Gus R.

Gus R.

Kenzai MOAT ...

... thats a 'Mother Of All Trainees'. So my wife is on day 56 of her Kenzai Body program, and I've been meaning to share some thoughts about this for a while but having 1 baby + 1 toddler on our hands and my getting started with the new day job a few weeks ago has scuppered any idea of that until now - its Friday evening and I have a restful moment to post a long overdue blog entry. First up I gotta hand it to all the moms out there, you're all MOATs. There can be no greater challenge in doing Kenzai than doing it with the responsibility of little children. We talk about the imaginary devil on our shoulder trying to persuade us to skip workouts or to give into temptations, but that aint nothin compared to the 1 / 2 / 3 little REAL PERSON 'devils' that can be independently or simultaneously shouting / screaming / crying for mom's attention when she is actually in the midst of her exercises. We say doing Kenzai while traveling is hard coz we cross time zones and suffer from jet-lag and busy schedules, but it doesn't compare to having 6 / 12 / 18 months of compounded sleep deprivation and still getting the workouts done. Its hard to stay off beers for 90 days? They're doing it for 9 months without complaints. Planks are tough? Otter kicks? Try giving birth. I think I've said enough. Mom's are hardcore. Big up to all the Kenzai moms out there!!!

In the bush..

Hey gang, I'm quiet but I'm out here. We're in the bush, on safari, its hard to get data access and when we do its pretty limited, so just staying up to date with my trainer commitments is tough enough. I'm training with my wife who is in the Ruby group, doing our workouts overlooking a valley in the game reserve. You'll see me more regularly in a week or so.

So my fitness test came and went yesterday. Now, I'm in good shape, but I won't say I'm in so-called 'peak condition', and as a result I was slightly anxious about the fitness test in the run up to it. Of course you want to do your absolute best. Anyway, my results put me in the top / best bracket for everything, which is encouraging, and a reminder that while we might not be at our own personal peak, we're way above the general population average. This is not a call to slack off and strive for mediocrity, rather just putting it out there to point out that living healthy, working out regularly and following a healthy diet will keep us all well in the top category of healthy people ... worldwide. Thats pretty awesome, and I'm both glad and proud to be part of the Kenzai community.

Fitness test ...

So I need to schedule a fitness test for an evaluation of my physical condition for the medical innsurance package that I have covered myself with since moving back to South Africa.  As far as I'm aware, my monthly premiums and benefits are scaled according to how fit and healthy I am in the test.  If I ever need any extra motivation, then this is it.  


The nice thing about having a giant grapevine in the backyard is that you have a giant grapevine in the backyard, the drawback is that it grows pretty wild and you need to do some trimming midway through summer or it grows down and encroachess on your entertainment area, your view and your peace of mind.  So, half a morning holding up a pair of extension clippers above my head yesterday and my shoulders are thus spent.  Oh did I forget to say we're rergistering 33 degrees C here now, so it was pretty sweaty work too.  

Big up to Ward for celebrating his birthday yesterday, and for showing the world how a 30-something can live in a 20-something body.

Dam tiles

This new house we moved into doesn't have any flat paved area at all for jumping rope, there is a tiled driveway but the tiles are so uneven that the edges catch the rope and its impossible to get a rhythm going. Needless to say I'm doing a lot of jogging these days. I'm gonna have to break into the local school yard at night and do some guerilla jumprope on their tennis courts. Badass!

Hectics ...

Hey gang, my opening entry here kinda six, I bombed in week 1 as I ended up having to prepare a big presentation for a job interview process that I'm in, had left it to the last few days to prepare and then had a bomb dropped on me when I realised my kids would be on a deportation list if I didn't sort out some paperwork for them by Friday. Spent literally all day in queues at the immigration department on Wednesday and Thursday and was up all night prepping for the job thing. The good news is that the kids now have their visa extension and the presentation went well. The bad news is that my Kenzai stuff went out the window. Its been a horrible and stressful few days, so when it ended I slept early last night, woke early this morning and hit the streets as the sun rose for a pretty hard morning jog. It felt good to be moving again. I feel like I've let the team down by not getting my stuff done this week, and from being absent from the blog, etc. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do I guess. Anyway, I'm back in the game! Hope you're all in the groove.

FINAL ... 
Dragonfly20130312 2 rl6nky

What happened in my life over the last 90 days:

- I learned a little about some things and a lot about others ... physical health, fitness, exercise, eating properly, social support, personal motivation, dealing with stress, dedication, determination and focus
- I lost around 12 kilograms of excess body fat+water (started at 92.6kg) and took my fat-% down to 13%, I got my body into the best condition its EVER been in (at age 35), I increased my energy levels, improved my sleeping pattern and my capacity to focus mentally
- I have grown even closer to my family by spending more time at home, going out less, cooking and eating together more, and having so much more energy to pack so many more things into my valuable weekend days
- I learned about choices and their consequences - this is relevant to eating, exercising, general lifestyle, relationships - it has touched every aspect of my life
- I stopped smoking, I feel like I have finally kicked it forever ... if you run a health 'DCF' on this its HUGE, can not quantify it but there is lots of awesomeness in this one bullet point alone
- I re-discovered my childhood love of fruit, and I re-assessed my adulthood love of cheese
- I became a jumprope maniac and I got calloused hands from doing pull-ups
- I built a special bond with an incredible group of totally weird and wonderful people from all over the world, without ever meeting them face to face
- I shook the black dog from my back, I experienced testosterone rage, I completed my push-ups and planks, I swept the leg, I discovered Urfa Biber, got addicted to 'endo', remembered Aunty Hoffie, and strived to be a badass-blogdog
- numerically speaking, it feels like I was 80% of a man 90 days ago, while today I am 110% ... practically speaking, I got RIPPED ... in body and mind

Now some parting shots ... 
1) To Patrick and Chen, the 'overlords', thank you for discovering and constructing this simple yet powerful journey, it sounds so cliche but YOU HAVE HELPED ME (and many others before, with and ahead of me) TO CHANGE MY LIFE ...  in 'karma' terms you both deserve happy and prosperous lives for this.  High level self-actualisation for you both right there - BOOM!
2) To Teo and Sarah, you guys have been the guiding hand, so wise, so kind, and so supportive.  You are both very lucky to have become a part of this special program.  If you ever need more trainers, do reach out I would love to be involved.
3) To my fellow G-Train passengers ... I feel a special bond and have been very lucky to share this with you all, some of you have touched me in very powerful ways.  You all know who you are.  
4) To my wife, thank you thank you thank you for your patience, encouragement, support and love throughout.  You're full of awesomeness!
5) To my son Max .. okay boy, now I'm ready for you to grow up and follow my lead.  

I attach here a pic posing in the same way as my inspiration figure in my PCP header.  He is Kelly Slater, world champion and at the age of 40 still out-surfing all the young guns in his sport.  His stats make him the most succesful sportsman the world has ever seen.

Now, I really need my maintenance schedule.  Today, as instructed, I did nothing ... and I felt like a caged animal.  I don't think I can go for 3 days with no exercise, I need the 'endo' hit.  Please complete me.

here is a vid of me on the jumprope doing some variations and DU's:

and here is one doing 40 consecutive DU's:

Big love to you all.  Keep on keeping it on.

Easy day 90 ...
Dragonfly20130312 2 1yj5av

... naaahhhh.  Okay, it was much easier than the supersets, but I gotta be honest my muscles were sore from the last few days and each one of today's exercises got me into the burn.  I went for the full version pull-ups and doubled up on the resistance bands, so made it a bit harder today, but all in all the lesson of the last 90 days' progress was clear and obvious.  Yes, its been an incredible ride.  As for doing 600 jumps on the rope... well, it seemed almost pointless as it went in just over 3 minutes and I didnt even break a sweat.  Anyway, I celebrated and got creative this evening ... see the pic

Gonna take a couple days to reflect and then post a final pic and blog with a clear mind and relaxed body.  

big love to you all 

Carisbrook ...
Dragonfly20130312 2 7icjht

... was an international rugby venue in New Zealand.  It was nicknamed 'the house of pain'.  As I worked through today's day 89 training sheet I kept thinking of Carisbrook, the house of pain.  I guess you will never win a game at Carisbrook if you don't embrace the pain, in the same way you will not get the most out of this insanely awesome workout if you don't embrace the burn.  

Carisbrook, and the day 89 training sheet ... designed by masters of pain!

I just want to give a shout out to my man Murat who has raised the bar like no other.  And dude, what you said about me is one of the most awesome things anybody said to or about me ever.  Maybe you don't realise but you have been as much an inspiration for me as I have for you.  Man love!

This whole program is full of awesomeness.

Day 89. BOOM!

Sweating buckets ...

... thats what happens when you skip for over 2 hours.  Its bitterly cold outside today, with a biting wind, so I decided to hit the jumprope in the parking basement.  I thought I would go for a 2 hour stretch, so i warmed up for 3 minutes, and then started the clock from there.  I took it up to 2 hours and 29 seconds, so a grand total of 2 hours, 3 minutes, 29 seconds.  There was plenty of tripping, especially toward the end.  I tuck my iPod into the inside of my wrist sweatband, and at 1 hour 22 minutes it got all damp inside and seized up.  There was plenty of battery power, but sadly all the heat and moisture got inside and it stopped playing tunes.  So, the last 40 minutes or so was just the thoughts in my head and the whipping of the rope.  At 1 hour 55 minutes my wife came down and was wondering where I was.  Lunch had been ready for a while and was getting cold.  I told her I'll just take the timer up to 2 hours, so 5 more minutes.  then I told her to watch as I showboated my skills, which she hadn't seen since we were on holiday in Spain 2 months ago.  Back then I was just getting to 1000 with no mistakes, but i hadn't yet mastered any of the fancy stuff nor had I been doing any double unders.  Today she was taken aback at the progress I had made.  Anyway, I got an earful for staying down there so long and wrapped it up at the first post 2 hour trip, at 2.00.29.  Add the 3 minutes warm up and its a total of 123.5 minutes on the go.  At my trip-adjusted average estimate of 150 jumps per minute, its approximately a total of 18,525 jumps.  BOOM!  

There were moments when I was imagining my jumprope brother Murat by my side, jumping in time with me, him spurring me on and me spurring him on, smiling at each other as we pushed the limits beyond sense and reason.  That was pretty cool, even though it was just my imagination.  

Endo rush big time.  Stiff shoulders now, tender feet ... will hit the strength stuff this evening.

Over and out ... boing boing boing

Burn baby burn ...

I had broken sleep last night rejigging the time zone factor, and ended up sleeping later than normal but it meant I got a good 8 hour session.  Felt like a million bucks when I got up, but had to rush off to work and couldnt do my early skipping.  I did everything at the gym in the evening with a 45 minute rope jumping session to get started.  

Man ... I was gasping for air after those floor jumps, but I can proudly say I stuck to the prescribed rest times and did all 22 jumps in full form.  its a first, usually I'd have sneaked a few seconds extra rest or cut the set short due to burn / failure.  

Love the supersets.  If I wasnt dripping with so much sweat I think the muscle burn in my shoulders could have set my t-shirt on fire.  The song was playing in my head while I was doing those Mega Vincis and forward raises: "Burn baby burn, disco inferno"

Great post form Richard with all the "you know you're a PCPer when... " lines.  

Yay, its weekend.  Whats it gonna be ... a long run or a skipathon?  Lets see how we feel in the morning ... 

The final countdown, fasten your seatbelts boys and girls!

Rise up ...

... rise up!  

I made it home this afternoon after a long and tiring flight from Lima.  Was welcomed on my return to the website with the SUPERSET training sheet for day 86.  1 Word ... AWESOME!!!  I absolutely loved it and find it incredible how one can feel so completely physically broken and yet so energised at the same time.  Thats how I felt at the end today.  

Guys I just gotta share this music video with y'all ... there are some fantastic jumproping skills on display here, and I can only imagine if we got a group of PCP'ers together with some long jumpropes for acrobatic jumproping ... well how much fun could we have.  Please watch the vid, and enjoy the music its a great track too ... 

peace, love and egg whites for all

Stuck ...

 ... In Lima.  missed flight last night, so I have today in Lima. I have a decent hotel, so will make use of the gym for a big session and will then max out on the amazing breakfast bar here which has many vegetables laid out.  

Im bummed to miss the flight coz it really disrupts PCP momentum, so i just wanna get home so i can easier get back on diet and be more in control of food timing, food choices and exercise right time of day.  Feel a dbit disappointed to have had all this mess up my last week of PCP, but i can only try to stay positive and hit my rope and workouts AS HARD AS POSSIBLE!

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