Hans S.

Hans S.

meal plan

First full kenzai meal in a while - lemon juice for dressing adds a good kick to the salad. I can eat this for the next few days. Bring it on!

Learning to run

Hi All, I'm a new to running/jogging and was very excited to get into this program. I have trouble with long distances and also want to improve on my speed. Im very keen to extract the most i can over the next couple months. Quick question on our first run for the day2 workout - treadmill or outdoors? does it matter? thx

Sunday cardio

Weather has been great so I decide to get outside for my free cardio. Here is a photo from my weekend hike to share with you guys.

checking in, going strong

Back in action and going strong. Been very busy with work but still staying about 75-80% with the program. Diet is toughest right now, will post a pic tomorrow. Most of the exercises are ok but definitely feel that the last set is getting tougher and tougher to complete, skipping is the worst part of it all.

Have been sick

I've come down with the cold a couple days ago, possible due to the weather change and lack of sleep. This is my third day off exercises but have been eating clean. Will get back in action as soon as possible.

Working through a bad week

Quick update including my indulgence session last week. To kick things off, its been a ‘messy’ week in Hong Kong to say the least. It was a festive week filled with family gatherings and hearty foods so it was very challenging to stay on course. Things started off with my indulgence – I went for a night out with some friends and had a few drinks. Immediately, I noticed my alcohol tolerance has become much worst. This obviously helped to keep my night short. But unfortunately, that’s not where it stopped. For the past 5 days, I’ve been off and on diet due to the many family gatherings. My strongest attempt to stick to the program was to eat a lot of veg to start the meal which leaves me quite filled for most of the meal and eat as little carbs as possible.

In terms of the exercises, the 18 min skip rope is challenging but I’m also feeling the added reps on the rest of the program. This incremental workout is also making me more hungry and im getting abit discouraged by the scale still showing no change in weight.

indulge later

It's been a good week without resorting to the emergency workout. Almost spot on with diet but I did get hungry a few times post dinner and at more egg white fruits and protein. I do think the workouts are getting tougher and starting to feel soreness next morning but that's a great feeling.

I'm saving my indulgence for the weekend, will keep everyone posted.

I remember this

Sorry I've been MIA, its been really busy at work. Food prep and exercises are both starting to take a bit longer but I've kept to the program bar skipping a snack here and there and having to eat out due to lack of fresh groceries in the fridge. Obviously, days are getting longer at the expense of sleep.

Almost a month in now and there's definitely something different about me. Its not really obvious (yet!) from a physical perspective but I can feel my body reacting to the program. I can feel the muscles starting to firm up from the daily exercises and I'm also much more alert throughout the day, despite getting less sleep.

The emergency exercise plan came at a great time. But given skip rope is now 15mins, which still makes up a large portion of the daily exercises, when pressed for time, would it be preferred to stick with the program but not do the skip rope or dig out the emergency exercise?

Plan B

This is my final attempt at KB2. Not to discourage but I've tried this program a few times and have never been able to complete it. Completion is definitely an achievement but the fault is mine for not pushing it through to the end. I've attributed the key reason for my failure to overconfidence. As an experienced trainee, I've developed a few bad habits which eventually sabotaged my entire experience. Bad habits include eyeballing portions, adding a 'little bit' of salt and cheese to 'season', skipping cardio because my knee hurt - what started as a small deviation eventually led to a new routine that is completely not kenzai compliant. If there is a lesson I can share with you after my many failed attempts is that to follow strictly to the program, no matter how trivial you think it may be.

I'm telling myself that this is my final attempt and I will come out completing KB2. My first countermeasure is to add a Plan B to my routine. My current routine is to exercise at the gym before work. But in case i don't get up for whatever reasons, my Plan B is to exercise at home after work so I have two chances to stay on course - there is really no excuses.

1. What do you want to get out of this training?
To complete the program and reestablish the self discipline I once had during KB1.
2. What do you need in order to make that happen?
Stick strictly to the program, don't get creative. Set a Plan B, no days off.

outdoor gym

Much prefer doing my exercises outdoors. It finally stopped raining in Hong Kong last week and I was able to do all my exercises outside. Went for a hike for my free cardio and did my exercise at the local playground. Pics attached.

Got to get back on track

Been really slacking lately by missing blogs and exercises but I've been keeping close on the diet. You really need all cylinders pumping for the program to work. I've definitely gained back some of the lbs lost in preparation of the fight but more importantly my exercise routine has gone down the drain. I will set short term achievable targets to get back on track - lets start with 100% week for the next 7 days. Stay tuned.

One of my personal goals this year was to compete in a muay thai fight - a first since my ACL injury almost 2 years ago. This past weekend marks the first month of KB2 but it was also the day of my small inter gym fight event. I had to shed 10 lbs over the month to make weight while training to prepare for the fight. KB2 was very complimentary to my program and i definitely benefited from having all of you behind me during the process. I made weight safely by eating clean and being strict which took a lot of discipline to control my lowered portions during times of hunger. It was a close fight that resulted in a draw, which was not a bad result. My next target is to complete a 30km trail race, but first things first, indulgence day!!

Almost 1 month!

Time flies when you are having fun. We are almost 1 month in and I'm feeling great. I'm able to follow 100% thus far on both exercise and diet - all very positive. But being truthful and complete in my blog, I'm starting to find it hard to complete the skipping. 15min is pushing toward my comfort zone and while I'm getting a good sweat from it, i'm also feeling my legs and knees abit overworked given its supposed to be the warm up/cardio portion. I say this because my heart rate is up in 150 bpm by around 12mins (130-140 during first 10mins). i think my body will start adjusting to it but its definitely not doing so fast enough. Will continue to monitor and update you guys on how things go.

good start

10 days in and going strong. Exercises and diet both been on track and no complaints by the knee even with 12mins of rope. I'm still surprised at how efficient skipping is as a cardio exercise given it generally requires 1.5x the time if I choose jogging instead. I also just quit smoking and now have a sweet tooth and craving for snacks, making this perfect timing to start kenzai. Hopefully, i leave the program a non smoker without gaining any weight. First week photo will be up tonight.


I am so ready.

End of Week 9





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