Gitanjali S.

Gitanjali S.

Day 87 

When my husband told me about PCP, I had other plans.He told me it would be good if we did it together as we could motivate each other. So I agreed to do it as it would get him started and I could then go ahead with my other plans. A few days to a few weeks and now finishing 3 months. And still not ready to give up. I think a lot has changed. Everything has its place and I think it has given me an insight into my own body and the systematic way of dealing with it. While the body is as important as the mind however it has given me a perspective on how the
body should be cared for.

Day 80

After I finish the program I am going to continue with my work outs for sure and have a regulated diet.


For me, the easiest part has been the diet. Only these days that we are holidaying in Italy it has become tough to follow it and we are cheating heavily on our diet. Toughest for me has been to get up and exercise. There are some days where that extra sleep is a temptation one yearns for but then to get up, get ready and exercise does pose to be a challenge.

Week 9 - Question

For me the most important lifestyle change has been my morning workout over sleeping till late.  I would sleep till late but never felt quite fresh even when I woke up. My excuse was that I had to run around my daughter who will turn 4 which got me tired and I needed all the rest. But now I wake up early, work out  and still find time to do everything including run around her and don't feel exhausted. 

Week 9

There is a lot more I manage to accomplish in a day than I could and I think that speaks volumes about my new energy levels. I think mentally also it is a great feeling to be able to do a lot more than one could do and so a happy mind helps a healthy body. There are a few lethargic days but i guess it's normal to have those.


I would say all days tough but weekends probably are the toughest. Socialising happens mostly over the weekends and the wines sometimes can be quite tempting. Also, exercising after socialising is quite a challenge.


I would not quit it now because I really enjoy PCP. In past I have done yoga and other forms of exercises and the enthusiasm to continue vanished in a month or so. But somehow that has not happened with PCP. I think becoz it gives me flexibility to work out at my time that I think is the key.

I dont really feel fed up with anything on the contrary I really enjoy PCP workouts. Initially getting up early in the morning was a bit tiresome however with every passing week it only became easier.

It is changing to the extent that working out has become a priority.


Good Morning Friends

How is it going?

WEEK 4 Day 23

I definitely feel much calmer and happier than before. PCP has made me more determined to get into a good shape and I look forward to exercising in the morning. Sleep has ceased to be a temptation which is definitely a first for me .

Week Two

Guys for me skipping is definitely been the toughest. I find sit ups quite easy.

Day 14

Day 14, still struggling with the rope. Cheated a little with 2 sips of wine. But still going strong.

Day 9

I was so good at skipping when I was a child and now my rope keeps getting entangled. I hope I can see my self skipping without the numerous breaks.  

Week 1

The first week was full of surprises. Firstly we could eat and drink anything (except the quantity was half).  Secondly, the duration of the exercises were just right.  It kept the enthusiasm going.

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