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Program progress:

Bridging being a mom and still getting it done. See what I did there?

It’s vacation week! And the boys are in a morning baseball camp, leaving this sweetie home with me. She came in halfway through my circuit and joined right in. She certainly was the best distraction. Side sit-ups are now called butterflies 🦋 and we align our bodies to make the wings and the actual sit-up is “wing flaps” 😂 Hope you all float like a butterfly through your workout today.

Side note: I didnt actually feel like I was floating... more like I was flirting with the possibility of puking through it. 🤷🏼‍♀️


Hi! That expression always cracks me up, but it’s how I’m feeling about this program. I’m conflicted between being a ra ra cheerleader for the program and finding myself quite frankly over it. I’m sure this makes me wildly unpopular.

My friction stems from daily exercises taking over 100 minutes to complete, requiring me to change my entire schedule around to get this completed while serving as a incredibly busy dual biz owner, mom of 3 with 1 requiring extra care, etc... in short incredibly busy (like many of you!).

I’m all in for activities up to an hour. 💯 I’m not all in for 108 reps when I can find other evidence that supports getting great results in more efficient ways that won’t bulk up my fast twitch and neglect my slow twitch.

My question to the trainers is are all the programs like this in length? As I contemplate whether to become a member, I notice there isn’t a lot of info of what the programs actually do. I can decode that “diet is tight” means eat a lot of egg whites. 😂 But I can’t figure out exactly how many minutes I’ll be dedicating. Suggestions are very welcomed.

Fun Raising

Last night, I helped put on a fund raiser for our school. I was the time keeper so naturally I dressed as a 1980’s rap star (bonus if you know which one!) 🤣

I was pleased with myself for being able to put the fun in fundraising without a drink, or off diet cheats that were offered to me several times.

And I know we are all past this part, but I was so comfortable with passing and quite frankly, no one even noticed I was 100% sober (‘cuz I’m obvi just this much fun sober 😆).

An added introspective benefit of the program that I realized this am while exercising. 😀

Indulge baby!

Saturday, I woke up feeling like all the medications had finally worn off and I was feeling back to normal! Yay! So I hopped back on the Kenzai plan with diet and exercise. However, my husband and I realized we haven't been out on a date night in months (Kenzai diet and his travel schedule make it a bit tricky) so we went last night. He jokingly wondered, "you might get kicked out for this" I laughed and let him know somewhere there would be another indulgence and I'm just using it early.

Well, lucky me! Opening up this morning's lesson to see that I was merely overachieving on the indulgence by hours, not weeks, had me laughing.

My indulgence was more that I was not at home making 5 different meals, cleaning dishes or putting kids to bed (d'oh! that last one didn't happen) because I didn't want to ruin any work and knowing I've put my body through a lot this week. I enjoyed seltzer water with mint (I'm going the full 90 sober, holy to the moly) and a little cheese with drizzly honey. Mussels and salad for dinner. It was lovely. However, I woke up so swollen from all the hidden sodium! What a bummer, even with 24 oz of water at dinner, I still felt the effects.

Happy to have had the indulgence and contrary to the lesson I liked this one more than the second one. I want to hear about yours!


That’s sounds really dramatic. I’ve been struggling these last 10 days. Like a lot. I do all of the Kenzai components. But it’s a lot of inner kicking and screaming. I’m off my routine and with the workouts getting longer, if I’m even behind by 5 minutes before the kids wake up - it’s a mess. Woof.

I don’t do pity parties well. So I decided that I need to break this funk. 58 days in a row of exercise is quite a stretch. So I treated my muscles to a massage. It was just the indulgence that I needed to hopefully break this negative feedback cycle that I’ve been feeling. My zen is back even if my world looks like a hurricane all around me at the moment. It’s all good.

This pic is me chuckling at how the face holder you lay in leaves big red marks all across your face 🤪😂

Daylight Saving can...

suck it!

I have not been feeling the early morning love with our springing ahead an hour. Who ever thought of this does not get up in the 5:00 am hour. My workouts have moved from 5 am until after I drop kids off at school (9 am).

I do not like it. Not one bit. I feel behind all day. But. I . Will. Not. Give. In.

Turns out I also know how to lean in. @ Katherine and @Enrico-kick ass song choices. I put those bad boys on to crank out some begrudging cardio and keep out the annoying thoughts of "where the f are my results!"

It worked. Mostly. I still am wondering where my results are hiding. Under another egg white?! bahahaha But the trip down memory lane to a half pint version of me Voguing in elementary school was definitely worth it!



The Montage

Whenever I’m in the grueling part of something, I always chuckle thinking that if it were a movie, this would be the really cool montage part. Great music where they show snippets of my failures and and hard work (not too long lest we bore the viewer). You know that part of a movie....

So in this Kenzai movie- we’re in the montage. No one really wants to sit through and watch all of our micro changes (including me- I want bigger changes! Waiting 8 weeks is making me eye roll like a teenager).

It’s our movie- what song do you put in the montage to show the awesome snapshots of your hard work?

Dear Migraine

You may think you’re winning by being in day 3 of torturing me, but I assure you, I will be triumphant. It may take time. I may not be able to jump rope or do floor jumps. But I can dim the lights and complete other exercises. I can now wall sit like a Mo fo. I’m on to you. I’m not shouting mercy....yet 🤪🤕😉

Don’t hate me 😬🙈

Big confession and it’s likely to be unpopular. When I’m home (and not traveling), I love egg whites and smoothie for dinner.

I know, I know... I can hear your eye roll 9 time zones and two oceans away. 😳🙄🙈

Hear me out. I have an annoyingly long list of food restrictions. If you read my “what’s that sound” post about my metabolism finally starting to work again, you’ll understand I’ve struggled to like eating. This dinner is so simple and my body can actually handle it with no issue. It’s not that I crave this dinner (no judgement if you do), it just is a sigh of relief.

And we’re all in it together. There aren’t many times where I can participate fully without modifications (not that I “wish” this on you) so it has more of a cohesive feeling. Again, something I don’t get to do often. 😀

I’ll re read this is another week or so and likely roll my eyes too 🙄😬🤣

Back home!!!

I’m so happy to be back home! There was a comfort in knowing that when I arrived back with kiddos, I knew what I was having for dinner and only had to get kids together, to which the hubs got them together (big kudos to that stress saver) so I could focus on stretching my back (bad weather and long, slow, 5 hour drive back home aggravated my back).

I combined the milk and fruit together to be a smoothie- is that ok to do? I really don’t like milk, or any milk substitutes.

I’m posting tonight’s pic as my dinner visual to keep me motivated through this upcoming week.

Greetings! We have been living in 3 different hotels this past week as we have been (and still are) on a whirlwind tour of Vermont and Canada 🇨🇦 Taking them to the mothership of hockey (Canadiens/ Flyers game in Montreal) was their Christmas gift. Planned out long before Kenzai was even in my radar.

It’s been a tough logistical week when it comes to dinner. I have feedback about it that I’ll share if I get some sort of survey.

Having said that, it’s also allowed me to practice grace on my perfectionististic tendencies. I jokingly refer to myself as a “recovering perfectionist” So when we were on the road during two of the dinner times, I had to make less than ideal choices. However, keeping my mindset that this was an exception and not the vibe of my time away has helped tremendously.

And once I saw egg whites on the menu, I grabbed the skinny jeans that were once the perfect fit pre back injury and had since been put in the donate pile pre Kenzai. See where I’m going with this 😆

I tried them on to see how close I was to being able to wear them. They fit! Not perfectly, but wayyyyy better than 3 months ago when I tried and discarded them. So, into the suitcase they went as my reminder that no matter what food bind I get into, they still have to fit while away. Turns out, I wore them last night, with a baggy shirt 🤣 while having a team dinner for the kids. This was my reminder that I was not going to eat kid pizza and drinks. I was going to have sparkling water and make my salad with hard boiled egg whites once I put yet kids to bed.

It’s not perfect but it’s massive progress. That’s really been the only hurdle while away. I still wake at 5 and exercise. I love my sacred time before the kids wake.

Off to wake the kids for their hockey game right after I microwave an egg in the hotel room 😉

Indulgence #1

I split my indulgence into two parts: last week part 1 was for my son's birthday (a sliver of cake) to celebrate with him and part 2 was today for my daughter's birthday (another sliver). My kids were/are very aware that I don't eat what they eat and were afraid that I wouldn't eat cake with them. This made them nervous- I assured them that I would eat birthday cake to celebrate them. They were so excited to know that I was going to do this. I get it- they have food allergies and are sidelined in a lot of celebrations from what the rest of the kids are eating (I always bring them safe treats). So for them, on their birthdays, they want to have everyone eating the same things. It feels inclusive and celebratory.

And not to brag, but I can follow the directions on an allergy friendly cake box like you wouldn't believe! That chocolate cake made the 4 hour trek to our hotel room and was half gone in 4 minutes #LifeWithThreeKids

I loved having the indulgence pass. I would have eaten small pieces of cake anyway, and I'm appreciative that I didn't have to feel guilty about it. It was delicious.

*I tried to post a pic of my cake but it keeps thinking i'm pirating the pic and not giving credit to the photgrapher. If it comes through, I credit myself and my iphone, lol.

I ran outside!

It’s a balmy -1degree C out but I’ve been itching to get outside and jog a bit.

It’s my first outside run of 2019 and I’ve had a humbling reintegration into running. I had signed up for a 10 mile race that was a couple of weeks ago and had to back out bc I couldn’t safely get the training in outside with all the ice we have had. I’ve never backed out of a race before. I knew it was the right call but I still felt awful.

My team just registered for another 10 miler in April. Currently, I have said no bc I don’t want that disappointment again. However, after getting outside to run again, my body was so happy 😀 that there is this tiny part of me that wonders if I could pull it off. 🤷🏼‍♀️😅😬

Regardless, here I am getting my sweaty ponytail off my neck 😆 after my first outside run on Kenzai!

Hey there KB friends! You were my inspiration this morning!

Last night was long and while I can wake on just a few hours of sleep, I wouldn't refer to myself as productive unless I've had over 6.5-7 hours of sleep minimum. Normally, with little sleep I juggle my schedule around and my exercise moves to mid morning. Not today. I have too much to do (my son's birthday, classroom volunteering, my work, etc...)and I can't skip it, so down to the playroom I went at 5:02 and started exercising after my meditation and visualizations. Not going to lie, I wasn't pleased to do it at first. However, I thought of all of you doing the exercises and stopped the internal pity party. Plus many of you are ahead of me in time zones, so I felt like the caboose anyway. All this led to me refocusing and laying down new brain pathways to make it easier for tomorrow's morning exercise on little sleep again.

Thank you! Cheers!

Dessert Fruit

I hardly ever ate dessert pre kenzai but for some reason with fruit after dinner I keep treating it like it is dessert. 😬

My husband thinks this is hysterical and is convinced I’m making up this portion of my diet. Last night I’m poaching my pears in 2T of water with cinnamon and ginger and he begins bantering (it was very jestful, not rude at all) “look dude you’re eating a lot of dessert on Kenzai are you sure you’re following it correctly? I’m pretty sure this isn’t what they have in mind. You’re the queen of finding loopholes.”

He’s not wrong about that 😂👆🏼#LoopholeQueen👸🏽

So....am I doing after dinner fruit right or wrong? I can handle the truth 😂🙃