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For sunday's challenge a friend and I went out into Sai Kung Country Park. We did stages 1 and part of 2 of the Maclehose Trail. Stage 1 is easy but stage 2 is straight up. Oh my! I really was challenged. Still I did it! But it is clear what a very long way I have to go to get back to my usual lack of fitness. My friend was loads better than me and she's 73 but she's really works at it. There's you go 'Nothing is given, Only Earned'.
I'm not in the pictures as I was too red! They show how lovely Hong Kong is.


I've struggled to get the workouts in for the past couple of days with working late and all the upheavals in HK. Still, I've stayed on diet and worked out today so it's not too bad.


Today my son and I walked around Eagle's Nest and we also took in a yoga class for a change (too many people, too hot but hey we did it!). Quite an active day. Definitely feeling stronger. My aim this week is to get the sleeping cycle much better.

Day 6

I think all is going pretty well. I've been sticking to the diet and have done 5 out of the 6 workouts. I'm feeling less bloated and generally stronger. It's been a good week. Mostly I'm getting my head back into it. I particularly liked the article on willpower - I can so see where my problems are. I've been trying to make space so that not every minute of the day is pushing myself forward and testing my willpower to the limit. I had a REALLY lazy day today for change and was happy to do the workout.

Day 3

I've been getting the diet well on track so that's good. I'm missing today's workout though as I've had to put the hours in the office with a very late night yesterday and today. I know everyday counts on reboot but I've had no choice which is a pain so early on. I won't even try to catch up but I'll get the workout done tomorrow morning for sure. Even so, I'm feeling very focussed.

Starting Again

I've somehow gone quite badly off track and am struggling with my weight more than at any other times. I am looking forward to the programme to get into better ways.

Going out

Oops, things went a little wrong on the diet tonight. Nothing crazy but dinner out and definitely more than the permitted grams. Made it up with an hour's run/power walk afterwards in the pouring rain!

Needle Hill

Today for this week's challenge my friend and I hiked up Needle Hill. There's a reason it's called that......We saw it in the distance and thought we'd never make it but we did. I forgot my camera though - but I really was there! We walked 12k in all (altho personally I think that hill should count at least double). Then I got hone and did the strength exercises. So all is going well.

Day 3

Got up early and completed the workout. Mornings work best for me. I'm not able to do 3 mins non-stop skipping yet but over the 3 days have improved already - I'm up to sets of 2 mins each now but I complete 10 mins in total. It's still very hot in Hong Kong doing this outside!

Starting Again

I seem to forever be trying to get back on track. I find I'm good and disciplined and then something goes wrong. Anyway I keep at it. Looking forward to making good progress again this month.

Endings and Beginnings 

I've just finished the final reboot session. I did extra to make up for some of the omissions this week. Those inverted V sit things are wicked!

I've really liked this programme. I've been very committed and although haven't been able to do it perfectly, I'm at 90% compliance which I'm quite pleased with. I've lost 6 lb and one dress size. Still a long way to go to get to the right weight for my height. But bit by bit.

Most importantly, I don't feel in the slightest like getting back to my old ways. Truth be told, they didn't seem that bad comparatively - I didn't eat junk food or drink excessively for example - but clearly the sedentary life and steady excesses over the years have led to a Non-Kenzai Bod which is far from where I want to be. I've really reflected on the lapses I have had this month and how to avoid them. It is hard for me to train every day and I do go out a fair bit. I've expanded on the rule challenge and written out a set of 5 simple rules for September which incorporate a (very little) bit of flexibility. I'm going to do Kenzai Life for September and really give it my best shot to comply with my Rules. I want to feel that this is manageable and long term and that I can have 100% compliance given the flexibility worked in.

Thanks to Jess and all team for the encouragement. Hope to see you continuing on our Kenzai Healthy Life Journey!


Final Challenge

I've not had a great week - I went out on Tuesday and Thursday and was very tired on Wednesday. It all completely upset my rythmn. I've been 90% diet compliant but missed 3 workouts - I'll do two tomorrow to catch up a bit.

So, for the final challenge, I'm afraid I need several rules - I can see clearly what has gone wrong and where I lost my energy:

1. I only go out twice a week on Friday and Saturday.
2. I only have 2 drinks and then only after 2 glasses of water
3. I am in bed by 10.30 all other nights.

Not too imaginative but I'm going to do this for the next month and see how we go!

Sorry it's not a photo.


Dance Routine

Just completed Tuesday's workout which I missed. I did a dance cardio thing from YouTube as a change. The half an hour passed quickly and it was quite good - other than one of the girls in the backgroound kept making irritatingly cheerful interjections like "Hey, this is real good" and "Wow, feel that burn" etc. And I don't know why they have to smile the whole way through - I mean they couldn't be enjoying it that much . Sorry - don't mean to be a misery!!


Re the negativity lesson, I have found the biggest problem is not what other people say - my friends are all so encouraging. It's my own negativity that's the issue. Yesterday I went to have a new photo taken for our website. I had my hair done and put the make-up on and a bright colour, so I felt I was looking OK. When the photos were done, I was just horrified - all I saw was how chunksville I look. Depressing. BUT I've definitely got my sights on the long term goal and I'm just going to keep at it. Once we finish this reboot, I'm going straight onto the next programme. And it is working - I've actually lost 5lbs already. At the same time, I am going to really try to reprogramme this internal negativity.

Plus, I told the photographer to photoshop big time!

Craving Killer

I liked today's lesson. I did a quick calculation about how many cakes/biscuits and glasses of wine/G&Ts that I've consumed over the years. OMG! No wonder, that's all I can say.

So today I was at a conference on brownfield development (which was interesting) and there during the afternoon break were the mini-scones with jam and cream. The tip worked a treat. Do I need the 5001st (in my case) scone? Didn't eat it!

Actually, I'm finding I can very largely stick with the diet. I've missed a couple of workouts but just couldn't make it. I'll try and catch up one session at the weekend - do one in the morning and one in the evening. I'm really liking the programme and feel much better.

End of Week 8





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