brought it to my daughter—away at university!

I followed my plan as intended. Small piece, couple bites. It was good but it was enough. Had a lovely dinner.

Did push up challenge. Did 20 regular pushups followed by 40 girl pushups, small break then 2 x 20 more .

Feeling it in the abs today but definitely feeling stronger.

Can you say TEMPTATION?

Do you see this cake? It's coming to my house this evening. The icing is made of three egg yolks and 9 onces of butter. I know this, because the friend who made this cake texted this information to me yesterday.

Why, do you ask, am I allowing this cake into my home?

First of all the friend who made this delicious cake (I've had it before) doesn't really get the whole Kenzai thing.

Secondly, we're getting together tonight with another friend who is battling cancer.
He has lost a bunch of weight in the last couple of years and his appetite isn't good at all right now. And I don't really want to get into the whole discussion of what I'm eating these days.....Basically, tonight is not about the food..... and I don't want to make it about the food.

I'm making the dinner part of the meal: vegetable soup, salad and vegetable quiche. All somewhat compliant. For dessert, the plan is to take a small piece of cake, have a couple of bites and put it away 'to eat later'.

It'll be tough, but I have a plan, and I think I can do this. I'll let you know how it goes.....

Diet Day 3

For me, it's the diet that really signals the official beginning of a kenzai program.

So at Diet-Day 3, I am happy to report that all is well.

I have been 100% compliant so far.....and the idea is to continue this way.....

As it's the diet that makes the biggest difference in the success (or not success) of a particular program, I am forcing myself to blog regularly about my diet. ......sorry folks, it may be a bit tedious, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Full disclosure: Mexican holiday booked for Dec. 23-30....and I want to be as 'chiselled' as possible!


I did a pretty good job cleaning up the diet this week.

However, tonight, my husband and I were celebrating our 24th wedding sort of went off the rails. ...

One glass of champagne. One glass of white wine. One green salad and the entrée of seared tuna and veggies. Portions a little large but compliant(ish) I’d say. Plus three bites of tiramisu (definitely NOT compliant(ish)!

Had a lovely ready to
go full-on chisel diet!

Let’s do this!

Fast and furious

Loving these quick workouts. You work like mad for 25 minutes and boom you’re done.

Now that I’ve said this I’m probably jinxed!

We’ll see what next week brings....

Feeling the burn...

Today’s lesson tells us that every few days we will work specific muscles that we are not working in our regular cycle workouts, for example—triceps.

Funny how my triceps were already sore BEFORE today’s workout......

Amazing workout!

Loved the Day 1 workout! Love the cycle workouts. My burpees certainly not pretty but probably quite effective I’d say..

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