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KB1 Day 64

My lifestyle is much more organised and has a disciplined set routine that previously wasn’t there. I’ve got my eyes on what’s in front of me on KB1 but also pledging to myself that when the 90 days is finished I’ll continue this disciplined approach to a healthier lifestyle.

My energy levels improved weeks ago. I noticed a big upswing in focus and concentration at my job and my sleep patterns were generally very good. Energy for workouts has been a bit more challenging because my thinking has been to want to chuck it at times but I’ve worked through that and come out of the other side.

The second half of 2019 is going to be hectic work wise and I’m determined to make sure I prioritise my health and well-being rather than putting work first and sacrificing myself - it’s only money after all and you can’t take it with you.

KB1 Day 53

Today’s lesson was handy because today I felt pretty jaded and the last thing I wanted to do when I got home from work was a workout.

Good news is I was able to use that to my advantage and push through. I always find the third or fourth day of a seven day workout cycle the toughest because my professional workload starts to get at me as well so blogging about that also helped.

KB1 - Day 49

Day three or four is the toughest.
That’s the part of the week where work and the workouts all seem to crest and my inner thought pattern seems to be a repeat of a voice that says “skip the workout”.

Fortunately, I haven’t missed a single workout so far and I’ve had only one or two minor blips with the diet, nothing ridiculous.

I’ve had a sense that I’ve plateaued though which only adds fuel to the idea that I should chuck it in but a friend sent me a photo comparison of Day 1 and Day 49 and it’s obvious I’m looking much healthier.

The key challenge for me lies ahead - what happens after KB1. I haven’t fared too well post-programme before but I want to keep this momentum going this time so I don’t find myself letting myself and my health slide away from me.

Finding the program is now a bit of a grind so I was looking forward to enjoying something off diet so I opted for a packet of crisps and a sausage roll. This is something I’ve always enjoyed with a cup of tea so it was nice to have it. Didn’t feel especially great afterwards and was close to chucking the workout (after work) but persisted and I’m glad I did. Halfway..!!!

KB1 - Day 35

What am I fed up with?

Good question. Cooking! It’s becoming a chore but that said it’s forced the rest of my day into a firm routine so although I’m complaining it’s contributed to an overall improvement in schedule and eliminated procrastination.

You can throw dishes into this answer as I’m forever piling through washing and drying but again as much as this is a complaint it’s really a benefit. I never leave dishes piled up and previously I’d always be in a rush and ‘deal with it later’.

Physically, I’m starting to feel the fatigue as the workouts pile up and my body has a low hum background soreness almost constantly which always sends me off to good quality sleep at the end of a day. That not really ‘fed up’ but on some days it feels like I’m being dragged to do my homework like a moody teenager!

KB1 - Day 31

Wow. Otter kicks kicked my butt today. First set was fine but I totally buckled on the second set and could only do 20-25 secs for the third. The fourth set went the full distance but by this stage my head was on the ground and I was grimacing as if I’d just given birth. Does anyone else get totally blasted on the final round of their workout?

KB1 - Day 20 & 21

Had my first blip on this journey as I had to travel unexpectedly to visit my elderly parents. I

I ended up going for a 30 minute walk and finished on an intense interval run of 60 seconds running, 60 seconds rest between two markers set out at 25 metres.

I did this four times and had a burn on at the end that made sleepy that night. I stuck as close to diet as possible but when I flew home my Sunday was a total write off.

The positive was the Lessons talk about mentality and mindset and not throwing the baby out with the bath water because of one day that doesn’t go according to script.

Day 22 is going very well on all fronts.

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