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Morning Exercises

Quite enjoying the burst of light activity when getting out of bed in the morning! The upper body is definitely more flexible than the lower body.....

I'm wondering how important it is to tap the actual toe on the front and side toe taps. I can tap my shin, but the toe is a bit of a stretch right now.

I was a bit worried about not getting a daily ab workout.....but oh was I wrong.....trunk beds and twists are already doing the job.

And one more it ok to do the other exercises right after the morning exercises and do one bigger workout or is it best to really split them up. I just find if I don't get things done first thing in the morning either they don't get done, or I spend the time thinking about what's left to do in my day.


The photo is now up.

I’ve got quite a ways to go before doing the splits, but I’d be really happy if I could just touch my toes without bending the knees.

Hamstrings are super tight —always.


Just checked into to Day 1. I immediately saw the photo of the woman doing the splits.....will we really be able to do that at the end of this? If so, very cool....but also a bit daunting.

Started the day with a brisk 1-hour walk by the lake, only to return to find today's photographer still asleep. Husband and 18-year old (daughter) in France visiting the 16-year old (son) is the photographer.....Hopefully, I will be able to get this done by noon!

I've been wanting to do Reach for a while have been super crazy.....hopefully, everything will just slow down for the next 50+ days.......


Great workout today. Short and sweet but oh so telling.....I never would have imagined lifting so much three months ago!

When I signed up for Iron, I knew that we would be finishing up the day after my birthday---a big, massive milestone birthday. So I wanted to see what I was made of......

First of all, I'm strong, and in shape....and not only, 'for my age'. Secondly, I need to embrace being strong and in shape even though I'm not always too keen, on what that shape is. My teen years were in the eighties. That's when all female models were bone-thin and exempt of any curves. That's been my 'ideal' all my life. But you know what, that 'ideal' isn't 'ideal' isn't healthy and it isn't me.....and I shouldn't strive for that because I'm never going to attain it. I need to keep reminding myself of this.

Iron is up there with my faves.....although I still remain quite partial to Bells. It wasn't easy....especially with the back injury that kept me out for a week, and all the work stuff going on this time around.

Thanks so much to Trainer Scott for all his guidance (and the cheesy joke at the end of today's video!). Thanks to all my Iron mates who supported me. One pet-peeve though, (and I am throwing my diplomatic streak out the window here), some teammates never commented on any of my posts and I really find that disappointing. I figure I can say it, cuz they're probably not reading this anyway!

Big thanks also to my former teammates--Barb, Watson, Scott, Yvonne---you guys, as always were great!

So now what? I need and really want to do Reach, but I'm not quite ready for the commitment of another program just yet. So I think I'll take a couple of days off.....then probably do the maintenance workouts--and the six Iron workouts I missed when I was out of service, and I'll probably head off to the gym for some classes. I'll keep pumping the iron until the next Reach in July!

Over and out!

Finish Line in Sight

Ok one final push to get to the finish line. And it’s coming none too early. These workout are getting long. Six sets of supersets? Really?

Diet is ok but the 18-year old is back in the house baking cakes and buying cookies.

It’s so bad that the 16-year old said we need to crack down.

At least I am not alone on this one!


I usually work out first thing in the morning in our home gym or at my local gym.

Yesterday I had to work out at lunchtime at a downtown gym.

I was all proud of my bench pressing prowess....I can press 60 lbs!

But then I checked out the weights on the barbell next to me....the guy was pressing 200lbs.

Wow! I was impressed!

A final push....

These last two weeks of program are always the toughest for me. I find that 40-50 day programs aren't quite long enough, but by Day 70 of a 90-day program is when I've kind of had enough. So now's the time to stay strong.

I have definitely gotten stronger....lifting more than I did at the beginning of this program. I was hoping my jeans would feel a bit looser and that hasn't happened, and I do weigh the same, maybe a little bit more even than when I started. Can someone confirm whether or not muscle weighs more than fat, or if that' just a myth.

Weather is getting a little better, and even though there was a bit of snow on the ground this morning (yes really!) I've transferred to bbq mode. So we were out there grilling chicken breasts this evening---with out winter coats on.

I'm thinking that Reach may be in my future after Iron. Scott, what do you think. And how can I go about securing a spot for the next session?

Have a great week all!

Another busy week......

Once again, work is totally crazy this week. My husband is off at at a cycling training camp in Virginia (he's doing a stage of the Tour de France in July). The cycling camp sounds good---lots of riding, daily yoga and massages....heck I don't he's coming back! But minus a husband means I've got all the shopping, cooking, laundry etc to do.

Diet is good, I think....I just don't feel I'm being mindful enough of the diet. I don't feel I'm really tasting the food, just going through the motions. The 18-year old is back at university for her final two there are no more cookies and cakes in the house.....but she's back on Sunday for the I'll have to activate that willpower shield.

Workouts are fine. I skipped legs on Monday due to a sore hip, but I've done the rest. I'm looking forward to changing things up a bit. I find the one body part per day is getting a bit tedious.

Sleep is still not good. I won't say more about that.

A Challenging Week

This week, everything was just a bit out of whack.
Work is brutal right now. Stress levels are high. Sleep is not good. When this happens, my first priority is sleep. So I missed two workouts, in order to get a bit of sleep.
Our 18-year old is home from university this between exams......when she comes into the house, so do cookies and cakes, and all kinds of crap like that added to the stress, made for a couple slip-ups in the diet department.
On the positive side, the ice storm is over and the temperature actually reached 10 degrees today, so I'm guessing, it's only uphill from here on in.
Looking forward to a good week!


On free cardio day I usually like to get outside. Long walk, hike, cycling.....anything that gets me some fresh air and sunlight.

This weekend, Toronto is in the midst of an ice storm. Since yesterday, there has been snow, sleet and lots of ice. Sidewalks are very treacherous, so I did 40 minutes on the elliptical. Boring....but it's done.

Still, waiting for spring.......

Day 60!!!

I can't believe we've been at this for two whole months. This program has just flown by. Granted I've been super busy at work. So much so, that today I became a Kenzai delinquent. Received the notice telling me to blog. In my defense I did blog last night, but for some reason it didn't go through.

Anyway, I'm loving the workouts as usual. Yes they are getting longer. I'm clocking in at about 1 hour 20 minutes. But I recently made some changes in my workout habits. I now have a barbell and stack as part of my home gym. I don't lift crazy, heavy weights so this works just fine. It's great to roll out of bed in the morning and head down to the basement. And my 16-year-old son who has a 'my-body-is-a-temple' attitude is using it quite a bit too.

That's about it for me.....still waiting for spring in this part of the world!

I’m in Ottawa this week for work. It’s 5:30 am. I’m getting set to head out to the gym. I’ve just checked my weather app. It’s -10 this morning (-19 with the windchill). It’s April 5 for god’s sake. Can we just get on with spring already!

I know, this post is not really related to Kenzai.....I just needed to complain! Thanks for hearing me out....

Ready for another week

I'm sooooo happy to be back on program. I'm loving the workouts and feeling the pain afterwards. I guess my 'valley' was two weeks ago when I was injured, because I'm not feeling the valley right now.

I am off to Ottawa again this week. I have my grocery list for when I arrive Monday night. I have the same suite hotel as per usual. And since the hotel gym doesn't have bars, I'm off to my 'chain' gym of which there is one right next to the hotel. I see there is a 'nutcracker row' in the workouts this week. I think I'll opt out of it. My back is feeling great but I don't want to jinx it.

I have protein shakes in my diet this week. We'll see how that goes.....

Sleep is really my achilles heel. I have no problem falling asleep, but I just can't seem to stay asleep. I wake up at 3:30 and that's it. After a couple days of that, I'm kind of whacked so I end up's just very frustrating.

The indulgence coincided with Easter, so I had a couple of chocolates and a small piece of a chocolate mousse cake. It was ok.....but I think that after a few years of Kenzai, I've figured out that I'm not that big a chocolate fan.

All is good!

I jumped back into the program on Sunday with the cardio. I've been back to the workouts since yesterday. Added some extra weight today. Everything feels great!

Saw the chiropractor and he says everything looks good. It's good to be back. Looking forward to the second half of the program.

I'm back.....I think

The chiropractor was a magician, (and not a whack job, Eric)..... I did some acupunture and then some, really, really deep massage. I felt better instantly but still took a couple of days off as he suggested.

Today, I started back again with about 40 minutes of elliptical. I then did some shoulder work with light weights (my shoulders really needed to get moving---feeling mushy). I see the chiropractor again on Tuesday, but he said I could start adding more weight by early in the week.

So I'm feeling relieved and my body and mind are ready to get back into the swing of things.

Scott, should I pick up the program from where I left off or do I jump ahead to where the rest of the group is? I'm good either way. Also, should my diet be modified, now that I'm back to exercising?

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