Hitesh M.

Hitesh M.

Kenzai Body | Day 70
Kenzai Body
Day 70
Program progress:

Is there another indulgence coming up? I ask coz I'm going to friends house party this weekend. Could count it as an indulgence if we have one coming up.

Protein powder

I was going to ask in Q&A but it doesn't allow me to upload pictures.

I have heard from a few people that whey protein is much for effective than plan based protein and gets absorbed much more easily.

Below are the nutrition facts for both proteins from a bulk shop that I buy from.

1. Whey protein isolate (ingredients are only whey protein and soy lecithin)

2. Pea protein powder (ingredients are just the powder itself, no additives)

Whey seems have much less fat but more sodium.

I was wondering if I should move to whey protein for these last 4 weeks. What do you advise?


I'm seeing changes, yes! Chest has built-up well, shoulder and arms are more toned & muscular. But what's with the tummy not relenting!? I'd like to see an ab or two.

Thank you for the motivational video, Patrick! It comes at the right time. I needed to told that there will be major changes in the last 30 days. Although I'm mostly on track with the program I'm beginning to feel sluggish and bored. Hopefully, this will keep me going for the next couple of weeks until I need another push!

Pull ups

My new condo has a gym. This is the first time during the program that I got access to pull-up bars. I thought of doing them instead of my usual resistance band downward pulls. I couldn't manage to do even 2 reps properly.

I had expected to do a lot more! :(

What should I make of this?

Major changes

I haven't seen any major changes in my body since a while. There was difference I could see in the first few weeks but it's plateaued after that. It's a bit demotivating.

I do feel like I have become leaner but not seeing the lean muscle buildup that I'd like to / was hoping to see.

What are your thoughts on this? What do you feel about the changes in your body?

I lapsed

I was moving houses today. Really happy about the new place. It is downtown, very close to the lake and has a very homey vibe.

My kenzai routine went for a toss. I missed my workout but I hope some of the packing and moving helped cover for that. It was nowhere close to the intense workouts that we do though. Dinner was at a friend's place where it all went downhill. I was very hungry and had not prepared my own food as I usually do when I step out. Doritos, samosas and cake. :(


Quick update

Almost everyone on our team is either going on or back from a vacation! :)

I'm moving houses this weekend. Pray that my lease goes through and I have a stable place for the next one year and more so for the next few weeks of Kenzai.

Been on track with diet and workouts.

Today's lesson was spot on. I'm having some low energy days and was wondering what that was about.

I'm also finding it hard to finish reps for some exercises. But trying my best to do as many as I can.


Here's a picture of my burger and sweet potato fries! :)

Couldn't identify any major sensations on the tongue but it did feel heavy and hard on the stomach.

Although, I didn't feel as excited when I was eating it as I did thinking about it earlier, but I still feel major cravings.

It was really nice to be reading everyone's answer to this question. Thank you for sharing, you guys!

1. I'm in a new country and trying to build a new life. Still looking out for a job. Kenzai is providing structure to my day. I need that in at least a few aspects of my life.

2. I feel strong and would like to continue to become stronger.

3. Although I do get tired and often scream in pain during the workout, I do feel great once it done. It's giving me a daily dopamine fix I guess. :)

4. I am getting a sense of achievement out it.

5. I can see changes in my body

6. Seeing your blog posts is always encouraging

7. My sis, Namrata, keeps me going!

8. I'm hoping my chronic pains will stop / heal once I'm stronger and fitter

9. Keeps my anxious and depressive tendencies at bay

10. Kim and Heide are so supportive and full of positive energy!

11. I want to see this reach a meaningful end.

12. It's my birthday gift to myself! :)


Something changed today


I completed my 1300 skips in less than 15 mins. More than half in clean sets of 100. In fact, I did one set with my eyes closed.

I hope this magic stays with me! 😁

Having said that, when are you going to stop the increments!? We are up to 1300 already!

Fed up

There's definitely a few things that I'm frustrated about:
- still not being able to skip properly. While I'm completing the daily reps, they are very inconsistent. I finish most of it in sets of 15-20. A few 50-100 ones. It's annoying to constantly keep stumbling. My rope length is correct.
- I used to eat out very often and I miss that. Especially when I'm passing by places I like or going to a street festival.


Although there is enough food in the diet, I still feel hungry throughout the day. For the last two days I ended up moving my meals and snacks earlier to appease my hunger. Is this normal?

What is everyone feeling about this?

Festival on Sunday

I am going for a music festival on Sunday. Will mostly be there from 4 to 11 PM.

I do not intend to drink there but I am pretty sure that I will be very hungry a few hours in. Outside food will not be allowed.

What do you suggest I should do?