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Hospital today

So as I type I’m waiting in a and e in Hong Kong for a scan of my leg - blood clotting issues. I’ve been here for HOURS and I’m terribly bored (which is a good sign) but I’m feeling particularly proud of myself as I prepared for the long wait and brought all my Kenzai food for the ride! If I’m still here at dinner things will be trickier so fingers crossed not.

I’ll be honest that various health issues including my funny blood has not set me up well on the exercise front this programme. I’ve been trying to be discrete about it as I wanted to believe I’d be able to do it minus the skipping but the truth is that for the moment I mustn’t overdo things. Very frustrating as I love seeing the body changes from the KB diet combined with the exercises but for now I’m just going to be proud to stick to the diet and far FAR healthier eating than had I not been doing this programme which will pay dividends, just slower than with the exercise combined. Fingers crossed I’ll be given the all clear to exercise again in a few weeks and whilst I’ll be a bit behind the team I’ll be hot on your heels ;)

Thank you Kenzai for your support and keeping me on the right track!

Gave into a craving...

....and am cross with myself. I’ve been so good on the diet and don’t know why I just didn’t get a herbal tea as I have after dinner every other night when the sugar cravings hit - the only real time of day that they do. Somehow I found 2 squares of chocolate in my hand and I ate them. I know it doesn’t sound much but it really didn’t give me any pleasure. Know idea why I didn’t stop but as someone who likes to stick to the rules I’m going to have to just let this go and next time a craving hits remind myself that it really isn’t worth it.

Onwards and upwards ;)

missing the skip!

I’m missing my skip! Such a great way to start the day and such a time saver. I managed a good swim today for my cardio but it took much more out of my day than grabbing my rope and having just done 3 kids bedtimes I’m struggling to find the motivation to do my resistance work. On a positive I’m loving getting back to the diet and filling up on the good stuff - noticing that shift away from needing/wanting/grabbing those unhealthy snacks is great as I’m so full of the healthy stuff! Yey!

so much food!

I’d honestly forgotten how much eating is involved! And it’s a brilliant reminder of where I was going wrong of late - just grabbing something on the run, nearly always healthy but never quite enough or the right balance, meaning I’d be hungry again before dinner and would grab something, typically unhealthy, to see me through.

Photo of my very big lunch bowl today - prawns as my protein hiding at the bottom!

A late addition!

Hi all
I am super duper excited to be joining you guys on KB1!
I haven't yet received Patrick's message but see everyone is answering 3 questions so I thought I would hop in with answering those too!
Why did I sign up?
I actually completed KB1 before Christmas and lost about 13kg. I LOVED it. I LOVED the exercise and the diet. I LOVED the physical changes, as well as the new mind set. I LOVED my group. I LOVED the structure. I LOVED my coach. I am basically a big KB fan from top to toe. Since then I have done a Skiboot and had the best skiing holiday of my life; it made a huge difference being fitter, stronger and lighter. I want to continue living as a healthier person especially as I have just hit 40. I was due to start KB2 in April but unfortunately I have been reigned back in a bit by a trip to the doctors and have been asked to do lighter exercise than I know would come with KB2. I grovelled to be allowed to repeat as whilst I haven't put on much weight in the last few months I have seen a loss of toning (those wobbly bingo wings are creeping back as well as the jelly belly!) and a big slip in my healthy diet as I have been letting work take priority over my health and fitness. I want to readdress the balance but being mindful of the exercise limitations - sadly no skipping for me - but I have no excuse on the diet front so a big thank you to Patrick & Ward for having me here!
My biggest strength? Hoping that was the question? I know where I have slipped in the last few months and I absolutely know that this programme/this support group will help make me reorganise my day to prioritise healthy eating and exercise. I work best in a team and KB gives me that. I am IN!
The biggest challenge? I have always loved the skipping - for its efficiency mainly and that easy morning tick and self esteem boost. It is going to be hard to make the extra time to do the alternatives but I plan on hiking with my dog and swimming and will just have to make it work time wise ;0)
Thanks all - and happy rest of weekend!

Gearing up and out!

Hi guys, I am SO embarrassed about my lack of presence in this awesome group. Family fractures and illnesses and then long haul travel with kids and living with my parents for a week (in a very not kid friendly house!) has proved a challenge too far. I am just trying to get everyone over the jet lag and not destroy my folks house and there is little time for anything to do with me, including exercise and diet. I know you have to prioritise but this is simply not the week for me to be asking for favours as everyone is stretched. The good news is that we hit the mountains on Saturday and I cannot wait. I just checked the forecast and it is SNOW SNOW SNOW!!!!

I wish you all well with the rest of skiboot and a lot of fun on the slopes this season!

Hopefully I will see you again when I can give more time and be more of a team player - this community rocks x x x


This is belle plagne last xmas - kids first ski trip, my first time there, unbelievable snow! This place has my heart!

Crazy week

Hi all, apologies for being an absent member but you know when life chucks everything at you? That has been my week. My eldest has fractured his ankle. My youngest was nearly admitted to hospital with low oxygen levels so I have basically been in and out of hospitals since my last post. Clearly an ankle injury and breathing injuries are just what you want a week before you fly long haul to your much anticipated 40th birthday ski holiday...HA! Just hoping these things don't come in 3's and my middle one can stay out of trouble!
I missed a few workouts due to the kids - but I have squeezed as many in as humanly possible without breaking myself or doing at 1am. I am knackered but feel positive that I am doing as much as I can.
I did yesterdays workout - am about to do todays so I am hopeful that this week will be 100%.

week 1 - challenge!

A pic of me and my 70 year old mum skiing last December - vowed to be in better shape for this holiday!

skiboot - day 2

Super excited to be on this course as we are off skiing for my 40th at the very beginnings of Feb!

I love the mountains, nearly as much as I love the sea. But the feeling of racing down a run beats sports certainly on the water (if not diving) for me. I cannot wait. Last year was the first time skiing since kids and I really got a bit of a shock at the decline in fitness and strength in 10 years. When I had to get help to be pulled out of some deep powder (mortifying!) as I didn’t have the muscles to do it myself I made a commitment to be in better shape for our next ski holiday. I just completed KB1 before Christmas so I set a good foundation but now I really want to up the anti with this course.

Day 1, I knocked out the exercises before 7.30 and realised how much I needed the workout for myself. It was some great me time.

Day 2, not such a success although willingly maintaining that it was out of my control as eldest son needed to be taken to hospital. He’s 7 and fearless and hurled himself down 5 steps to see how far he could fly pushing up on the banister - he now has a chipped bone in his ankle and a very cross Mum. The timing!!!!!

I really don’t want to miss the exercises so whilst I’ve just crawled to bed I’m going to do 2 workouts tomorrow to keep me feeling like I’m 100% committed.

I want to be all in!

Ps from reading others post I think I should’ve done some kind of Kenzai photo but I’m on my phone and can’t see the request!

I did it! 

Big shout out to all the trainers and my team mates - this has been an awesome experience and I couldn't have done it without your support and humour.

Personally, I am super chuffed with the changes that the diet and exercises have bought on - I have lost 12kg and can wear clothes that I never thought I would get into again and even bought myself a nice new sparkly number with a too short a skirt for the silly season, I LOVE it and love being able to wear it with confidence!!!

I went to a party last night and have had an episode with my gall bladder - I have posted a question on it and would be ever so grateful for any advice. Whilst I don't want to go crazy over Christmas I do want to be able to enjoy a glass of champas and Christmas dinner without the pain of a gall stone attack. Any advice hugely appreciated!

Thanks again team Kenzai, amazing experience and awesome programme!

Sticking to diet but exercise really fell to the way side with this nasty bug. I managed some light cardio yesterday and am hoping to get in more today but having over done it the first few days I’m going to be careful and stick to lesson 26 guidelines. I’m not good at being sick, especially on this final straight when so much has gone into my programme.


I want to finish strong and my mind is willing but my body less so. Its not flu but my throat is so sore, as is my whole congested head. I know you are not supposed to but I was so keen to tick those workouts that I battled through which might be contributing to the length of time I’m taking to kick this. Sticking to the diet but still frustrated.

stinking cold

Felt rubbish for days. Tell myself I’m not going to exercise but then by mid afternoon I feel a bit better and do it anyway. Feeling worse this morning but really battling with my inner voices, one telling me to back off the exercise and recover and the other telling me to push through and get these workouts done!

Having had a total tantrum about being asked to eat egg whites for dinner I’m now struggling to get off them.

I am so full with the added banana and yoghurt that by the evening I can’t imagine eating protein.

I’m enjoying the lightness, simplicity and healthiness of this meal. Can one not stick to it if you are happy? I did read the lesson about getting back to a more normal diet but there is just no space!

End of Week 1





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