Howard H.

Howard H.


After this six week slog, I definitely feel fitter and one big step closer to being able to do a handstand. I think my 10 day trip out of town certainly put a spanner in my routine - it was hard to get back on track afterwards, especially coming back to Tokyo to a lot of catchup at work.

Nonetheless, very glad I did this. Adds some powerful tools to my fitness regimen.

All the best to everyone in your fitness journey!

Almost there

Been a bit off the grid, but generally keeping up with workouts... Looking forward to ending strong!

Hello from one of the most gorgeous places on earth! This past week has been tough for me, struggling to juggle chisel with obligations at a good friend's wedding. I missed three workouts in a row and the diet was not followed well. But the past two days I've been getting back into the swing of things, hitting both workouts and swinging by the local grocer to get my fruits and veg and eggs.

4 more days in New Zealand - will enjoy and try to stick to diet at the same time. Tomorrow - hang gliding!

Day 18 - I'm outta here!

About to head off to a 10 day trip to New Zealand. Seems like a good place to go for a healthy, outdoorsy getaway. I will be attending a wedding with long time friends, so will need to watch the diet.

I've hit all the workouts so far. Have noticed that I've slimmed down slightly. On the diet, I'll give myself a B+. There have been days when demands of work took me off plan a bit. Being in Japan often the hardest thing to find when eating out is vegetables - especially during lunch time.

Anyway, generally ok with the progress so far. Gonna sneak home for lunch to finish up my vegetables and bread before flying out tomorrow.

Hope everyone's having a stellar week.


Got back on the wagon on Monday with a perfect eating day... Had a few drinks too many last Friday (I know, I'm terrible).

Hope everyone's have a great week!

Day 4 - 8 min abs

Saw a brilliant idea on a teammate's post and decided to do finish off my workout with a little throwback to the... 80's? 8 min abs, how I've missed you.

Day 1 - Wah

Starting this program with the first workout reminded me of why I needed to start this program!

Catching up...

Wow it's been a while! Radio silence due to a trip away where I missed workouts ten days straight unfortunately. Now back in Tokyo but work has me snowed under and unfortunately haven't been able to properly get back into rhythm.

I did the strength training on Sunday, tried to get up early morning on Monday for the run but couldn't make it through the whole 45 min (it's been a while).

Will try to finish stronger!

So for my last distance run, I wanted to compare the accuracy of distance measurements from Runkeeper and from the basic Apple Watch run app. Not sure if anyone else has done this before? Turns out Apple Watch finished my 8k before Runkeeper, by about a 1% margin. I really prefer running without my phone, so I'm gonna stick to Apple Watch but just over-set the distance a little bit (i.e. for 8k I'll set 8.1k).

I really enjoyed last night's 35 min free run. Did a street session, weaving through Aoyama and Harajuku, finishing up on Cat Street. Felt very light on my feet, probably because I didn't get to eat much the day of.

Body transformation not really happening, definitely due to me not being able to stick to diet. But I'm ok with that this time around, because I've definitely grown as a runner - or at least showed myself that I can BE a runner!

Hope everyone's doing well!

Day 15

Runs have been going well so far, not feeling too sore or strained. Morning runs are definitely much more difficult! I much prefer afternoon or evening.

I don't think I'm able to keep to the diet as closely as I should - combination of no kitchen space and current work obligations which are unprecedented (but very exciting). I can commit to keeping to daily workouts and will definitely try my best on food!

Day 7

So far so good, 5k feels reasonably ok right now. Trying to be mindful of technique and form. Looking forward to the longer runs.

Got my rain gear ready for the typhoon!

Day 3

Was up early today so decided to get the free run out of the way - circled around Harajuku, was good, kept me constantly focused on what's around me and before I knew it my time was up. Still feeling a bit heavy-set, from months of indiscriminate eating / drinking. Looking forward to getting back into fitness mode!

Running Life Day 1

Excited to be back in Kenzai, have been thinking about run training for a while. Joined on Day 2 so will get through the two exercises first then write a longer post! Hello everyone!

Grad Day 

Last night, I landed in Hong Kong at 10pm and finished my final workout just one minute to midnight, just in the nick of time. Even threw in 8-minute abs for old time's sake. I felt a moderate sense of accomplishment, a far cry from the jubilation of completing KB1. Looking back, there were numerous missed opportunities both in exercise and in food.

However, I do recognize that my life now is quite different from 2013: work is a lot more demanding, personal commitments are different, and in general much more going on in life. Did I do the best I could for this program? Maybe not 100%, or even 90%. But putting it in the context of Howard Ho, age 30+, in 2016, I do appreciate having gone through KB2.

I believe most of my results materialized in the first half of the program. I certainly lost a few inches around the waistline and am able to fit better in my clothes. I can feel the inner abdominal muscles take shape, under the comfort and protection of belly flab :-)

I needed this refresher, because from now on I really truly need to ingrain my exercise and diet habits in daily life. I simply won't have as much time to plan and cook meals as I did a few years ago, but if I can continue to make good choices and squeeze in time for regular exercise, I'll be happy with myself.

Thanks to Kim and Thomas for the constant support, and to all my team mates for the encouraging messages--they were much needed!

With this, I'd like to wish everyone here health and happiness! Life will always get in the way, but let's continue to program good decision-making into each day.


Wow... really almost over?

The end crept up on me way too quickly! Been on the road, trying to stay on diet. Tonight did ok--Korean bbq with clients, stuck to the vegetables (which were nice and fresh albeit marinated) and grilled beef, with some wheat noodles at the end.

Anyhow, I'll need a longer update soon as well... Gonna be ending Kenzai on the road again this time around.

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