Gisele Q.

Gisele Q.

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Just signed up for chisel starting Nov 5.

Not 100% sure about this soooooo......

Any thoughts?

A tough program 

To be completely honest, Reach hasn't been my favourite Kenzai program.

There was of course the whole hip issue that was tricky to deal with physically but also mentally....I hate not be able to move the way I'm supposed too. And there was the fact that although I am very interested in stretching, yoga etc., it's not something like cardio and strength training that are programmed into my DNA.

That being said, I really learned a lot in reach. And I know that I will incorporate a lot of what I learned into my cardio and strength training. Case in point, yesterday I did a strength class, with weights and barbells. I hadn't done one of these in more than a month and I knew that I was going to be super sore today. So, last night I really worked my evening stretches and even added a couple. Today, I am sore, but not as sore as I would have been without the stretching.

A big thank you to Ward, who helped me along, especially when things weren't going great. Your support was amazing! Thanks to all my wonderful teammates. This was really a great group. It's tough to do a Kenzai program in the summer, while on holidays and traveling....I think we all had to deal with that........but we had a pretty good group. And thanks as always to those teammates from past programs who are always there cheering me on through thick and thin.

I'm looking forward to taking some time off-program, but will be here doing my workouts on a regular basis as a member. For me Kenzai is no longer an exercise/diet program.....after 8 programs I can really say that Kenzai is my way of life!

Yoga Class

Today's lesson dovetailed quite nicely with my morning plans.

Friday morning class at the local gym is a Flow's a mix of tai chi, yoga, (sun salutations, twists, folds, balance etc) and pilates with a 10 minute shivasana at the end. I had planned on going this morning and after reading today's lesson I came to the conclusion that this is the type of class for me. I like this class because I'm not super bendy and not really all that interested in a 'practice' or the spiritual stuff that goes with it. I just want to stretch.....and you get to do all kinds of different stuff to real music,

I hadn't been to a Flow Class since the beginning of Reach so I was anxious to see if I would notice any changes. Answer: well yes and no. I'm wayyyy better than I used to be on the sun salutations (they're still not pretty), my balance is good (but that is definitely my forte), I was pretty good with the twists and the folds (better on one side than the not much change there). I was really good at the pilates portion which is core, and I don't understand because we haven't been doing much core per se. And obviously I killed the shivasana because well it was 6:30 am.

All in all a good class and a great combination of everything we've been learning. I also think I like class because I have someone telling me what to do:)

Final Week

I went for a second and final session of acupunture and massage on Friday. Everything is a-okay. I'm feeling so much better.

I have resumed doing all of the stretches.....and everything feels good.

I have added some extra cardio to my daily routine.....I like to sweat a little bit more---although just going outside these days does the trick.

Yesterday, strength day, I realised how much I've been missing my strength workouts.

Although I petered out a bit due to my hip injury, I am determined to finish strong!

Have a great week everyone!

Hip-hip hooray?

Went to see my chiropractor today......he is very good. Does a lot of release movements and acupuncture. He's never actually cracked my bones, which I always thought chiropractors did.

Anyway, he says I probably overstretched which hurt the ligaments in my hips. So he stuck a few needles in my gluteus max and mid and left me there for about 15 minutes. Then he massaged the heck out of my flexors. I'm feeling better already.

He says to go ahead and continue on with the stretching, but recommends holding the stretch for a couple of minutes, releasing for a few seconds and then getting back into the stretch.

So that's what I'm going to do.

I'll keep you all posted........

One on, one off

So I'm back from vacation and resumed my stretching routine. But the old hip aches have returned @%&*?!.

My new strategy is to do one day of stretching and one day of not stretching. Plan to see chiro/physio/osteopath this week.

It's very frustrating.......I enjoy the program.....however the stars don't seem to be I'm not getting 100% out of it.

Still here

OMG I just got an email telling me I haven’t blogged in a while......

Here’s the scoop. I’ve been on vacation for the past week about three hours east of Quebec City. Good cycling, great hikes and amazing kayaking (sunsets and seals). So I’ve been pretty active. Have been doing all the morning stretches, most of the yoga stuff but I have missed quite a few evening sessions.

Hip is still a bit achy but I feel that I’m finally on the mend.

Back in Toronto tomorrow evening. Looking forward to some structure in my day to hit all the stretching sessions.


I'm not too sure what to blog about today.

I'm enjoying all the stretches. I think the morning ones will be integrated into my routine from here on in. I also quite like the movement, balance, and pose ones as well. I feel really great afterward. And in the evening, well, I actually feel like I'm stretching.

The hips are still giving me some grief. The pain actually kept me awake last night. I have no strength, especially in the left hip flexor. Getting up from off the floor is a real challenge. The activity that seems to make things worse is walking. Today I went cycling and I feel fine. Saturday I also went cycling but got a flat tire and ended up walking 8km back yesterday was not great. (for the record, last night, I also learned how to change a flat on my bike......)

Tomorrow we are off on our cycling trip to Quebec. I've packed my yoga mat and intend to continue on with the program as best I can. My hiking boots are also packed but not sure how much hiking I'll be doing.

As for the diet.....let's just say we're not really going to talk about the diet for the next eight days.

Balancing Act

I like the balancing exercises! I’m actually pretty good at them if I may say so myself. It must be all those years of figure skating. That being said they aren’t always pretty.

The hip flexors are still a bit achy but walking is getting better. The block under my butt when I stretch is definitely helping!


I am repeating myself......but I am not a big fan of the question of the week. That being said, I joined this program, so I'm going to do everything that is required of me.

I will start with the downward trend......I find as I get older and wiser, I'm having a more difficult time staying in touch with friends. When the kids were younger, we were always out, having dinner at people's houses, or inviting people to ours, or going to the zoo, the science centre etc. The kids are older and they're off doing their activities and with some people we've lost touch. As I've mentioned before, we don't have much family, so friends need to be important. My goal is to put this back on my priority list. It doesn't mean going out every Saturday night, but maybe at least one Saturday a month?

The upward trend.....again an 'older and wiser' thing. I used to stress out about time, and punctuality. Being a minute late was just late. I've let that go of that. Don't get me wrong, I don't go out of my way to not be on time, but if I am late because of trafic, or a subway incident etc.....I won't sweat it. It is what it is.......


I am now on vacation! Still in the city, but at least not in the office! Yesterday I did a wonderful 50k bike ride along the waterfront. Today, a lovely 90 minute walk. Plus the stretches, of course.

The hip flexors are a bit better. Still not 100%. Cycling is fine. Walking today, was meh. I returned to the stretches two days ago and realised as I was doing the wide angle open stretch, that I was contracting my hip flexors the whole time. So I have to really remind myself, that in order to stretch the hamstrings I really need to let go of the hips.

It's crazy....I've done KB 1, 2, 3, KBells 1, 2, Sculpt and Iron......and it's Reach that I'm finding the most challenging!

I'm behind on the photo....just put it up and I am indeed touching my toes (ish). Will answer QOTW-2 tomorrow......hopefully before QOTW-3 goes up.

Tough few days

I'm never sick and hardly ever injured. But both in a couple of days is a bit much.
Not sure what is going on with the stretches but this past weekend, my hip flexors were pretty much out of commission. Quite achy, walking was a chore, and I had literally no strength.....getting up from a chair or just raising my foot to climb a step were next to impossible. I took a couple of days off under Ward's recommandation. Slowly getting better, but not yet 100%. I'm a bit hesitant to get back to the stretches, because I don't want this to happen again.

Then yesterday, I did some of the morning stretches and as I was getting up from the ground, I was dizzy. This happens regularly but yesterday it just wouldn't pass. Called in sick. Went back to bed. Woke up at noon.

I will be on vacation in fewer than 48 hours. I think my body is telling me something.......

Oh yeah, and then there's the diet.....ugh, let's not talk about the diet right now......will get back to you on that one.

Still Stretching

I feel like it has been ages since last post.

Very busy with work, and our 16-year old (future Ronaldo, Neymar, etc) whom I have to schlep to practice, tournaments all over the place. Husband is in France visiting his parents and cycling (last Sunday he did a stage of the Tour de France in the Alps----15 000 riders, 172 km, 4000 m elevation----it took him 10 hours and 31 minutes....but he did it---I'm very I'm sharing with you all)......

Now back to the program........ Enjoying all of the stretches, need to slow down and not be in a hurry. But definitely seeing some progress.....not yet touching my toes, but I should be pretty darn close for this week's photo!

Happy World Cup Final to everyone following out there....Allez les Bleus!


I definitely fall into the category of those who would prefer to do 100 toe taps than to write a blog about my core beliefs.....others are so thoughtful and reflective in their blogs.

So yesterday morning I went for a walk along the long to think about my core beliefs and philosophies.

I believe in the importance of family. My husband and I are both only-children. Our kids have no aunts, uncles, or cousins. My husband's parents live overseas, and my Dad is in a retirement home about 3 hours away. So when it comes to holidays and special occasions, it's just the four of us and although the kids sometimes find this a bit boring, it defines who we are and brings us closer together.

Six years ago, my mum passed away. She wasn't young, but she certainly wasn't old. It completely devastated my father who hasn't been the same since. I remember him saying to me: 'We hadn't done all we wanted to do together'. And this stuck with me. I don't look too far into the future. I take things day-by-day and if there is something I want to do, and feel I need to do.....I will do it.....right away.

Looking forward to Week 2 of Reach....and especially those evening stretches.......! Oh and I think I have to post a photo......a stretching photo?

Reach Intro

Hello! I'm Gisèle. I live in Toronto with my husband and two teens, 18 and 16. I'm a televison-web content producer.

I really enjoy exercising and working out. I need to work out everyday, if not, I feel miserable. I'm happy doing a class at the gym, cycling, hiking or just going out for a long walk. I really enjoy the outdoors. (gotta get out of the city!) I've done 7 Kenzai programs. Finished Iron in May.

I've been wanting to do Reach for a while but was always a bit reticent. I like to sweat and work hard, and was afraid that Reach wouldn't do it for me. I think I'll probably want to add a bit of cardio and weights to my program and needed to have time to do all that. I'll be on vacation for about three or four weeks of this program, so I should be able to fit it all in. That being said I really need Reach....I really need to work on my flexibility....

My goal is to do the splits like the girl on that first post.....but I'll keep it realistic so if I can touch my toes while seated by the end of this.....I'll be ecstatic!

As for the karaoke go-to song.....I'll say Breathe by Faith Hill. Breathe because you know....we seem to be doing a lot of it in much so that I sometimes feel like I'm hyperventilating by the end of the workout. And as for Faith Hill....I grew up on a farm, so I think I've got some country hidden deep down......and when I'm alone in the car, on the highway, driving back to the farm....I tune into a country station and belt out some sappy boy, girl and pick-up truck tunes.

Looking forward to reaching with everyone!

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