Ian A.

Ian A.


The exercises are not too bad, but i am struggling to be consistent to do them regularly. Seems the only thing that I am doing on a regular basis which i didn't prior is make sure i get out for a decent walk

Busy times

Although i seem to have a lot happening , I am getting to the exercises most days and the weight is heading in the right direction - down albeit slowly

The last couple of weeks I have found it hard to keep things going with some health issues with my father, but this afternoon I have spent some time going through people's blogs and am wanting to work back into the program

Week 2 reflection

Tuff week with the skipping bring me to a grinding halt on Tuesday morning, sustaining a minor tear in my calf muscle. So did a lot of walking this week to try and stretch it out and seems to have worked to some extent, though a little bit scared to try and jump back into the skipping. Looking for an alternative at this point, with perhaps a little bit of skipping, i will see how i go

Day 8

Generally I am starting to find he concept of exercise daily ok, so have to say that's encouraging
1-; skipping - i really felt this especially after yesterday
2-; seated pull downs - these actually felt quite good
3-; squats - i am finding these a little easier as i do them now
4-; curls - I found these ok
5-; davinci - this exercise got a bit harder as i went on but good
6-; push ups - still a bit of a struggle but ok
7-; crunches - I will persist but gee they're hard for me

Ian's day 5 blog

Can't believe how much condition I have lost over the years, now being compounded by my excess weight

Have to say the biggest challenge I have had in the past was trying to do anything whilst travelling for work. Yet here I am two days into work travel and I have found it easy to do my exercises in my hotel room, then after I'm done I have gone for a walk, seems to loosen the muscle soreness.
Things do seems to becoming less of an issue as I am moving through the workouts (just completed day 5s workout)

Day 3

workout -;
Skipping -; is getting a little more fluent, but still getting a little soreness on my left knee
Legs squat -; is ok feeling a little above my knees
Push ups -; I find challenging to do on my toes so doing them from my knees
Crunch -; I find this hard to do at the moment only did 2 sets, but did an extra leg squat

I am getting there, I found doing a 1.5 to 2km walk with my dog, better for me as far as a cool down

Day 1

Got through the first day's work out
1; skipping went ok after the i got some rhythm going, so more practice. I think this will be a good base excercise
2; leg squats went ok keeping steady movement(no bouncing),
3; push ups I found hard, so did them from my knees this exercise I will have to work up to this to do it properly
4; I can barely do the crunch as my gut is too big, I did then all but was only lifting my shoulders 100 to 150mm

I felt my dodgy left knee early in exercise no. 1 & a little bit in exercise no. 2