Hunter M.

Hunter M.


Not my best effort but happy to be finished with this program!
injuries, travel and other things got in my way and since it was a short program it was a challenge to recover.
I also learned that once you make a couple exceptions its spirals from there.

Good learnings - great program and fired up for the next one!

I'm back

Had an injury, a family vacation and lots of work to do which has kept me off the platform for a while.

I've been pretty good about diet, so-so on workouts and terrible about posting - whoops!

Almost done - feel much better than when I started :-)


Going well so far. Feeling good in my body now that I'm back to the daily exercises.
I injured my foot a few days ago so have been laying off the jump ropes for now and cycling as a substitute.
Almost ready to get back to jumprope.

I've also noticed that the rope's been easier for me this time around (compared to the struggle I had in Body)
So that's been good.

Diet's pretty easy too since I know what to expect and 28 days is much shorter than 90 ;-)



Yay! So happy to have completed this incredible program.

It was a struggle for me at the end but I was able to pull through and stay on course.
Loved the lessons, really enjoyed (most) of the daily body weight workouts and learned that with a few tweaks I can turn my decent diet into a clean diet. And I don't need any salt for flavor!

Congrats to everyone in my class and thanks for the motivation and guidance Patrick.
I'm exciting to continue the Kenzai journey!


P.S. My wife's friend told me she liked me better when I was chubby. ha!


Almost done! I've had a few injuries in the past few weeks which has been making it tough.
Tweaked my shoulder pretty good Friday from the workout and it's just starting to feel better. So I've been doing everything possible to be compliant and finish strong.

We also just added a new puppy to the family, his name is Bones.
He's been waking me up at night and keeping me super busy during the day while we train him to not pee/poo everywhere.

Also, have been coaching 2 U12 boys lacrosse teams - 3 or 4 games the past few weekends and practice 2X a week. We have our final tournament this weekend and I'm beyond relieved it's over.

All good things - grateful to be healthy and strong and feeling really good after about 90 days of focusing on my health. But I'm pretty tired and glad the program is coming to an end :-)

Easter Splurge

Saved my indulgence for Easter since I'm a sucker for a delicious brunch!
Meal included many of my favorites, including:
* Mimosa
* Bagel and Cream Cheese
* Bacon
* Egg Strata
* Cinnamon roll (not pictured)

Surprisingly didn't feel too bad today and also didn't gain a bunch of water weight.
I think it was helpful that the meal was mid-day, giving me enough time to burn it off before bedtime.

Just when I couldn't believe how bad I am at jumprope (still) I ripped off 3.5 mins straight without stopping - my best yet. All the practice is working! Now to continue to eliminate the mistakes.

Not sure why but my energy has returned this week.
Have been cruising through jumpropes and workouts (still bad at jumprope but it's not quite as dreadful).
Looks like I've climbed out of the valley!

But I'm surprisingly not that hungry. Why?

As I mentioned last week, I was deep in the valley. Unfortunately missed a few workouts mid-week.
Had a hard time with motivation and wasn't sleeping well, felt tired and burned out on Kenzai.

The treat night came at just the right time. Saw a ton of friends Saturday night, ate a delicious taco dinner and drank a couple of beers. I felt terrible the next day but managed to get through the jump ropes.

This week I'm feeling more motivated and looking to put last week's failures behind me. Diet hasn't been an issue but sometimes I just don't feel like doing the workouts. I'm going to start breaking up the jump rope and workout as I find it can be daunting now that it takes a while (especially hate jump rope) and I get tired in the afternoon. Also am working on doing it earlier in the day so I have no excuse.

Prior to Kenzai, I focused on playing sports that I enjoyed for exercise (soccer, mountain biking, hiking). Obviously wasn't doing the trick because here I am, but I look forward to incorporating these back into my life.

All I can say is thank goodness we're moving to timed jumprope!
I've been doing it anyway but thought we were supposed to do 1600 straight (which I can't do).

Was going to post that I could maybe do 2 mins straight without messing up.
And I definitely can't count past 100 so I've been assuming 100/min which accounts for tripping ;-)

Slowly getting better and I'd pretty much rather do anything than jump rope (even run!) but this helps a lot.

Good timing on the valley post as I've been feeling it the past few days.
While the diet doesn't really bug me much (when I'm full) the program has been a lifestyle hit.
I work from home and don't get much social interaction so not being able to eat/drink like a normal person has been really limiting my social life. Weekends are the toughest.

That said, I'm seeing good results and am hanging in there. Will try and work on my grim determination.
Almost halfway there! When's the next cheat day?

95% This Week

So I nailed the food intake this week, no slip-ups. I did however miss a couple snacks when I was too busy or out and about and didn't have any fruit. Also missed one workout, ran out of time on Friday but will do the emergency workout next time.

Shooting for 100% this week!


For my splurge I went out to a chic Mexican dinner on a date night with my wife.
Though I stuck mostly to plan on the diet aspect (chicken, veggies and had a couple chips/guac), we did enjoy a few margaritas.
They were "skinny" ones so less sugar but neither of us has been drinking much for the past few months and we felt like hell yesterday.
Great time though and fun to get away from the kids and connect over dinner/drinks with my lady!

A new week and it's been a good one.
Back in the saddle at work and it's been much easier to be 100% on workouts and diet for Kenzai than my Utah trip.

I did injure my knee a little on my very last run (ugh) in Park City so I'm taking a little break from the jump rope and riding my Peloton instead. It's been fun to mix it up and it feels better, not 100% yet, but better. It's going to be tough to catch-up on jumprope when its ready.

Excited for my indulgance too!




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