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Final Blog 

Unfortunately, shortly after I finished work in Peru I was called in for another project, this time in the Middle East under the same parameters as South America. This meant for all intent and purpose I didn't finish KB2 the way I wished. However, I'm not done and will look to do another programme (maybe even KB2) in January.


Well, two weeks of intense work, ultimately no qualification for the World Cup, but a thoroughly enjoyable (and unplanned) work trip that I will never forget.

So on the KB2 front - exercise; this had to go out the window given the intensity of the work, flights, high level pressure I had to cope with. My situation was fluid and volatile so managing to exercise and push through this mental barrier was not workable.

KB2 front - diet; this remained largely intact and I've returned to home base in pretty good condition. Even without the exercise my photo shows I've slimmed down quite a lot by watching what I ate. Working and living with professional athletes means you more or less eat what they eat, when they eat, the only difference being we were working almost around the clock when they slept!

I do feel a small sense of disappointment I missed two weeks but the biggest mental hurdle to leap was maintaining the diet and getting rest as often as I could (not much) and that was successfully achieved.

I'm going to pick up my programme where I left it and see out every workout to the end so I can say hand on heart I did it as best I could. Next week I have a lesser project that involves travel with the exception that I can fit the exercise in and the diet will stay on point too.

Here's a photo of part one of my work trip this time speaking to one of our players at the end of our match with Peru.


I’m in the midst of a high stress job as a press officer for a sports organisation at the high point of a four year campaign to reach a World Cup so my sleep and exercise now are all over the place as I manage an intense pressured 24-7 environment.

I’ve not trained properly since we started but what is a huge positive is that because it’s an elite athlete environment my diet is superb and I feel physically good.

One of the group said to me I was looking on good shape and “had lost a ton of weight” so that was a big plus coming from a highly respected colleague in pro sport.

It’s going to be like this for another 10 days so I am in this unique bubble but I’m determined to keep my food on track just like the athletes and coaches I’m serving.

I’ll blog again when I can.

KB2 - The Final Month!

Hi all ,

Tough workouts, or what?! Haha. I've had some lingering nagging doubts about whether I'm doing KB2 as well as I could have and talking to the trainers offline to try and get some perspective on where I'm at because if I don't I think I'd find it easy to quit at this point in frustration.

Believe me, its been a very helpful exercise to vent and express those insecurities both in blogs and K-mails because in the last three days things have righted themselves, sometimes without even noticing.

Give you an example - I threw on a t-shirt without thinking and it turns out its one that had stopped fitting me (ridiculously) a while ago.

Another example - I've now started throwing in a slow but regular 20 minute run or jog to my workouts, every other day or so. I haven't been able to do that since KB1 in 2015. Its a very good feeling and I can sense the strength in my legs and upper body that make that possible.

I'm still a bit rounder in places I thought I would have been slimmer in a week or two ago but to be honest I suspect if I can find that consistency I may still get there.

My big challenge coming up is I'm going to South America for a major work project for two weeks and the intensity and pressure and stress is going to be extremely high. I work in sports media and this will be a tough one.

I can see myself having to do my "invisible air skips" in my hotel room with the chest dips between the toilet and the basin again!

Anyway - we all got this, lets stick together, help each other out and see this through to the end!

KB2 - Day 52

The workouts are tough - I was training in the morning before work at the start but have now switched to evenings based on how sore I feel each morning.

Mentally I find the evening workouts tougher after a long day at work so going to dig deep and try to switch things over again.

Little victory

Went for a 30 minute non-stop jog on Sunday for the first time in two years - just because I could!

It wasn't a fast pace by any means but to actually just walk out the door, decide to jog for that length of time and achieve it is only because of the KB2 programme over the last 7 weeks.

I did a 10 minute walk to warm down plus the additional exercises although I'm struggling with the jumping as my knees aren't as strong as they used to be - I'm probably better off with something else? (suggestions welcomed).

Missed posting a photo but now my work clothes are too loose and my trousers sliding a wee bit. Thats progress - my problem seven weeks ago was fitting into everything.

I've got a major work project in Peru that will mean I'll probably miss some workouts too so I'll have to be careful with the grams and diet.

RIP - Jump Rope 2

Bade farewell to my second jump rope. Was a minute short of 20 the other day when it came apart. Lucky I keep a spare..! #Planning.

Indulgence 2

Looked up calories on Maccas and smashed this for lunch. Didn’t finish the fries and had tea for the drink. Glorious. Absolutely glorious! Haha! That said I felt a bit mucky afterwards but it was great while it lasted.

KB2 - Day 42 progressing ok

Definitely been tougher going on the workouts and I’m feeling a constant ‘buzz’ everyday in my body that I say to myself is my body processing the work and diet and becoming leaner!

My clothes are definitely fitting a hell of a lot better but I feel I could be doing better on dropping weight.

Weeks 7, 8 and 9 were big weeks in my first KB experience so I’m hoping that’s the case here in KB2.


Fed up with shirt photos that are impossible to decode for signs of progress - and equally annoyed with “the editor” guessing game of “is there or isn’t there progress”, I present this photo front Week 1 and Week 5. Not a big fan of shirtless photos but I’m doing this for the team so others don’t have to (hahaha!).

Definitely progress of sorts and encouragingly there is still seven weeks to go..! More progress to be made! “Editor” get back in your box..! 👍

A few days ago I blogged in agreement with a fellow KB2 team-mate how dissatisfied I was with my photos and progress over the past four weeks. I struggled to see a (radical) difference and had some "editor from KB1" moments braying on in the background about how much further I got (and seemed to eat less) first time around.

A colleague asked me online how KB was going (He called it "Yokozuna Diet") and I said meh, could be better, middling to meh. I flicked him a Week 1 image and he said, actually, you've even lost a bit of weight in that since I last saw you six weeks ago. When I showed him Week 4, he used expletives!

His main observation was that my posture had changed and become more upright and there was clear change going on in my waist and face. He then asked me when I experienced a more lean body in KB1 and I replied, well, on past experience that really seems to kick in around Week 7, 8, 9.

Regardless of that response it was a good reminder to turn my own thoughts/comments off on a superficial level where I can and just have faith to keep going with whats set out before us here and let the programme do its work.

Tough 9-10 days with work and I've been pushed to the limit of time management and motivation to stay in close proximity to the diet and exercise BUT I have managed it to be the best of my ability.

I'm happy with how I'm progressing and have noticed some changes in my body via clothes fitting slightly better. That said, at the start of Week 5, I'd like to make even more progress by the end of Week 8 and, of course, Week 12.


Indulgence 1

I ate off diet at the Workshop/Convention so less said the better..! No photographic evidence to display unfortunately. Confident of a strong bounce back from this - watch this space.


Had a massive Workshop/Convention of three days and little rest so missed two days and a few grams slipped. That said, I recovered aggressively and I'm back on course but this week has been very tough by any measure. I'll call the back end of this week a #LittleVictory because "the program" of life isn't just 90 days, it goes beyond that and perspective is important here.

Here's how the blogs can be of so much help - I had to fly home to my parents house suddenly and unplanned to help them unload and move furniture into their home in one day (6am and 9pm flights).

I had a blip on my grams for Day 22 dinner and carbs but worked through for 13 hours and was exhausted by the end of it. I'm still tired even now.

Having read others travails moving house, I've used that to make sure I readjusted, steadied and have kept my grams and exercise going today. Reading this on other people's blogs helps!

End of Week 5





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