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One week to go!!!!

I knew a lesson on cellulite was going to pop up eventually. And I kind of already knew what it was going to say. My takeaway from that lesson is to just keep doing what I'm doing, and make the best of it. that's what I'll do.

Otherwise things are good. Diet is going well.....I dare say that this is my best ever effort on the diet front. And the workouts are fun....but a little long. As a don't jump rope, the cardio usually lasts about 40 minutes. So this week the plan is to break up the strength workouts in two. Strength first thing in the morning with cardio at lunch. I've actually booked an hour at lunch to do the cardio---hopefully no unexpected meetings pop up.

I'm also hoping to add some after-dinner walks in the evening. The weather right now is amazing and a walk after dinner usually keeps me busy until I feel full. For me it's all about planning.....

Hope everyone has a super strong final week!!!!

Good news!

I'm still chugging along.....

All is good. I'm very happy to report that diet is about as close to perfect as I can manage.

Workouts are great! Doing a few extras here and there. Stairs, sally challenges, cycling and rowing machine. Thanks to Barb for the lovely walk along the lake---it was great to catch up.

And yes, FINALLY, yesterday I felt that my clothes were starting to feel a bit looser on my body........soooo that was just the motivation I needed to stay strong through the homestretch!

We can do this!

Mid week update

This week is flying by......

Workouts are 100%....although I was aiming for 110% with extra cardio. Unfortunately, my crazy schedule hasn't permitted any extras yet this week (other than walking up the stairs at the office)

Diet is 99.5%......after reading Barb H.s blog about her Dad's chocolate chip cookies I ate one quarter of a Petit Écolier cookie last night......but that's it.....

Feeling great, but not noticing any major (or even minor) changes for the moment. A friend of mine says that when you lose weight you lose is from the top half first---face, boobs and finally butt...... But when you gain it, you gain from the botton up.....butt, boobs etc.

Not fair!

A Brand New Week

Today's lesson was spot on for me today. After a so-so week I need to take things up a notch.

Last week was a challenging one at work (my job is part creative and part management and there was more managing than there was creativity last week). Adding to that was that my daughter, the chocolate cake queen was heading off to university for the first time made for a busy few days of packing, moving and goodbyes. Needless to say that the Kenzai diet took a bit of a backseat.

Workouts are going very well. I love the variety with the leg exercices!

This week the goal is to up the ante on cardio. Extra stairclimbing at work and a few spinning classes at lunch time.

Photo will be posted asap. Heading back to Toronto as I'm writing this. No worries I'm not doing the driving right now.

Have a great week everyone!

Daily Temptation

My 18-year old daughter is not a gourmet cook by any stretch of the imagination. Yet she has perfected the baking of a chocolate cake from a Betty Crocker cake mix. There are many days when I get home from work to the aroma of a freshly baked chocolate cake.

Then, for good measure, she leaves said cake on the counter. It stares at tempts me, it taunts me and it challenges me to take a piece, a bite, even just a crumb. So far, I've managed to resist this daily temptation......

I have to hang on for a few more days, as she leaves for university on Sunday. My shield is getting thin......but I think I can make it.......

Return from Montréal

Got back from Montréal late last night. And I am here to report that things went fine in the fitness department, and so-so in the food department.

Things got off to a good start on Friday night. We were out at a restaurant. My choice was salmon tartare with a green salad. No wine and no dessert. By Saturday night though, the group was larger. The shield started to wane and I was tempted by some foie gras, a 1993 Bordeaux and a canolli. I didn't have tonnes, but I certainly did some taste-testing. Things got back to normal yesterday and I'm back and totally committed today.

On the fitness front, things went well. On Saturday, the gals did a 35 km ride (the guys did 120--so that keeps us humble) and on Sunday we did a 50 km ride along the St. Lawrence. Great weather, great company and a great activity.

Onward to Week 3!

Tricky weekend

Off to Montreal for a meeting today. Hubby and kids will meet me there tonight. Spending the weekend with good friends. Will need to be vigilant on the food intake. But these friends are pretty sporty so I'm not too worried about the workouts. (Bikes are loaded on the car!)

Will give you an update on Monday.

Great weekend to all!

A few extras!

Did the Bring Sally Up Squat Challenge this morning after my workout.....pretty intense, good burn. My 15-year old son had told me about the Bring Sally Up Push-Up Challenge which he does every now and then......I think I'll stick to squats for the time-being.

I also have a Kenzai Sculpt Resolution. I am no longer taking the elevator at the office! Since Monday I march up 6 flights of stairs (that's 176 steps) in the morning and again after lunch. I also take them down, but that's not too challenging. No need for elevator small-talk and it's quiet as no one else does this..... I just have to remember to wear flats.....176 steps in heels is unpleasant!

Off for a massage tonight......legs.....obviously!

The gluteal fold

Just ran across this article about the unwanted gluteal fold at the University of Victoria gym. Thought it my interest my fellow sculpters as all we talk about is the butt......

Here in Canada we are a-ok with gay marriage and adoption, we have laws allowing assisted suicide and soon we will be legally able to smoke pot pretty much anywhere......but a gluteal fold is just too much for some to handle........go figure.

Free cardio kayak

A gorgeous day here in Toronto. So for my free cardio, my husband and I walked down to the beach and rented a couple of kayaks. Lake Ontario was pretty rough today so I got a pretty intense upper body and ab workout.

Diet is all locked in for the coming week and looking forward to some challenging barre routines.

Ok so here it goes.....I'm wwaayyyy out of my comfort zone here. I went with a full-on, nothing-much-on photo for this week. I figure if this is going to work for me, it's all-out, all-accountability.

Here's the thing.....I have a split-personality body. I'm quite happy with the top half. It's quite strong and quite toned. The bottom half has always been my nemesis.

I was a figure skater from the age of 4 until the age of 17. From the ages of 11-17, I was on the ice 4-5 days per week. Figure skaters and hockey players tend to get really developed butts and thighs. (I remember being in the university weight room and a big hulky guy asked me what I did to get my hamstrings looking how they did!)

However, the years pass, and although I always remained quite active by running, cycling, doing classes in the gym, the muscle I had developed turned to mush. And as hard as I try, nothing really ever works. My bottom half is super strong, but not very pretty.

So at the age of 49, I see Sculpt as a last-ditch effort to do something about this. I'm going to give it my all, 100%....if it works great and if not I will accept myself the way I am.

So there, I'm putting it all on the table......

Hello Lavender!

We are Lavender! I love lavender. Reminds me of France. That's where my husband's family lives and where we have been spending a part of our summers for the past 20 years. Problem is, France also reminds me of cheese, wine, amazing bread and pastries and......I will stop now. But I'm sure to get the idea.

Here on my end, everything is going according to plan. I've been cleaning up the diet and enjoying the workouts.......looking forward to the barre routines, but unsure about exercising without shoes. I'll need to get used to that.....

Also looking forward to this adventure and to chatting with you on the blogs.....and for the record, it's the blogs and your help that keeps be going......

Sculpt Away!

If I can get my butt to somewhat resemble the sculpt icon for the program, I will be ecstatic! It probably won't happen but I'll give it a try and see where it takes me. And by looking at your photos, I've got the most work ahead of me. (I'll get mine up as soon as I can get my husband or kids to take it)

Glad to be back on program. Exercice isn't a problem for me. Since finishing up KB3 in the spring, I've been doing K-Life workouts, cycling, classes at the gym and a bit of yoga. It's really all about the diet, and dare I say the age thing. I can work out like a maniac, eat next to nothing and I still gain weight.....mostly on the thighs. Yes, I may be exaggerating a wee bit......but I'm sure you know what I mean.

Looking forward to this new adventure!

I can't believe it's over...... 

I started the year by making a promise to myself: in 2017, I will do more things for me.

I did little things, like brushing up on my Portuguese, getting and using my library card, putting a whole bunch of songs on my iPod.

Obviously KB3 was a big part of my 2017 plan. Three months of exercise and clean eating...... for me. I think that by doing it for me, it was easier to focus.

As always, I loved the KB3 exercises. I did every single workout in the program, and thoroughly enjoyed them. I was happy (most of the time) to get out of bed and do the workouts.

The diet, which is usually the toughest part for me, was less challenging than it has been in past programs. I got into a groove of buying and preparing tonnes of veggies. And this time, I feel I'll be able to continue on this path.

Thanks to our trainers and my fellow trainees for all your support on the blogs. That is such a huge part of the program.....I couldn't imagine it any other way. And as always, thanks to Barb H. for getting me involved in Kenzai. It's great to have someone nearby who gets it.

What's next? More of the same I'd say. My plan is to do three workouts a week on Kenzai Life, and on the other three days of the week I will head back to the gym to reacquaint myself with my favorite classes. One day a week will be for cycling, an activity that my husband and I enjoy doing together. I also have my eye on Sculpt and Reach for later on in the year. And maybe a Kettlebells2 program (hint, hint.....)

Kenzai has put my body in a great place......and because of Kenzai, I think my head is in a pretty good place right now too.

90 days is a long time.....but boy, did it fly by!

The End is Near......

A good thing the QOTW about how you old you feel was a couple of weeks back when I was totally energized, because ask be the same question today and I'd say I feel like I'm 100.

Why? Maybe it's the weather.....there is a heavy rainfall warning followed by snow. It's April people, could we get on with Spring.....please.....

Maybe it's the lack of me-time. This sounds terribly selfish but I find that if I don't get an hour or two to myself in the evening, I'm unhappy. These last few evenings I've been running around with my 17-year-old looking for the perfect prom dress.....(BTW, we found it last night, so things should be getting back to normal today)

Maybe it's the workouts. Mine are long....about 1 hour and 35 minutes long. Of course they are challenging. But I like challenging. In the end, I think it's because I've been at this non-stop for 88 days and it's time for a bit of a break.

I don't think it's the diet because, surprisingly I'm ok with the diet. That being said I forgive myself the little cheat here and there but I am totally uncompromising when it comes to the workouts. Every last minute, set and rep gets down.

Anyway, enough of my bellyaching. Only three workouts to go. (I slept a bit this morning so today's workout will be parsed between lunch hour and evening) Tomorrow should be quick and easy. I've left my entire morning to do whatever they throw at us on Saturday. And Sunday, I've booked a massage for 10 am---to celebrate crossing the finish line.

At first it was months, then weeks, then we are down to mere hours in this program. If we've made it this far.....let's take it all the way to the very end in flying colours!

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