Hilary R.

Hilary R.


Lessons are saying that we should be full of energy during the day , I feel exhausted and by no means full of the endorphin energy I should be at this stage , I’m sticking rigidly to diet , the skipping isn’t a passion but doing it 3/4 times a week . Workouts are happening but have noticed a real step up . Is it more important to concentrate on the food or exercise element of Kenzai ?

Day 57 Cravings are gone

I managed to do St Patrick’s Day in HK without giving in to alcohol or food treats , been Irish this day can be a licence to go mad with access to
lots of sweet treats . Very pleasantly surprised with myself that I don’t long for sweet things like I used to . Finding the skipping hard and dread having to do it . Didn’t do it last two days but managed the workout . Is the skipping about speed or technique? Beginning to feel my lifestyle and attitude to food is finally changing after years of an unhealthy relationship with food . Let’s keep it going Team 💪

Since I took my Indulgence on Friday ( 2 glasses of wine and dinner out) I’m feeling so unmotivated and haven’t done any workout . Hoping this negativity will stop and I get back on track tomorrow , so cross with myself and so disappointed . Need to get mojo back for next 5 weeks !!

Just spotted on our Indulgence article that we shouldn’t add any salt , sugar or oil to our Kenzai cooking . I was clear from the outset about sugar and salt but have to admit was using a really small amount of oil for stir frying veg occasionally , is this a No No ?

Hey everyone , I’ve had my father in law falling critically ill in Europe so I decided to follow my husband with the 4 boys so between jet lag and intermittent WiFi I’ve fallen off the wagon with regard to my blogs and workouts , have missed 3 workouts but have replaced them with 3 30 minute fast walks and lots of walking around in between . I’m hating missing my workouts as was feeling great . Food wise I’m staying in a hotel and doing relatively ok much better than I would have in a situation like this in the past . Have resisted alcohol and chocolate . I’m not measuring my veg intake and feel I’m missing a bit there . I’m so committed to getting back on track today as don’t want to miss any more and really want these results. My FIL is stabilising thankfully but with the four kids with me all the time it’s been a challenge .... my older two have been a fantastic support as once or twice I’ve been tempted to reach for the fries and they say Mum don’t forget Kenzai !!! Should I just start back to today’s workout or go back 3 days ?? Well done everyone else , great to be back in touch .

Can’t seem to upload photo in Starter space , anybody else having trouble ?

Day 1 done

Feeling positive after a gentle start today , here’s to a good start for everyone .