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Gisele Q.

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Missing Lesson?

I didn’t see a lesson for Day 28. I’m disappointed 😓. I so look forward to my daily lesson....

No rope?

My workout today has no jump rope/cardio. I’m guessing it’s probably a mistake so I’ll do it anyway although that little voice is saying « hey it’s not there so just skip it..... »

Shoulders + Heat

Today's workout was challenging to say the least, but maybe a bit heavy on the shoulder exercises. I didn't find the usually variety today.

And a have a question regarding today's lesson......what are your thoughts on hot yoga....I've done it a few times, found it interesting, but wondered about the physical benefits and safety.

Oh and I haven't blogged about the mentor stuff......will try to fit that in this weekend, before the next assignment comes in.....I think I'm really behind.

Monday I did something that I've never done while on a Kenzai programme before.....and keep in mind I've done KB 1, 2, 3 plus bells, plus scupt........I missed a workout.

I am sooooo sad about this, but it couldn't be avoided. I fell asleep really late (the insomnia thing) and decided to get a couple of hours of zzzz's before going into the office. The plan was to head over to the gym during lunch......but that didn't happen. So I had to reconcile myself to the fact that yes, I missed a workout.

I'm a bit bummed about this......but today's workout was fabulous!!!!!

Really, really enjoying the Bells!

(to the photo police: will post tomorrow morning when I'm back in my gym clothes---unless I forget)

Family Fitness + Indulgence

We are out of town visiting family this weekend and both my husband and 15 year old son expressed interest in checking out the local gym. So I swapped out yesterday’s workout for a body pump class. Body pump is a challenging one-hour full body class done with a bar and weights. Every muscle group is targeted. I’m a big fan of pump so I was thrilled to do it « en famille ».

My son who spends way too much time pumping iron in our basement actually found the class pretty tough. As he put it: « I got destroyed by a bunch of ladies! » (I too am sore all over this morning!)

Last night celebrated a friend’s birthday with cupcakes. I’m not a big fan of cupcakes but I had one anyway to be part of the crowd. So my indulgence was ho-hum...but as I wasn’t really dying for an’s ok.


Let’s make that ‘recovery’ day. Not sure what rexovery actually means.

But that’s what you get when you write on an iPhone early in the morning.....and you don’t proofread......hmmm maybe I should start thinking about getting some glasses

Ah Rexovery Day!!!!

Need I say more....?

Thank you for allowing me to get reacquainted with my roller.....,

Splitting workouts

Suffered from insomnia last night so I slept in a little later than usual this morning.

Was able to do only one circuit this morning but did the other two this evening.

I don’t like splitting them up but was wondering if it’s ok do to so?

Other than that all is good. Still loving kettlebells!

Week 2 Update

Quite enjoying this week's workouts.

Leg day was good, a definite workout. And after leg day I was ready for an active recovery day. I enjoyed the slower pace of the active recovery day. The stretches were great! I think I see Reach in my future.

I'm getting better at doing the windmills, but those Turkish get-ups will be the end of me.

Why is there always that one exercise that really trips me up. Can't wait to add the bells to the get-ups (note ironic tone in voice)

Diet is good.....though not 100%......let's say 90%.......I can handle 90%......if I go all out 100% I get grumpy and I'm more apt to eat lots of really horrible stuff........As my daughter would say....You do you, that's what I'm gonna do.

Have a great weekend everyone and belated Thanksgiving to our American friends.......

Having a Blast!

I am having so much fun on this program. I love the new exercises, I love the circuits, I love the challenge! I'm feeling good and strong. So all is good on my end.

Diet is going just fine. Last week I did the 'strict' diet on the Life plan. So I should a-ok with the diet for this week.

For free cardio yesterday, I went to the gym and did the 8:30 am class which was 45-minutes of interval training.

As for the time I laughed the hardest......well, I went through a phase about 7 or 8 years ago when I would just start laughing out of the blue. I would laugh uncontrollably. A big, belly, laugh. Not sure what triggered it but it would happen every now and then. Luckily it was limited to when I was with my immediate family....because I would probably have been sent home on stress-leave had is happened at work. It still happens today, but much less frequently......thank goodness!

Bell questions

Not sure if this goes in a blog, or in Q &A or in the Gimme Feedback I'm putting here and here it goes.....

1-Could you please explain the difference between using two Kettebells and using two dumbells?

2-When you say get bells that are 10 - 15 % of your body weight, is that each bell, or the total of the two bells we will probably be using together for most of the exercises. Ex. if 10% of body weight equals 15 lbs.....for this program do I get 2-15 lbs bells or two 7.5 lb bells. (I'm not sure I'll be able to do much other than legs and deadlifts with those 2-15lbs bells----but I can try)

3-When we work in we do an exercise to failure, or just good burn? Just trying to see what weights I use.


Windmill whoa!

I like to think of myself as pretty fit. I took a look at today's workout and all seemed ok. I looked at the windmill, and figured I'd be able to handle at least a 10-pound bell. Whoa.....was I wrong!!!!! On the right side, I used a 5-pound dumbell and on the left side, I did just body weight. Was I the only one the get a windmill revelation?

Other than that all is good. Still not sure what extra bells to get.....will try to figure that out on the weekend. Right now, I'm using dumbells on some exercises.

The first workout made it to my screen just in the nick of time. When I woke up at 6 this morning I was still on K-Life. Went downstairs with the intention of doing a Life workout....... Did the cardio and at the exact moment I was to pick up my resistance bands, the K-Bells program stuff came up! Superb timing!

I LOVED k-bells the first time around, and am looking forward to some new exercices. I've never been on a beta program, so am looking forward to that too.

I enjoyed the workout this morning.....will give myself another day to figure out which new bells I'll need to get. And as always, I can't wait for the real diet to come up. Kenzai isn't Kenzai without the mandatory egg whites!

That was fast...... 

This was only the second short Kenzai program I've done. And just like Kettlebells, this one flew by!

I loved the exercises and the alternating stength/barre routines. I also love having a rigid diet to follow on a daily basis and the connection to other trainees doing the same things as me is as always very helpful.

My results are, how should I put, a little....intangible. I did every one of the workouts and I put in a really decent effort on the diet, but I haven't noticed a huge difference in my body. Maybe a little bit firmer here and there........but nothing major. This program has made me come to the realisation, that my body is what it is---and that I will never have super defined, shapely legs. And I think I'm ok with that. That doesn't mean jumping off the wagon, eating whatever I want and never touching another piece of exercise equipment in my life. Exercise and healthy eating have always been a part of my life and each Kenzai program reinforces that. For that I am very grateful.

Unlike the tail end of KB 1, 2 and 3, when I can't wait to finish, I could definitely have gone on for another couple of weeks of Sculpt. And although, I really enjoyed the workouts, integrating them into my daily routine requires some thinking, and preparation. This happened on KBell which I loved so much......I find that I never get around to incorporating bells into my routine. So I was wondering if there were an algorithm or something that would add the barre or bell exercises in the 5 or 7-day a week workouts, once we've finished those programs?

Anyhow, that's just a quick suggestion.

It was great working out with all of you.....thanks to Kim, our trainer and all our fellow trainees. Looking forward to planning my next Kenzai adventure!

Wow! I can't believe it's almost over.....these short programs are just, well, a little too short.

Looking forward to tomorrow's R & R day. My son has an early morning soccer game about an hour or so north of the city. He has to be there for 7:30, which gives me a full hour for a leisurely lakeside walk. Then, ready to smash whatever they throw our way on Sunday.......

A great, satisfying final workout to all!

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