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Hugh B.

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Systems and routine 

So, moving in the middle of a program presented big challenges. Was able to find success in Kenzai by figuring out the systems, routes, and routines I needed so that I could execute without thought. Living in the chaos of a move and a new location and a new house with new rooms and new doors nuked those systems and routines and made the back half a real challenge. I'll be back.

Hope everyone is well. Been a tough week. Moved and sold our house which sucked up 103% of mental and physical energy I had. Bad news was that I missed all work outs. Good news is that was because I was VERY active carrying boxes, running around and unpacking. Been able to keep diet in my sights, so that is good. Perhaps a new program idea: KenzaiMove? Anyway, I'll muddle through.

I’m here

Busy. Life is normal hectic but we’re selling our house and moving this week so that’s been sucking up a lot of mental energy. Good on workouts. Ok on diet. Bad on blog. Hope all are well.

Good week. All my runs this week felt good, and I was able to finish strong. Diet (as usual) is the biggest challenge, but feeling good after some clean eating. Feels like some of the fluff is starting to melt off. Hope all y'allz out there are doing well.

Tough week 2

Week two felt like it was throwing every wrench in the book at me. All day work meetings with catered lunches. Work dinners. House guests. Late nights. In laws. Was a long week. All in all it went OK. I could have done better on the diet, but I was certainly more mindful of what I was doing. There was no unconscious ingesting. Everything that went in my body I at least considered. Week 3 is off to a good start, but I'm feeling run down. Getting harder and harder to wake up for work outs. As usual, the classic push and pull of workouts and sleep continues.

KRun - Week One


Hello from Boston.

1) The Basics: Where you live; What you do for work and/or play.
I live in Marblehead, MA with my wife, a fellow Kenzi-er, and our two kids. I work in marketing in downtown Boston. For fun I love to enjoy a lot of things that we're not allowed to enjoy on program (think french fries and margaritas) with friends and family. Try to play music when I can get the right people in the room.

2) How long have you been around the community and what program(s) have you enjoyed the most?
I've been doing kenzai for a couple years. This is my second go at Kenzai Run. It was my first program, which I enjoyed a lot as well as KB1.

3) Do you have any prior running experience? And if so, what experience, and what is the longest distance you’ve run?
This is my 4th Kenzai Run program. I've done KR, KR10K, and KR-Half. I've been running for most of my adult life, but more so since doing these programs. Took a break over the winter and looking forward to enjoying the spring weather. Longest distance I've run was for the half-marathon training. Maybe 15 miles? I ended up injuring myself in that training, so I've decided 10K is really the max I ever want to run.

4) Why did you sign up for this program, and do you have any specific goals for yourself?
I am coming off a winter of not a lot of activity and too much pasta, so wanting to get back on the activity train. Would like to get back into shape and loose a couple LBs.

5) What one food or drink do you miss the most when you’re on a training program?
List is pretty long, but I'd refer to the above mentioned french fries and margaritas.

6) Anything else you’d like to share with your teammates?
Pumped to be a part of the team.

Tough First Week

Felt like a good idea to start the year off with reboot. Unfortunately, also started the year off with a pretty bad cold. Most of last week spent workouts trying to clear my head and chest. Also trying to get enough sleep to beat it. Not a great week, but good news is the cold is gone and I’m off to good start this week. Here’s to a good week 2.

KB2 - Grad Post 

Interesting program for me. I'll be real. I wasn’t 100% in this time. But that was intentional. I love Kenzai, but I’m not sure I love the idea of being “on program”. I like the workouts, I like the information, and I mostly like the diet (kinda sick of egg whites), but I’m not sure I like the binary nature of being "on" or "off' program. When I started Kenzai, I was looking for a change. I was not feeling well, and I needed to find a way to live more healthfully. Getting deep and really committing to the program, was a great jumpstart. But, I’m trying to work towards a life where I’m neither “on” nor “off” program, but rather always living an active, healthy lifestyle. I went into this program trying to find that balance, but it didn’t work out as well as I wanted. The steady ramp-up of a program both in terms of exercise and diet make it hard to find that balance. Well, onward and upward. Interested to try a serious, committed crack at the maintenance program. I’m going to try to be “on” program with the maintenance workouts and diet. Interested to see how that goes. It would be interesting to do a “program” that was based on the maintenance plan – maintenance workouts, maintenance diet and some sort of group accountability. #programidea. Thanks to the team. There were a bunch of folks that did a great job cheering the team on. I don’t get an A (or anything near it) for effort there. Thanks to the trainers. Good luck to all, and have a happy and healthy New Year.

weather bumming me out

November has been tough. We've had nearly 3 times as much rain as normal, and that with temps in the 30s and 40s has been tough. I have to do a lot of stuff outside, and my tolerance for jumping in the rain at 4:45am has been pretty low. Just a couple more days.

still here

Crazy week. Work, some last minute travel. Eventually something has to give and for me it's this. Hope all are well. We're in the home stretch.

Who knew

I’m no master but since doing KB1 and now KB2 I’ve done a decent amount of jump rope in the past year. For whatever reason I choked up a bit on the handles the other day, and what a difference it makes. Wish I’d figured that one out more than a couple days ago.

bad week

Too much travel. Too much social. Not enough diet and exercise. Better week 9.

peer pressure...

Works both ways. Wasn’t feeling it but there was wifey headed outside to jump rope. Well, if wifey’s going to work out, I prolly should too.

Work Trade Federation

Did the workout suddenly get 20 minutes longer? That was ridiculous. Will I need to start taking days off?

I’ll say it...

Because I’m pretty sure you all are thinking it.

I can think of 11,437 things I’d rather do than wall sits.




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