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Kenzai Reach | Day 10 (Member)
Kenzai Reach
Day 10
Program progress:
Day 4 Intro

Hi all - I am just catching up with the first few lessons, have done the assessment and I am a day behind in the workouts, but I think by tomorrow I will be all caught up...and post a photo.
The Questions....
Where are you? I love outside of Boston MA

How do you spend your time? Driving around 2 teenage boys, running a business styling and selling women's clothing, walking the dog, cooking, skiing, tennis, golf....
Why Kenzai Reach? I was looking for something to compliment the tennis and golf I have going on this summer.
What are your goals for the program? What will success look like? I need to get back into the regular daily workout. I am choosing the relaxed diet because honestly, in the summer, it is just too hard to buckle it down. Flexibility will help me with my knee issues, and also the tennis and golf for sure.
When you are asked to take an indulgence on program do you typically: SKIP IT, FOLLOW THE RULES, or GO REALLY BIG? Tell us about it! I am a rule follower...
Finally, are you facing obstacles to this training cycle? My biggest obstacle is a social summer schedule!

Looking forward to the next 8 weeks~


I started strong but slowly faded. I've been sick the last week and finally feeling better. SO I am planning on going back a week or two in work out to get it going again. I felt great after week 2 and want to get back there. Loved the program, it was tough!!!

Pulling it back together

Was swamped with work and life and derailed, but doing my best to stay close to the diet. Trying to refocus on carving out time to workout. I have lost a few lbs. and can see it in my face. I feel pretty good! Wishing I could say I was 100% instead of 50. I guess that is life. Still I know I have time to pull it together and maybe continue an extra week a the end when my schedule really opens up.

Its a long time. Trying to stay focused through a busy social weekend.....

Day 6

Feeling good and staying pretty close to the diet, except for a glass of wine(maybe 2). I need to start getting up early to get the full workout in. I keep getting interrupted and have not quite finished twice. The feeling good part is motivating me to set my alarm early!!

Why Beach Ready?

Summer is coming up and its time to pull it together! I also need more cardio in my life after injuring my knee, so it looks like that is answered here. I just need to start getting back to the early am workout to fit it all in. Ran out of time in the day on day 2, so only tennis. Got it in yesterday but in sections...not all at once. Carving an hour out today. A few social obligations this week will make dinner challenging, but staying focused!

Day 2

Day 1 was a shocker and also started up tennis, so no problem going to bed early last night! Expending lots of energy, so it should be an interesting month between ramping up tennis and beach body!

Day 28! 

Well that went fast. I started strong but slowly faded. My personal goal over this month was to keep an eye on the program while having a busy month of work. Everything tends to fall to the side during April. So, while it was not perfect I feel pretty good about it. I just could not keep the laser focus that has worked for my success on the 90 day challenge. I need to keep on the food prep and keep carving out time for the workout. I need to up my cardio game since the jumping just is not gong to work with my knee, and a brisk walk is not efficient enough. Work is slowing down and I am ready to sign up for the next challenge.....

Day 25

Still here! Very busy April with work, but I decided to do this challenge during this crazy month, to help keep me on track. I have had ups and downs....and was derailed on the diet for a few days, but I have been exercising everyday. So there is that.

day 17

Missed my first workout yesterday after a crazy busy work/family day. Back on track today.

day 12

Up very early this am to get the workout in. So glad I did. feeling great and ready to face the challenges of the weekend.

day 9

Weekend was tough. Plenty of exercise and work out, but lots of socializing too....so not perfect on the diet. April is a super busy time at work, and I wanted to do this challenge to keep me on track instead of everything coming off the rails when I am busy/tired/stressed. So Day 8 - perfect diet, but ran out of time for the workout. Today, workout done and set up for a good day of eating. One day at a time!

day 6

pretty good start overall...back to the AM workout, many veggies, eating the full servings to avoid hunger later....Friday night tricky with a busy day ended up at cocktail party hungry. had wine and carbs, but it could have been much worse....

Reboot Day 3

Getting back on track and working out daily is why I am here. Kitchen prep all done, today I start measuring the food again. Did not realize how much sugar had snuck back into my diet. I am in withdrawal! Still cannot jump rope due to a knee injury but trying to come up with a good time efficient cardio option.

Its not over yet 

Yup, I am behind and I am starting week three and can't find the program. Learned a lot about life balance this program and looking at what I have to do to keep the workout/diet in the daily schedule. Also the importance of sleep. My diet was OK, and the workouts on and off...but things are slowing down and I am debating if I should just restart ski boot on the next program. We are heading to Vail in mid march so I still have that goal in mind. In the meantime I am committing again to focus and just picking a place in the program where I fell off.


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