Greg B.

Greg B.


Congratulations to everyone who managed to stick it out for the 90 days, some impressive results and amazing before and after pics!
Personally i am pretty happy with my result, i was never looking to loose too much weight but managed to shift just under 10kg of lard going from 82.2 kg to 72.5 kg so happy with that. 

I reckon all the great points about PCP have been covered by numerous others so won't rehash them but would recommend anyone thinking about joining up to do it now as has given me a new perspective on the way i look at diet and exercise and it works!


Very apt training message today as that is exactly how i am feeling,weight has been stuck for the last 3 weeks,tired and a bit over it all to be honest but am sticking to it to the end.
Have a few days in the sun next week so with some time off i should be able to give it one last blast before the final pic....

home run

On the home run now and grinding out the last few weeks.To be fair the eating side of PCP has now become a bit of a way of life and see no reason why i cant carry it on during the week after it all ends. Lost focus a bit on the exercise recently but more a time thing as don't seem enough hours in the day,am down to 72.5kg now from 82.2 so well within what i wanted to achieve,reckon i am good for one more kg..


Just back from biz trip to Singapore , exercise all good but def hard to be compliant on the food front. Had my first beer since the start of PCP and next morning felt like I had had five. Feel like I have lost a bit of momentum last couple of weeks but want to finish this thing as I started it and plan to be strict for the rest of the time and see how I can do. Weight still stuck at 74 kg , started at 82.2 so happy with that although another one or two would be good. Overall feeling good but hard to shift the belly lard so am trying to add a bit more cardio if I can. 


Here and in full PCP mode.  Will give a proper update and pic on Saturday.  

Back on track

This week after being a bit over it last week, weight loss has stopped but not too concerned as v happy with the half way results...Must admit i actually feel a bit weaker than when i started but will wait and see at the end of the 90 days to make a proper judgement..Hk weather is just depressing so grabbing a weekend by the pool in Thailand tomorrow with the family..until next time....


Must admit this week has been the hardest so far. Usually drag myself out of bed at 5 am to do the exercises before work but only managed it once and to top it off been passing out on the sofa by ten each night. Still managed to get everything done and eat right but been a struggle. Got some inspiration from looking at some past pcp guys and their results have spurred me on again. Looking forward to a nice weekend and will add in some extra exercise as plenty of time for once. Keen to see what the diet is for next week as lack of evening grub is def having an effect I reckon  .
Anyway all good and will post pic tomorrow.  Later. 

Not the best week

On my way back to HK and this is the first time I have been able to login all week. Week started well with two lovely days of skiing and then bam, stuck in bed for two days with man flu , then managed to bugger up my hip once I did get back on the slopes. All in all a bit of a shite week for PCP and only managed about three full days of the exercises but followed the diet pretty much 90 pct. Am hoping that I will be back to 100% for next week. Will jump on the scales and put up a pic when I get home but overall think my three days of skiing should have served me alright. 
 Anyway looking forward to cracking on again next week. See ya 


Sat at Doha airport waiting for connecting flight to geneva, managed to resist the nice wine on the plane so far but having to wing it a bit on the food front.salmon eggs and diced salmon for starter and grilled monkfish for main was pretty PCP friendly and left the desert alone. Going to be a bit messed up eating due to time differences but so be it. Another ten hours and will be on the slopes.  Later.  

20 hours to -20c

Off skiing tomorrow in Switzerland for a week which is a bit of a trek and it will be interesting to see how i fair on the diet given that i will be doing a good six or seven hours extra exercise a day and its bloody freezing..

Am saving my indulgence for when i get there as will need to be sampling a couple of nice cold lagers for a bit of apres ski at least one day. 
Pics up a bit early this week as not sure i will have that much access to the internet, lost a bit more weight and clothes def getting looser although next week will def be the first real test of will power. Feel a touch sad that i have packed my scales and a lunch box but so be it, planning to stick to it all as much as i can. 

Think i could be hungry

Just seen my week four diet plan and no carbs after lunch time! will be interesting to see how i fair as i am doing my exercises before work in the morning so could feel it a bit this week.

Last week was ok, dropped a little bit more weight but not seeing any huge differences in body shape so far, think with the exercise step up again this will start to change. I did put on an old pair of jeans that don't usually fit and they felt good so thats a boost for sure and still revved up for the next 10 weeks!

Anyway son destroying my flat so got to go and take him out...

Week two done

And all good so far, definately a bit harder following the food on the weekend as too many temptations when not stuck at my desk all day but have held off so far and chucked in a 2 hour hike yesterday for a bit more cardio. Just waiting for the week 3 diet now so i can get sorted for the week...speak soon..

Spice it up...

So, second day of the strict eating and all good so far but am missing my chili sauces. 

The food tastes good but will be looking for ways to spice it up and get a bit more imaginative over the next week.
I remember someone from a previous round talking about a spice mix that they knocked up to put on most of their food, anyone know what it was?

Exercise is ok and building up as expected, knocking out the last few press ups burns like hell now but managing max reps so far and want to try and keep it that way through the 90 days if i can.

I did loose a bit of weight last week but not reading too much into that yet, if its still coming off in a couple of weeks time i will be a happy man.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Day 5

Strangely not that hungry even though only eating the half portions, test will be tonight when we have friends round and the helper is knocking up a mean chicken curry with the works . Fancy there will be plenty of red wine in the mix too so am just going to have to make my excuses. Exercise is good, def notice the difference using the push up bars though. Looking forward to cranking it up a bit and getting a more tailored diet plan in the coming weeks. Catch you later. 

Day 3

Day three down and all good so far, exercise seems fairly easy but am assured the pace picks up so not being complacent, noticed a big difference in doing the situps  after watching the vid and really felt the burn today. Food wise ok at work but realise that I don't actually have any portion control at home as the helper usually cooks shed loads of food and I just eat until I am full so that's one thing I've learnt this week. Looking forward to getting some more structure around the eating next week.  Catch you later.  

Final Photo





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