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Mid week dinner

Out for dinner this evening - WILL be having soda water and a veg plate! Week has gone well - been a bit slack on having breakfast but otherwise all good!


Haven't had a chance to be on the blog much this week but just did a little Saturday morning stalk of everybody's progress pics - WOW! Good work Columba - seriously good inspiration to get more committed myself as there are some big transformations showing already in the pics. I intend to catch up asap! Have good weekends all - Hilary

Week ? Day ?

Received email I need to post...

Being totally honest I haven't posted because I haven't made much progress to report, so don't have much to say and think it's rather boring to just write about failures! Signed up to support husband - both haven't been anywhere near 100% committed yet with travel, prior social engagements (two weddings over this last weekend alone) and work-related goings on putting me in a rather non-diet frame of mind (aka not giving up wine).

Completely clear two weeks coming up now so looking forward to getting in the game properly, and will.

Hope everyone else is doing well!


Blended up the dinner items and added some avocado taken from the evening veg snack (maybe a little bit of a cheat?!) ... loving the green smoothie outcome!
Hope everyone's had a good first day of new diets 🥑🍌🍏

Diet back on track since the relapse last week! Doing lots of cardio - running and Cycling which I do anyway - but commitment to skipping and the designated exercises not great - must up game.

Singapore Grand Prix weekend just been - Friday and Sunday off diet 100% (and ON pizza and beer)

Monday onwards down with a cold feeling rotten (initially had it down as F1 party fallout but actually am ill) ... so have had the opposite with food having zero appetite the last two days, and have missed exercises for five days in the last week now

Realise this is totally useless and not what the programme is about at ALL!

Plan to get back in the game from tomorrow food-wise. Hopefully if worst of cold over exercise back on too.

Feeling good I'm actually 'confessing' to all this at least.. writing it down helps re-motivate to wipe the slate clean and re-start fresh 💪


A question: I guess for Scott or Lindsay please.. is there a guideline on the maximum amount of avocado we should be eating each week?

I'm currently having about one a day.. conscious this might be a bit OTT for my key goal of weight loss?

They're so good though!

Thanks in advance

Week One

Mixed week success wise with Friday drinks after work interfering with daily exercises both Friday and then Saturday when my levels of commitment to the skipping et al were wavering! Planning to make up for it today with the 400 skips (yikes) and doing yesterday's missed core exercises on top.

Looking forward to starting on the week 2 diet to be honest with clear weights and measures to follow.. my interpretation of the leave a quarter was slightly questionable I think!

All in all looking forward to getting into the full swing of things.


Back last night from ten day ski holiday in New Zealand with copious amounts of wine and food (amazing) finished off with a pre-Kenzai plane binge... so day one of Kenzai officially kicked off today!!

30 minutes deliberating over the right skipping rope later and I made it home with all the gear.. maybe no idea.. but lots of motivation! Exercises done. Skipping definitely harder than it looks..