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Well it was a bit of a messy finish and I feel like I peaked about 2 weeks before the end but that wasn't surprising given the difficult circumstances (travel, Easter chocolate, ...) and a waning inspiration over the latter period.  

In fact my theraband snapped on Day 89 which I think was a perfect metaphor for it.  Still it was a great programme and an experience I'll carry with me for life.  Previously I thought I had peaked at about the age of 26 but now know I've surpassed that - fittest ever at 42 ain't bad!!!  

Back down to my weight I was at Uni but a lot fitter and with muscle tone I've never had before.

Final photos below!

Getting back into it

Ok so last week was a shocker!  Wasn't feeling into it, in fact was feeling generally down across the board, missed the strength work three times, the skipping twice and the diet had a few lapses too. The body tone seems to be improving slightly in some areas but has plateaued or gone backwards in others while I cant seem to put much/any muscle mass on.  I know we're not mean't to watch weight but I still haven't got much above my trough weight of 67kgs.

Found the start of this week hard going as well and was seriously wondering if I'd make it to the finish line. Anyway, have managed to hold it together and have done everything to the letter so far this week. In fact I just did 22mins 24 secs of skipping without tripping - which at 140 skips/s I figure is 3136 continuous jumpropes - a massive improvement on my previous PB of 1496 well over a month ago!

So now to focus on the positive of recent achievements and count down the last 10 days. Boy I'm looking forward to that beer. Now which one should it be and where should I have it?  There's a thought to savor.

Day 70

Just back from a week travelling and quite happy with keeping to the regime.  Managed to do all the training which was a real feat.  The diet wasn't so accurate but still good given the circumstances.  Am also very happy with how the progress is coming along - seem to have taken another big leap with the muscle definition.

Hitting my stride

Only one third of the PCP to go. On the one hand I'm looking forward to the alcohol and food treats but equally the PCP has become such an integral part of everyday life now that I think I'll miss it once over. I've become almost fanatical about getting the exercise and diet right (although it's impossible to get a 100% strike rate) and I'm generally feeling great. There are days and moments of tiredness but not the troughs from days-of-old. The baseline of energy has definitely moved up. And then of course there's the odd discovery like having a plate of muscle across my back and being able to physically grab it poking out the sides. Wow!

Enjoying the new diet

Am loving the new AMAYW fruit in the evening. Sating my craving perfectly although I'm not sure what's driving the diet itself. Also means I can have my all time favourite smoothies. The subcutaneous fat isn't melting away so easily now though so perhaps I'm having a bi too much!

Odd progress?

I have this weird feeling. On the one hand I'm getting through all the exercises and eating just fine, but I don't sense that I'm progressing at all. Equally I'm reaching failure point on some of the exercises for the first time even though they havent ratcheted up significantly, and yet I have lost an enormous amount of weight - I'm now at 66.5kgs which is the lowest I've been since early Uni days. And now I'm starting to yearn for lots more fruit, which for me is unheard of!


Have been good all week with the diet and taken to the advice of getting the workout done, or at least skipping, before breakfast.  That being said I don't feel any difference or that I've made much progress over the week.  I really want to get those abs toned, and have been putting in a little extra work on them, but that layer of tummy fat is being remarkably resistant!

Supermarket shopping

I'm loving that supermarket shopping actually becomes a lot easier on this program - all I have to do is walk around the outside aisles for the fruit/veg, bread, eggs, and milk/yoghurt and I'm done. That whole bit in the middle really is a waste

Skipping record

Smashed again today - 1496 in a row without tripping. Very very happy!

Skipping record

Beat my no-tripping skipping record today. Did 916 in a row (and with a sore knee) compared to the previous best of 766. Only thing s it makes it more difficult for next time.


Had my indulgence last night.  Was planning on a few glasses of champagne but only did one.  Quite frankly after half a glass it just didn't seem right.  When I drink I like to make it a mission and drink a lot.  I certainly wasn't going to do that as I was neither in the mood nor feeling even a bit tempted.  In fact I haven't had cravings at all so far nor found it mentally anguishing to keep to the PCP.  The only problem is strictly keeping to the diet when travelling and occasionally having to play catch up on the exercises when time is poor.

On the whole - I'm feeling great. 

Week 4 begins

Well the raw egg whites for morning snack actually werent too bad, and I didnt hit a motivational wall during the week either, so thats all good. But I'm starting to get sick of having to haul my shorts up - but I suppose that's a good thing oo.

Day 18

Just back from 2 days in NZ where it was impossible to do the exercise regime (so I'm playing catch up on that now) but I was quite good at keeping to the diet despite some hurdles.  Have lost some more weight and Eva has noticed the fading "handles" which is great.  Also managed to have the first good sleep last night in what seems like a month - long may that continue!

Feelin good

Had a great day. Went windsurfing for the first time in a decade and rediscovered why I used to love it so much. Have also got down to 70kgs (3kg off) to be pretty close to my historic peak condition and am not finding the exercise or diet too onerous - except for having vegetables at breakfast. Not to sure I will ever get used to that.

Day 8

A bit tired today but managed to pull through the first "real" day with all in tact. Even did well with the food at a lunch reception. Let's hope it continues to hang together. Am loving the PCP tips being posted daily.

Final Photo

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