Harvey T.

Harvey T.

Old school

Am a day behind on exercise, was wiped out from Jetlag so will be caught up by Sunday. Diet is ok, my wife is being a star and eating mainly vegetarian with me. My weight is at an all time high of 124kgs which I only discovered today when amazon delivered the scales...super emabarassing!!

Time to buckle down

Had a minor Guinness slip in Ireland over the weekend, but back in London and ready to buckle down with Kenzai diet and training.


Final Weight 106kgs......So missed my target of 103/5....but really happy, feel smashing. just spent 10 days away in the US and in between a couple of blow out nights was in the gym repeating days 85 86 etc.....i'll post a photo later this week...thanks all  a great program...learnt a lot, got fit and need to buy some new clothes

koh samet

could not recommend this place more highly for a break.....had a couple of glasses of wine but otherwise stayed on track..weight now 106kgs.....feel very good.....could kill a burger!


I seem to be stuck at 108kgs, have been strict on booze and pretty good on diet, religious on exercise....feel great and my clothes are falling off me but i am not sure will hit 103 kgs target.....feel given another 4 weeks could easily do it .....I feel pcp is going to 120 days for me...


The exercise regime this week has been incredibly hard, am sore everywhere.....off to gym now with kids.....they swim whilst dad sweats....weight 108kgs...just not moving down.....but feel pretty good


so after 78 days of no alcohol, I drank 4 times in a week whilst on holiday and twice heavily.....I got up the next morning for each and did the workout but felt awful.....arrived back in hk on Sat morning and went straight to the hk sevens at the stadium and was there most of today as well...my first dry sevens and was not in any way bothered by it....weight went down to 105kgs last sunday and remarkably I was back at 109kgs today.....9 kgs in 3 weeks is going to to be tough but am determined to do it

Paddys day

Am afraid I fell off the no booze wagon pretty hard last night after  78 days. Off to gym now in London and then the game this evening.weight 108 kgs 5 more to go 


I have been pretty hopeless the last week or so, my shoulder has never really improved from tearing ligaments in London weekend before last. I got through the workout tonight but it was verrry long, shoulder feels okay but tight...push ups hurt more than they should. I am not being entirely disciplined on the diet, morning and afternoon ok but evenings a killer and have been eating bread and chocolate again, weight now 110kgs so no move, target remains 104kgs. I am now day 76 without booze which is good but need to get focussed on the 104kg target.....traveling again this week.....my skipping rope may get its own gold card on cathay....chsat soon


just back from london, have been ok with exercise, but poor on diet the last 3-4 days.....but still no booze, weight stuck at 111kgs.....need to get very strict on diet


I had a funny moment this weekend, the Indian Cricket team was in my hotel in Sydney and their captain Tendulkar was in there with his trainer, he was very curious about the skipping and asked could he have a look at the print out of the sessions and used my push up bars.......if PCP cracks India I want a free skipping rope!

Up to date on all exercise, had a piece of cake yesterday at dinner, only had 2 bites as felt guilty. This is my 9th week off booze.....am feeling pretty good.....bad news weight 111 kgs last night, strict diet adherence needed!!!!


In sing cant upload photo from iphone...am i missing something?


Its Day 51 of no booze, weight is now 111kgs  but have allowed sweet tooth to get better of me over the last few days...exercises fine, except can't do creeps, my right knee is shot. Will be doing a lot of travel in the next few weeks so that is going to be hard....packing skipping rope and push up bars etc..will post a picture tom, I know Ben likes to look at them!


Having trouble with eating out which i do a lot....i am over the desire for a glass of wine, but I am really struggling with ordering in a restaurant.....had the salad tonight which was fine...but ordered a dessert....sweet tooth not good...exercising late not much fun either but mornings are too difficult with kids and trying to get to office....traveling heavily for the next 5 weeks...will be a challenge...skipping rope is going to see the world

egg whites

I ate a piece of chocolate today and had some hand around food at a reception.....bad harvey.....but no booze....will do exercises now....taking me nearly an hour late at night as am tired and the skipping rope is broken (it may have lost a run in with a wall on monday).....weight same.....egg whites are a pain in the arse to prep....i start the week very strict on diet and start cutting corners as the week goes one...hmm

End of Week 7





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