Harriet D.

Harriet D.

Kenzai Body | Day 24 (Member)

Hospital today

  • Apr 16th, 2019 at 4:32PM

So as I type I’m waiting in a and e in Hong Kong for a scan of my leg - blood clotting issues. I’ve been here for HOURS and I’m terribly bored (which is a good sign) but I’m feeling particularly proud of myself as I prepared for the long wait and brought all my Kenzai food for the ride! If I’m still here at dinner things will be trickier so fingers crossed not.

I’ll be honest that various health issues including my funny blood has not set me up well on the exercise front this programme. I’ve been trying to be discrete about it as I wanted to believe I’d be able to do it minus the skipping but the truth is that for the moment I mustn’t overdo things. Very frustrating as I love seeing the body changes from the KB diet combined with the exercises but for now I’m just going to be proud to stick to the diet and far FAR healthier eating than had I not been doing this programme which will pay dividends, just slower than with the exercise combined. Fingers crossed I’ll be given the all clear to exercise again in a few weeks and whilst I’ll be a bit behind the team I’ll be hot on your heels ;)

Thank you Kenzai for your support and keeping me on the right track!

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Kathryn T.Kathryn T.Kenzai Body | Day 23
8 days ago

Hi Harriet, you still there at the hospital? I'm impressed you brought all your food to stay "Kenzai!" We are all on a new and unknown journey together. Your health comes first and the program will support you. I'm sure the trainers and nutritionists will be able to fine tune things for you to continue making good choices for your body. It can be disappointing to come up against health challenges that don't allow you to go for it, but I remember the early lesson of "Slow and Steady," one day at a time. Hope you get home soon!

    Jackie D.Jackie D.Kenzai Body | Day 23 (Member)
    7 days ago

    Hi Harriet - I hope the blood clotting isn't serious and you make a full recovery very soon! Don't worry about the exercise segment of Kenzai. The diet is by far the most important part of the program. When I did KB1 last year I couldn't start exercising until week 6 of the program, but I generally kept to the diet (I skipped a lot of the snacks which I do not recommend) and i still had really good results. I had to stop working out again for a bit about 3 weeks later and never returned to skipping due to an unexpected procedure. Despite only completing about 5 weeks of exercise and even less skipping, I still saw changes in my body and lost nearly 10lbs.

      Emily N.Emily N.Kenzai Body | Day 24 (Member)
      7 days ago

      Oh h! I am so sorry to hear this. I hope the results are ok and that this is a quickly fixable issue. Please holler if you need anything.

      Bravo on taking chow with you! Super impressive.

      Hopefully you can get on back on the skip wagon soon....

        Talya EdlundTalya EdlundKenzai Chisel | Day 2 (Member)
        Assistant Trainer7 days ago

        The diet is such a huge part of this program, Harriet. So glad that you are focusing on taking care of yourself. We'll look forward to hearing how you are doing. Sending you loads of wishes.

          Harriet D.Harriet D.Kenzai Body | Day 24 (Member)
          7 days ago

          thanks all! ive been admitted and am getting treatment for a blood clot. annoying but glad to be in the right place. jackie D, thank you for your words - very encouraging! sadly the home food has run out and circle k snacks are defo not kenzai compliant! ill hunt some bananas down once the doctors have been through!

            Kathryn T.Kathryn T.Kenzai Body | Day 23
            6 days ago

            Hope you are getting the treatments you need and are on the mend!

              Patrick ReynoldsPatrick ReynoldsKenzai Kettlebell | Day 16 (Member)
              Founder6 days ago

              The good news is that staying on diet is by far the most important part of fitness. The workout gets all the glory but the kitchen is where the magic happens.

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