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Glen D.

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Tough week

Just got back late last night from traveling all week. I was on very long flights with big time zone changes and it took a huge toll on my workouts and diet. I’m committed to getting back on track this weekend but pretty down on not staying with it this week. Today is a new day.

Today's lesson

Amazingly timely. I went overboard yesterday with the indulgence (as I feared) since I was hungry and then overloaded and woke up feeling guilty and down on myself. So the end of the lesson about just getting today right and moving forward was exactly what I needed to read/hear. Onward!

Day 41

As promised, this week was a harder one. Workouts longer and more challenging. 1600 jump ropes tomorrow seems pretty daunting but I’ll bang them out 100 at a time. I’m still enjoying the diet as dinner is pretty easy to prep . I’m gratified I’ve been able to stay on track and appreciate the lesson warning that the mid-program grind would hit around now. Knowing that in advance has been a big help. Hope everyone has a great weekend and keep at it.

Day 34

Enjoying the new diet regime but it’s really tough while on the road. I’m away this weekend and couldn’t come up with egg whites last night so I did my best with a salad and the milk portion. WIll try to forage some eggs tonight if I can. Looking forward to being back at home tomorrow night and in control of my scale and food.

So far I’ve really enjoyed the workouts and diet. I’ve put off the indulgence for now because I haven’t felt the craving for it and I’m scared about not escalating to a full blowout. On the workouts I’m still struggling with the jump rope to get extended rhythms without tripping. One of these days I’ll get it! Happy weekend everyone.

Day 19

Very excited to be done my my travels (for now) and back at my home base. I was able to weigh all three meals today and feel so much more in control of my program. While it was a challenge to stick to the eating plan in different countries and changing time zones frequently, I’m happy I did my best and kept to the workouts, which were actually perfect for traveling. But very excited to be home and more in control.

Day 12

I’ve been overseas this past week (1 more week to go) and it’s been tough to manage the diet without access to fresh vegetables and without being able to weigh my good everywhere. I’ve done my best but I it’s less than ideal. Hard to keep to a routine too but I’ve managed to get each day’s workout in. Looking forward to being back on my home turf so I can have more control over my food.

Day 5

Enjoying the workouts and looking forward to the diet kicking in next week but am concerned as I leave on Sunday for a 2-week overseas work trip. Any tips for how to plan in advance and/or manage when I’m away would be greatly appreciated!


I'm Glen, and I live outside Washington, D.C. in Potomac, Maryland. I'm married and have two sons, 12 and 10. Over the past 10 years I've had 3 back surgeries, the last a spinal fusion in 2015. My workouts since then have been limited to the elliptical, which has become very tedious. My eating has also been very up and down and I get trapped in repetitive binge/purge cycles. So I'm really looking forward to new routines, to trying to develop full-body fitness, and to work on practicing a sustainable long-term diet. Looking forward to working together over the next few months to reach our shared goals.

Day 1

Great first day. Feels like a restart to a rough summer of bad eating and missed workouts. The jump rope was tough but great to have a new workout routine. Not easy leaving 1/4 of the meals behind but love the idea. Excited to begin!