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Rope matters

I got myself a new weighted jump rope and was excited to give it a try this week. After only a few minutes of jumping I gave up in frustration - the actual rope is made of some light flimsy plastic that kept kinking up on me. My regular rope that I've been using forever has a rope made with a metal core covered in plastic that works great. I can't believe that I paid quite a lot of money for a rope that really doesn't work well. If I can make the time this weekend I'm going to attempt to put the weighted handles on my old rope.

been Offline

I’ve been offline for several days while on a mountain biking trip to Vermont. It was a great trip and I logged some serious biking miles, but the diet was a bit....um...relaxed 😬

Week 5

Welcome to week 5 folks. Is it weird that I'm happy to see egg white dinners on my diet? It feels easier than worrying about meal planning :)

Travel missteps

I was traveling the last 4 days and had almost no control over my food choices because all food was provided for me. I did my best, but definitely happy to be home and in control of my meals now!

...at all. Like I REALLY don't want to work out today. But...here I go to do it now.

food trip up

I had to get an unexpected dinner at a restaurant tonight because of crazy kid’s soccer schedules and poor food planning. Ordered a great salad with some delicious ahi tuna on it but it came with a “dressing” I wasn’t expecting. It was delicious but I’m sure it was packed with calories. Oh well. One slip in two weeks is a win in my book.

It's the little things

When I did KB1 almost 2 years ago I recall lying on the floor laughing at myself because I could not do ANY of the ab exercises. I seriously wondered if my children had somehow stolen all the muscles in there on their way out. Two years later I'm happy to report that I'm now completing the max reps/time for the ab workouts at the beginning of KB2! I know these workouts are still "easy", but it makes me happy :)

Intro post

Hey All. I'm Heddy. I live in Maine. I'm a mom of two young boys, I love to be on the water and I'm trying to become a mountain biker. I'm doing KB2 because I'd like to get stronger :)

Unfortunately I got a migraine yesterday that was so severe I ended up at the ER. Needless to say, I missed yesterday's workout. Definitely not how I wanted to start the program, but at least it happened in week one!

Ready to go again

Hey all. This is my second time starting KB2 (the first time being slightly less than fully successful) and I'm ready to crush it this time! Looking forward to the next 3 months!


This was my first Kenzai Blast and I love it! Doing another one sometime for sure.

Tuesday is a new day...

... for working out that is.

late intro post

Hi all. Sorry I'm a week late with my intro post! These workouts are BRUTAL but they feel good. Here are my answers:
1. I live in Maine on the coast; I'm a mom of 2 young boys; like everyone else I'm too busy all the time but I'm happy its summer here where the warm weather is fleeting and greatly appreciated.
2. My favorite Beach vacation ever... I've been on a lot of them so that's a pretty high bar but Costa Rica is at the top of the list.
3. My dream job would be doing something that involved being outside a lot and also doing something good for the world.

Chisel with a fizzle 

I fizzled out (yet again) on Chisel but made it farther through the program than I did the first time so there's that small success. I just read a trainer post about making working out a habit rather than a goal. I totally get the point, but how to get there.... something to sleep on tonight.


Breakfast is my favorite kenzai meal of the day. Almost every day I have my allowed egg(s) on top of a big bed of wilted greens topped with avocado and fresh pico de Gallo. Sooo yummy.

working out with puppy

Not easy with him in the room!




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