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Back is still pretty sore. Was having trouble walking until about Monday night. Haven’t been able to work out so feeling pretty miserable.
Went for a massage on Saturday but didn’t do much good.
Got an appointment with the physio for next Tuesday which is a bit of a wait.
Managed to get an appointment with a chiropractor for tomorrow. I hope he’ll fix me up. I’ve never been to a chiropractor before. Freaks me out a little.
Still reading the daily lessons, diet is pretty tight too.
Will see what chiropractor says and then I’ll see if there is more iron in my immediate future. Keeping my fingers crossed. Will keep you posted.


Strained by lower back doing the nutcracker row this morning. I tried to get through the rest of the workout by modifying the exercises, but in the end, it didn't really work.

I'm able to walk sort of.....but I'm in quite a bit of pain.

I guess I'll take tomorrow off to rest......I'll see how it goes. Hopefully I'll be ready to start the next week strong.

But all this is very, very frustrating. I'm not often sidelined. Am finding this very difficult.

Kenzai...on the road

In Ottawa all week for work. Staying at a suites hotel so I have plenty of eggs, yogurt, avocado, veggies and fruit on hand for breakfast and snacks. There's a pretty good gym at the hotel, but an amazing gym just next door so I've been going there in the morning.

The hotel always leaves a box of truffles on the table as a welcome gift. I took the box and put it in the cupboard. My husband and son are meeting me here at the end of the week. They will get the chocolates. I'm giving myself a gold star for that one!

The Perfect Indulgence!

Everytime I get an indulgence I always ask myself: Do I have a drink or do I have dessert? This time I had both.

My husband and I visited a winery on the south shore of Lake Erie with good friends. They had invited us to a wine and chocolate pairing. Four glasses of wine---dry red, dry white, sweet white and blush. Each was filled like the first one in the photo, so about a quarter of the glass, and each wine was paired with a chocolate---the first one buttercream, the second one raspberry, the third was peanut butter (a bit weird, but paired with a sweeter wine it was delicious) and the last one a chocolate truffle. The fella who did the explaining was very interesting and put on a good show.

The indulgence was great and it was had with very good friends. I wish I could say that was the only indulgence, but alas there were a couple of extra mini-indulgences too........but we won't get into that......

As you can see in the second photo, there is still lots of snow on that side of the lake. We arrived in an unexpected blizzard. Unfortunately we hadn't brought our skis but had a great walk in the snow all the same.


I don’t want to get over confident but I am starting to feel slight changes. Clothes are fitting a wee bit better. Great for confidence.

Indulgence coming at the perfect time as I am heading down to Pennsylvania to visit a good friend —we’ve been friends since kindergarten —-and she’s a great cook!

Early morning critters!

I work out in the morning. I usually head out to the gym around 6 am. At 6 am, the gym is already pretty busy. So this week, I went earlier. If I'm at the gym around 5 or 5:15, it's empty and I can be in and out of there pretty quickly. It also means that on any given morning, I will drive past three raccoons and one skunk. Now Toronto is known for its raccoons but I never realised how active they were at 5 am. As for the skunk, let's just say, I'll check the surroundings before getting out of the car.

One comment on the photo in today's lesson, the one with the woman curling a barbell with all kinds of weight on it....uh, am I expected to be able to lift that by the end of this program?


All is good on my end.
Workouts are 100%.....really enjoying them. Although hauling myself to the gym in the morning is a bit of a slog. We've got a small home gym in the basement (elliptical, bike and trainer, bench, dumbells, and of course bands), but the bar is at the gym. And sometimes, all the bars and benches are being used, so I have to wait, and I'm not used to maybe I should invest in a bar and a few plates.....hmmm.

On the diet front, I'd give myself a 90%. It was 100% until last night......Our family project for 2018 is to take full advantage of Toronto's multicultural-ness. So every month we visit a different restaurant, different cuisine. Last month, we did Persian food and last night we had Korean BBQ. I'd say it was very Kenzai. Just not sure about the portions....I didn't bring my scale along for the ride. And yes, there was some strawberry ice-cream for dessert.....but it was the smallest scoop of ice cream I've ever I went for it!

And the diet begins.....

....and none too soon. Thanks to Barb H. for a wonderful dinner last night. It was Kenzai kompliant-ish. Lots of veggies, delicious steak, but since I wasn’t full-on diet I had a bit of yummy cheese and a little bit of dessert and a couple of sips of wine. Feeling 100% ready to hit the diet tomorrow.

Swapped rest day. Went for a long walk on my Dad’s farm yesterday and did yesterday’s Iron workout today.

All set fort Week 2!

Observations from the Gym

I've been with Kenzai for three years or so most of my workouts have been happening at home. I do go to the gym, but mostly for classes. Now, I'm back in the weight room. And I forgot what a social place it can be. You're in the middle of your workout and next thing you know you're chatting with the guy on the bench next to you in between sets.

And this week, we're in the thick of the Olympics. So every now and then, a bunch a people huddle around a TV screen to check out the hockey, curling or skeleton. (Yes, very cliché, but for us Canadians, there is a two-week period every four years where we punch above our weight in sports--and this is it!)

So once the Games are finished, I'm going to have to refocus because if I don't, my workout sessions are going to go on forever!

And Scott, I know you want me to keep my feet on the floor and not on the bench, but I find it strains my back (ie skull crushers today) if I promise not to fall off the bench, do you think I could keep my feet on it?

Off to the gym!

Did workouts 1 and 2 at home with barbells so today I trotted off to the gym, bright and early (actually it was pitch dark out).

Rediscovered my 'gym swagger' (cuz yes that's a thing) since in the last few years I've been to the gym mostly for classes.

Since Iron is all about.....iron....I guess I will give some numbers. Pressed with just the bar, so 40ish lbs which was good to start, then I bicep-curled (ooh, is that a verb!) 12.5. So that's my base for chest and biceps.

Scott, how do we feel about putting our feet on the bench when we press.....or are feet firmly on the ground the only way to go?

And was it just me, or does the photo in today's lesson look like a valley of soft-serve ice cream cones.....or maybe it's my mind projecting how I will be thinking in the next few weeks?

One down....89 to go!

It's great to be back on programme. I've been looking forward to this one.

Did Bells2 before Christmas and needed a break before jumping into Iron. Was hoping to start Iron next month but I was the only one here I am.

Still very cold and snowy in this neck of the woods. Will need lots of encouragement to get my butt out the door and into to the gym on those dark, cold mornings..........just for a few weeks until the weather gets a bit better---then I should be fine.

Looking forward to training with you all!

Happy Holidays! 

KBells 2 has been my best program to date. I love working with bells. The results are very tangible.

We started off pretty intense which I liked. (I work out when not on program so sometimes I find it takes a week to 10 days to really get going when a program begins.....but not this time.). Workouts were intense and stayed that way to the very end. I also liked mixing up cycles and then cycles with speed rope. More of one or the other would have been a bit repetitive I think.

The final workout was fun! A bit rough on the hands and wrists but will definitely keep this one in my back pocket for those days when I need a good workout but don’t have too much time.

This is my 6th Kenzai program and I think I’ve figured out what works for me diet-wise. I follow it at about 90%, pretty much 100% of the time. I wasn’t left feeling starved and I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. I can definitely keep this going long term.

I thrive on the blogs and maybe because of the time of year the blogs were a bit quiet this time around. Thanks to all of you who chimed in over the last 6 weeks. Thanks to Nate for getting this off the ground......maybe a KBells 3 in 2018?

I write this in the car on my way to Montreal (hubby is driving, kids in the back seat). We have a Christmas Eve thing tonight and tomorrow we fly off to Costa Rica. Not sure if there will be bells at the resort’s gym but I will definitely start my days there before heading to the beach.

I had signed up for Iron in January but I think I’ll push that back to March. I don’t want to have to wake up in darkness and head out to the gym in -20 degree weather. I plan on continuing doing the bell workouts and some Life workouts and doing classes at the gym.

I also have to find time to do Reach.

Anyhow thank you Kenzai for this journey and wishing everyone out there very Happy Holidays! Have fun and be active!

Trying to Stay Strong

Cookies, chocolate and wine are finding their way into my home. It’s sheer torture being on a program at Christmas time.

Loving this week’s workouts. Is it just me or are they a wee bit easier than last week. Two cycles are definitely more manageable than three.

Only a few days to go. Let’s stay strong!

Cold+Free Cardio

The lesson on cold as a training tool just popped up on the website. I read it and then proceeded to do my free cardio today. It was a 2hr walk. It was also -17C this morning. So I figure I’ve sort of combined the two.

All is good

You know a Kenzai program is challenging when the easy part is the diet!

Workouts are going well. I really enjoyed the twist with the speed rope this morning. (I was travelling for work earlier in the week and decided to do my recovery day workout in the hotel gym so that I could do the kettlebell workout with actual bells).

Diet isn't 100% perfect, but it's really working for me. Other than KB1, I'd say this is the program where I'm seeing the biggest changes in my body.

And to echo today's lesson, Kettle bells make me feel like a machine......

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