Heather G.

Heather G.

Keep Calm and Chisel On 

I came into this a day late after my 3 day rest from KB 1. And I loved this program. It is much more in my wheel house minus DHT (which makes my back injury scream like a toddler who isn’t getting their way).

I was so pumped to start seeing some lines come about! That early success was followed by the spring plague ruling over my family most of May. And while I’ve diligently read how you can’t exercise your way out of my three S’s, (stress, sibo, and lack of sleep)... I pushed it to the limits anyway. Because maybe I’ll be the one who can 😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️

No Heather. You can’t. But man did I try hard.

However, I have made progress. Largely due to a tremendous cohort and empathetic leader! Thank you for supportive blog posts and encouragement 😊

My back feels stronger, this is always the goal. I showed a close friend who knew the physical pain I’ve been in for years, how I could lunge jump and I thought we were both going to burst into tears. This was the mental program I needed. To show myself I can. And to celebrate what I can.

Summer in Maine is short. I’m going to enjoy it through all the activities!


Almost everyone is in this photo! We’ve traveled to PA so the kids can meet their baby cousin. So fun! Sadly, I forgot my resistance bands and jump rope but luckily the in-laws have an elliptical and weights which I jumped on then did today’s exercises. No lack of sweat no matter the equipment available.

In fun things to share- my 8 year old son jumped on the treadmill, looked at his grandmother and said “I need to get my daily exercise in” 😂😍


I’m hoping this is the last blog post talking about viruses raging through my family. Turns out this was much more than a stomach bug. But they have all finally recovered.

However, being the only care giver available for two weeks and tiring workouts ran me straight into the wall. I saw this image and was like, “This looks like actual footage of me this week” 😂😂😂 only to be further confirmed by reading the wall lesson this weekend.

And Monday is a new day. And I’m looking forward to it! 😀😀😀


First- Happy Mother’s Day to those that celebrate. Hoping you had a peaceful and joyful day and a little time for yourself too.

Second- Kudos to the dietitian putting my nutrition together. Since last Sunday, it’s been a hellacious week of sick children and one is still not healthy (along with the hubs). It’s been a while since I’ve been puked on and worse, but I’ve had it all this past week. BUT I’m proud to say that with barely sleeping, and being on the front line I’m the ONLY ONE who hasn’t gotten sick. Yup. Everything is ripe for me to go down in a blaze of glory like Jon Bon Jovi, but I’m crediting staying true to diet and exercise. This and washing my hands has kept me above it for 8 days.

The bummer is that sleep is non existent, which while disheartening to read about, helped me understand why my road to “ab city” is meandering even though I’m tight on diet and exercise.

But I don’t do pity parties very well. I’ve let the discomfort of that wash over me. I believe It will all come together. ☮️

Sunday Sickness

I’ve been very compliant in exercise and diet this week! I hosted a work event on Friday and still stayed compliant- no alcohol, ate protein and veggies and same last night at a friend’s bbq. Boom.

Then today. My daughter woke up not feeling well and it went downhill from there. She laid on me all day to get relief between sessions of me holding her hair back and rubbing her back. My husband was away last night and when he returned a couple hours ago he took the boys since she was still actively sick.

Needless to say, I’m right where I am suppose to be as a mom however, I did not get my grams or exercise in today.

There’s a chance I can throw in some jump rope for 10 minutes tonight after my work calls. There’s also a chance I’m going to be with her all night and just start anew in the morning.


This morning I was contemplating what kind of run to have based on today’s lesson. Should I go hard, slow, long, short, mindful or mindless....

Came around the corner and my oldest (10) jumps up, I’m going running with you today! He has a kid’s triathlon in a couple weeks and needs to build some endurance for it. I happily absorbed this plot twist to “me time.” What a lovely jog we had! We chatted about school, the swollen creeks and bird noises. I needed that 1-1 time with him more than I realized.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what I’m planning, bc the universe is going to do its thing. And today that was a lovely gift.

A little late to the party

Hey Chizzlers!

I’m fresh off of KB1 last week and wanted to keep the party train rolling. I mean... I’ll keep sipping seltzer at events if it helps get my back stronger and the hope of rediscovering my abs so I can begin training for an upcoming trail race.

I’m excited to train alongside of you virtually as well as geographically close as a fellow Mainer, just outside of Portland.

KB1 is done 🍾🎉 

It’s amazing how many personal wins I’ve had over the last 3 months. I decided I would indulge in no alcohol during this program, so my congratulatory drink was my first of 2019! That was the one win I knew I could do bc I can’t fully control what the scale will say but I can control saying no thanks to drinks, sugary treats, etc...

And since my back injury, I’ve had to do exercises in bed before I could get out of bed in the am. I have to modify some of the KB exercises to accommodate this and once I swallowed my ego, I never had a pity party. The great news is halfway through this program the muscles around my lower back became strong enough that I no longer have to do these exercises before getting out of bed! Huge win! 🎉🎉

But the one aspect that surprised me the most, was having a cohort. I loved cheering you on! And knowing that the exercises were grueling for all of us, kept me going! You are all fabulous and encouraging! Keep shining bright!

Exercise partner

Bridging being a mom and still getting it done. See what I did there?

It’s vacation week! And the boys are in a morning baseball camp, leaving this sweetie home with me. She came in halfway through my circuit and joined right in. She certainly was the best distraction. Side sit-ups are now called butterflies 🦋 and we align our bodies to make the wings and the actual sit-up is “wing flaps” 😂 Hope you all float like a butterfly through your workout today.

Side note: I didnt actually feel like I was floating... more like I was flirting with the possibility of puking through it. 🤷🏼‍♀️


Hi! That expression always cracks me up, but it’s how I’m feeling about this program. I’m conflicted between being a ra ra cheerleader for the program and finding myself quite frankly over it. I’m sure this makes me wildly unpopular.

My friction stems from daily exercises taking over 100 minutes to complete, requiring me to change my entire schedule around to get this completed while serving as a incredibly busy dual biz owner, mom of 3 with 1 requiring extra care, etc... in short incredibly busy (like many of you!).

I’m all in for activities up to an hour. 💯 I’m not all in for 108 reps when I can find other evidence that supports getting great results in more efficient ways that won’t bulk up my fast twitch and neglect my slow twitch.

My question to the trainers is are all the programs like this in length? As I contemplate whether to become a member, I notice there isn’t a lot of info of what the programs actually do. I can decode that “diet is tight” means eat a lot of egg whites. 😂 But I can’t figure out exactly how many minutes I’ll be dedicating. Suggestions are very welcomed.

Fun Raising

Last night, I helped put on a fund raiser for our school. I was the time keeper so naturally I dressed as a 1980’s rap star (bonus if you know which one!) 🤣

I was pleased with myself for being able to put the fun in fundraising without a drink, or off diet cheats that were offered to me several times.

And I know we are all past this part, but I was so comfortable with passing and quite frankly, no one even noticed I was 100% sober (‘cuz I’m obvi just this much fun sober 😆).

An added introspective benefit of the program that I realized this am while exercising. 😀

Indulge baby!

Saturday, I woke up feeling like all the medications had finally worn off and I was feeling back to normal! Yay! So I hopped back on the Kenzai plan with diet and exercise. However, my husband and I realized we haven't been out on a date night in months (Kenzai diet and his travel schedule make it a bit tricky) so we went last night. He jokingly wondered, "you might get kicked out for this" I laughed and let him know somewhere there would be another indulgence and I'm just using it early.

Well, lucky me! Opening up this morning's lesson to see that I was merely overachieving on the indulgence by hours, not weeks, had me laughing.

My indulgence was more that I was not at home making 5 different meals, cleaning dishes or putting kids to bed (d'oh! that last one didn't happen) because I didn't want to ruin any work and knowing I've put my body through a lot this week. I enjoyed seltzer water with mint (I'm going the full 90 sober, holy to the moly) and a little cheese with drizzly honey. Mussels and salad for dinner. It was lovely. However, I woke up so swollen from all the hidden sodium! What a bummer, even with 24 oz of water at dinner, I still felt the effects.

Happy to have had the indulgence and contrary to the lesson I liked this one more than the second one. I want to hear about yours!


That’s sounds really dramatic. I’ve been struggling these last 10 days. Like a lot. I do all of the Kenzai components. But it’s a lot of inner kicking and screaming. I’m off my routine and with the workouts getting longer, if I’m even behind by 5 minutes before the kids wake up - it’s a mess. Woof.

I don’t do pity parties well. So I decided that I need to break this funk. 58 days in a row of exercise is quite a stretch. So I treated my muscles to a massage. It was just the indulgence that I needed to hopefully break this negative feedback cycle that I’ve been feeling. My zen is back even if my world looks like a hurricane all around me at the moment. It’s all good.

This pic is me chuckling at how the face holder you lay in leaves big red marks all across your face 🤪😂

suck it!

I have not been feeling the early morning love with our springing ahead an hour. Who ever thought of this does not get up in the 5:00 am hour. My workouts have moved from 5 am until after I drop kids off at school (9 am).

I do not like it. Not one bit. I feel behind all day. But. I . Will. Not. Give. In.

Turns out I also know how to lean in. @ Katherine and @Enrico-kick ass song choices. I put those bad boys on to crank out some begrudging cardio and keep out the annoying thoughts of "where the f are my results!"

It worked. Mostly. I still am wondering where my results are hiding. Under another egg white?! bahahaha But the trip down memory lane to a half pint version of me Voguing in elementary school was definitely worth it!



The Montage

Whenever I’m in the grueling part of something, I always chuckle thinking that if it were a movie, this would be the really cool montage part. Great music where they show snippets of my failures and and hard work (not too long lest we bore the viewer). You know that part of a movie....

So in this Kenzai movie- we’re in the montage. No one really wants to sit through and watch all of our micro changes (including me- I want bigger changes! Waiting 8 weeks is making me eye roll like a teenager).

It’s our movie- what song do you put in the montage to show the awesome snapshots of your hard work?




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