Harvinder N.

Harvinder N.

Kenzai Body | Day 51
Kenzai Body
Day 51
Program progress:
starting a week late

I started the program a week late and was able to see what's coming up the following week. I can't believe by how much the skip count increases. I'm quite scared as I struggled with the exercise sets in week 1. I'm ready to start the nutrition plan.

Having postponed the start of program so that I could indulge over Christmas was not a great idea.

Week one went ok.

I feared the skipping, thought I would struggle but managed to complete the daily sets....(must remember to click the workout buttons in the app). I found the squats tough. On Day 1 I must have over exerted myself. I spent too long thinking about not taking my knees over the toes which lead me to hold the pose long enough to overwork my thigh muscles. I struggled to walk and sit for the next three days. The skipping helped.

Look forward to week 2.