Ian L.

Ian L.

Kenzai Iron | Day 74
Kenzai Iron
Day 74
Program progress:

No, not a strange new shoulder injury.

This week has been one where pain has rotated around my body in 48 hour sets. The single muscle workouts have done their job and I’ve been sore - in a good way - for a couple of days afterwards. But as my old trainer used to say “pain is weakness leaving your body” so I guess I should be pleased.

Having had my 3-4 week problem with my elbow I feel like I’m really getting back in to it. I’m really enjoying the workouts and only missed the biceps day as I’m still not going to risk that.

Looks like some ups and downs for lots of us. niggling injuries, toes, plateaus and more but also some fantastic progress for everyone. Not long to go. Finish strong Cardinals!


This week was pretty good from a workout point of view. Missed the biceps day but otherwise was pretty much on plan. Diet was OK but Friday and Saturday were a little big on the booze front as it’s that time when everyone is heading off for the summer and inevitably there are a few leaving parties as well.

This summer we are off to Santorini in Greece for a week and then we have 10 days in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. It’s my 50th on 12 August and we’re having a big bash in Scotland with friends old and new.

The picture is of my local gym where I go when I’ve got the time.

Hope everyone is doing OK.


So as I’ve mentioned previously, LOTS of travel and tendonitis have rather knocked me off track. But rather than focus on that, two bits of good news (1) I’m at home for the next 2 weeks so able to use my own gear and get back in to my normal routine, and (2) my tendonitis is improving to the point where although I wouldn’t do any bicep work just yet, many of the other sets are becoming more manageable. I managed to hit the first 2 workouts of this week exactly as set which is a major step forward.

Aiming to finish strong 💪. Go Cardinals!!


Hi Cardinals.

Travelling a lot this week and next. Was in this gym in the Perth Intercontinental and couldn’t resist taking a photo. I’m guessing that the person who designed this gym didn’t work out much or think about those who would be using the space. No bench, no plates etc. Dumbells yes 👍 but all the way up to 40kg. Strange. Rarely see anyone using those in a serious gym and I’m guessing they might be used once a year given the clientele the Intercontinental caters to. Waste of space that could be used much better.

Not complaining - it’s a great hotel - but really weird.

This week wasn’t too bad. Missed one workout which was a shame. The bigger issue is that I’m really not following the Iron programme as I’m having to make so many compromises because of my elbow. I just can’t load weight on biceps/elbow which impacts on curls, back exercises and some shoulder and chest exercises. It’s quite limiting and so I’m not gaining the shape I’d like. I hope everyone else it doing well.

Travels and troubles

Hi Cardinals!

Great to see all the updates. It seems that everyone is doing great.

This week I had 2 overnight Long haul flights (to and from London) and the predictable jet lag to deal with. Missed 2 workouts - which I didn’t consider too bad in the circumstances - but kept eating clean and tried to do what I could even when my body was screaming “NO!!!”

Still having trouble with the tendonitis in my right elbow. It’s improved to the point of being a frustrating irritant rather than a sharp pain but I’ve still got to stay off it. It’s amazing how many exercises put some degree of strain in that elbow. I’m doing my best to work around it.

This week and next I’m on a 10 day tour of Perth, Melbourne and then Sydney before another overnight back to Singapore. On the positive side the hotels have decent gyms, the time zones are manageable and the food is always great. Speaking of which we’ve moved office location in Singapore and I’ve got loads of new lunch options which are fab. This is a picture of today’s lunch and it was fabulous.

It was a tough week but I’m hanging in there and gaining inspiration from everyone else. Go Cardinals.

Nikoi Island

School half term in Singapore so we went to Nikoi Island for 3 nights with half a dozen other families. It POURED with rain the entire time we were there! 😂. It’s beautiful and should look like the photo (which is a picture of Nikoi) but sadly it didn’t look as pretty in the rain.

From a Kenzai point of view Nikoi wasn’t great. No gym at all. The food is a fixed menu every day but it is healthy and delicious. Managed to get 3,000 - 3,500 skips in each day and the rest of the week was pretty good so all in all not too bad.

Still having problems with my elbow and I suspect it’s going to be a problem for the rest of this programme. Still I can work around some of the problems.


Hi everyone. I hope you are all doing well. It’s been great to follow the progress that is being made.

I’ve had a mixed week. The “down” is that I’ve developed tendonitis in my right elbow (sometimes known as tennis elbow). Still not clear what the impact of that is going to be over the next couple of months but right now it means fairly consistent pain even when doing simple tasks like brushing my teeth! All of this not helped by a week of travel between Singapore, Jakarta and Melbourne with 2 overnight flights meaning I wasn’t well rested. Missed 3 workouts during the week through a mix of travel and being pissed off about my elbow.

But no time for self pity! The “up” is that I’ve figured out I can still do most of the exercises. Biceps days are out - no question of that - and for some reason the back exercises are difficult as they seem to put a strain on the elbow. But....the rest is pretty much OK. So I’m seeing the positives in all of this. I can pretty much hit 80% of the workouts and keep to a clean diet. So all in all, pretty good! 😄😄.

Was on a boat for a friend’s 50th at the weekend. There were 4 people on the boat in the middle of KB1. Kenzai gets everywhere!

Keep trucking everyone!

Advice please 🙏

Week 3 was pretty good for the most part. I’ve got a niggle in my right elbow inside beneath the joint. Tendon I think. It’s not a sharp pain but it’s there most of the time. I’m guess curls are going to be a no go for a week to see how it goes. Ward? whaddya think? I’ve shown the point in the photo? Anyone else got any suggestions?

Complements help!

Yesterday I was on a video conference with a colleague on the other side of the world. About an hour after we finished he called me and said “wow, you looked so well on the screen, what have you been doing??” I explained I started KB1 in early January and now had moved on to another programme. While we were speaking he signed up for the next KB1 programme!

Even better my teenage daughter (usually rather rude about things 😂😂) said to me the other day “jeez dad you look .....(hesitation so I thought this would be bad)......fit!”

These are the little things that keep me motivated and get me up at 5.30am to push on even when my body is telling me no or my bed feels even more comfortable than usual.

I hope everyone is having a great week!!


Yikes just looked through next week’s programme and saw it’s a huge leg week. I’ve been finding the barbell squats tough and the lunges worse. I can just about get through it but my quads are burning 🔥 and my glutes are sore the next day. A whole week hitting them every day sounds fun 😂😂.

This week has been pretty good. I’ve had to find an alternative to the barbell curls as it places too much strain on my wrist. Need to get an EZ bar. I remember doing KB1 that I became more aware of my body even just walking down the street. 2 weeks in to Iron and my body is impossible not to notice as most of it is in pain!

I hope everyone else has had a good week. Go Cardinals!!

PS. Home gym now complete

Home Gym

Almost at the end of week one and so far I’m enjoying it. Workouts have been 100%. I overdid it on the barbell squats and my thighs are still agony 😂.

This is where I do my workouts although for me usually it’s at 5.45am when it’s still dark. It’s not quite complete yet (I need some more plates and a better storage rack to keep gear out of the rain) but it should be there by next weekend.

Everyone seems to be off to a strong start. Go Cardinals!!


Last night we had a huge storm in Singapore. Tropical storms are fairly commonplace but this one was a MONSTER. Lying in bed thinking “I wonder if the dogs are alright?”, “I wonder if the dogs have crapped on the floor in terror!?”, “Oh, damm, my equipment is outside and is going to get soaked”........”I wish this would stop so we can all go back to sleep.”

Anyway, I was right the bench was soaked and a bit squishy and my feet were in lying water when benching but it was great to be up and getting on with it.

And, yes, one of the dogs did make a mess on the floor. Poor wee thing 😂😂

Hi team Cardinal.

I live in Singapore with my wife and 3 kids. Not Long finished KB1 which I really enjoyed and wanted to get straight on with the next challenge. This programme will finish week before my 50th birthday so I’m hoping to hit the half century in great shape.

This looks like a seriously experienced team of Kenzai graduates! I’m hoping to learn loads from all of you along the way.

Good luck everyone !


So here it is, day 90. I must admit that I didn’t imagine a few months ago I would be writing this blog - not least as I’d never heard of Kenzai. My wife, Jenny, got me this as a Christmas present.

It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve really enjoyed (almost) the whole experience. From time to time I had to really grit my teeth to get things done but it was worth the effort. Physical changes have been extremely satisfying and watching the results of others has been inspiring.

We are in Hong Kong this weekend for the rugby 7s. I wish everyone all the best and congratulations.

I know that for very good reason we don’t look at weight as a measure of success. The horrible thought though is that I’ve lost 7kg and put on a load of muscle so how much fat did I have in my body to start with?!! I never saw it creeping up on me until now.

I have to say that seeing the transformation that some of you have achieved has really inspired me along the way. Big shout to Mike - Kenzai poster boy - but also to everyone else. You have been fantastic. I was away on a once a year Golf weekend last weekend and we have a new recruit as a result!