Gurveen B.

Gurveen B.

Kenzai Body | Day 81
Kenzai Body
Day 81
Program progress:

Have not been able to come back to full exercises on a regular when i do get back, the arms and legs cry like anything!! Hope I will still be able to access the exercises & diets offline once the program gets done....this is such a great program but unfortunately I am not able to utilise to the fullest! Diets are ok so far.

Big thanks to this community for all the encouragement! I have struggled to do the full workouts last week but managed to do the cardio. Happy to tell you that thanks to Kenzai, I can now run at a speed of 8.5-9 kmph for 3-4 mins non stop....this is a big change for me since before this program i used to struggle to run at 7-7.5 kmph for even couple of mins. So even though i may not have lost weight and inches, the stamina has definitely got a boost!

I am so excited to share this!! I’ve been a compulsive eater and felt really bad if I could not finish the food while eating out. However, yesterday we went out for lunch to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. I did eat my veggies before going so when the only thing I could order on the menu was a creamy pasta, I was a bit worried. But after a few bites I was so full I just could not eat anymore! I actually had to leave almost half of that pasta and I’m quite happy (and kind of surprised) about that 😀

What a start to the week!

Just when I thought the exercises were getting manageable, comes the amazing Monday this week with so much focus on the legs....its been 24 hours or more and my legs are still crying! Tuesday though looked better (no legs exercises !!!), my arms seemed to have died completely.....after so much of arms exercises, the 4th set of planks was an absolute disaster for me today :-(

On the diet front, even though it says AMAYV veggies, I just cannot eat that much! This is a drastic change in my eating tendencies....before getting on to this program I could hog and hog and hog even if I have had a meal....however now I find it so difficult to even finish the evening veggie snack. One question thats going on in my mind is that if I am not hungry at all, is it OK to skip the apple for dinner and only drink my milk with protein powder? Also I tend to eat the evening snack (around 5:30pm) before dinner (around 8:30pm) - is that ok?

Jump rope in the morning

Reading yesterday’s article I was thinking of splitting my daily workout into 2 parts - rope in the morning & the rest of the workout in the evening. Wondering for this would I need to do some 100-200 jumps in the evening again before I get started with the workout?

short post this week

Finally finished moving homes this weekend. Exercise has been a bit off coz did a lot of exercise with the move itself! Diet was in track on all days except yesterday coz had to get the kitchen up and running and honestly was super tired and hungry by the evening!

So I exchanged my Saturday workout with Sunday’s and went hiking to the Peak in HK. Its not a long trek....approx 3km with a steep climb for the first 1600 m or so. Earlier I had to stop every 100-200m to catch my breath and also sit a few mins for my legs to recharge. But today I sat only once for a couple of minutes through the hike! Felt quite happy about it....was stopping in between for the breathing (coz I have bronchitis so cannot go on for long) but felt great that was not tired or exhausted even after completing the hike 😀