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Congratulations Hemlock  

Well done everyone.

I wasn’t at my best this rotation. Started strong and then that damm flu knocked me for six and it took me time to recover even if I ended up with a couple of better weeks at the end. Going to take some time off now and start again in the new year.

Lovely to see some old friends and meet new ones. Kim, you’re a star always.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Back at it 💪

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate. Final stretch, I hope everyone is doing well.

This week has been SO MUCH better thank goodness.

No Kenzai exercises today though. I’m off to referee the kids “Festival of Nations” rugby event today. A 5 hour shift so I’ll have done more than enough for one day.

Stay strong Hemlock

Getting back to it.

It’s been a long way back from that nasty flu bug. Longer than I would have expected.

However, I am getting back at it. Managed to complete the last 3 workouts pretty much as set and am beginning to feel my energy returning.

Hope everyone is doing better than me! 😄

Clapped Out Harley

Hi Hemlock. I hope everyone is doing well.

The last 10 days has been pretty awful. I got a nasty cold/flu bug that landed me in bed for 3 days. I’m feeling much better now but the flu went to my chest with the consequence that I’m rattling like a clapped out Harley when cough. So no exercise for the past 10 days.

I will try to get back in to it tomorrow. I’ll take it a little easy. Tuesday I’m off to London for 11 days. But at least I know the hotel and the gym. I am looking forward to getting back on the horse 🐎.

Still here.

Hi Hemlock. On holiday this week as it is half term for the kids. Back in Singapore next week and hope to have a couple of weeks at home so that I can really keep on track. Last week was no better than 60% for all sorts of reasons. On the positive side - and I know weight is NOT the target here - I am back to my “fighting weight” of 80kg which is the same I was when I left school .

All I need to do now is work harder to redistribute the weight 😂😂

Workout BPM

Was it you Barb who posted about BPM of the music you listen to when working out? Whoever it was, thanks cos I’ve been playing around with that this week and I’ve really enjoyed it. BTW, did you know that you can search Spotify workouts and they state the BPM of each song? I didn’t!

This week was OK. I’m afraid that I did have a few beers watching the rugby. OK shoot me! I did do a huge gym session on Sunday to semi-make-up for it.

Let’s keep focus hemlock, only half way to go.


Hi everyone. I’ve tried to post this a couple of times but poor connection seems to get in the way.

Back in Singapore after 10 days on the road in London and Riyadh. At least not much in the way of temptation in Riyadh.

Last week wasn’t bad. One disrupted workout as a consequence of Long haul travel but otherwise not bad. Diet not on plan completely but ate sensibly and clean. Gyms along the way were a bit mixed - particularly the airless room with no windows in Riyadh. Thanks for that Hilton Hotels! Aside from these challenges, things are fine! Hope everyone is going well.


Hi Everyone. I hope you’ve had a great week.

This week was decent. Hit the workouts and ate clean and broadly on diet. I’ve been exercising almost every day for 9 months but this week I finally discovered my deltoids (see photo)!! OK, I accept it doesn’t look like much but that that little bit of definition has taken 9 months of hard work so I’m taking it as a win! 😂😂. Also went shopping for a new pair of jeans simply because the old pairs I have are, well, old. Waist size was a comfortable 32” which was good. So although I gained about half a kilo over the past 2 weeks it seems I’m putting it on in better places.

Go away 😈

“It’s OK, you’re tired. Just take today off, it’s not going to matter this once.”
“Your legs are tired. Just give them a rest today and get back to it tomorrow.”
“Go on, stay here. The bed’s so comfy and you deserve it.”


This was me again this morning. This week has been particularly tough as I genuinely was completely knackered on Monday and my legs were shot after almost 6 hours of refereeing at the weekend. So this week I’ve been taking the skipping in sets of 300 as I hate timed jumping - it makes me lazy. First set has been tough. But even with tired legs I’ve noticed - to my surprise - that it gets easier as I get into set 3 and sets 4-6 are really not bad at all.

I’ve managed to drive away the devilish thoughts and tough it out this week but it’s not been easy! Hope everyone else is doing well.


So this week I was in Seoul for the International Bar Association jamboree. 10,000 lawyers in one place for the week! Yikes.

Best bit of the week by far. The gym at the intercontinental hotel at COEX. It was outstanding and a great place to do a workout. Amazed to see that it was full of retirees keeping fit and enjoying the social side of exercising well into their 60s and 70s. Some of these guys were still really going for the free weights.

It was a little tough to keep on diet with all the dinners but I’d say it wasn’t a bad result even if wine was difficult to avoid. At least it was in moderation. Workouts were great every day and I enjoyed mixing in a few old Iron exercises along the way.

This weekend’s cardio will be quite a few hours refereeing a local rugby tournament in Singapore - something I really enjoy even if running around in the heat leaves me pretty drained by the end of each day.

Hope everyone has had a great week.

Revving it up

So it’s Singapore F1 weekend and my oldest friends are visiting from Scotland for the weekend. Diet - pretty decent. Alcohol 🍷 🍻- yikes!! They have not visited for 10 years so I’m OK with the epic fail on this occasion.

Workouts were pretty good. Missed one on a deliberate trade off for sleep but otherwise all OK.

Hope everyone had a great week.


I know that many of us travel a lot. Keeping up with diet and exercise when travelling is a challenge. When I was doing KB1 I was always committed to the workouts even when it meant I had to get up at 4.30 am to get it done before going for a flight.

If often wondered about the trade off between the impact that has on sleeping time against maintaining the daily habit and routine of exercise. The importance of sleep was the subject of a number of lessons during Kenzai Iron but if anyone wants to learn more, I recommend the book “Why we Sleep”. Having considered some of observations in that book, I think I’ve reached the conclusion that perhaps my previous approach was wrong and that if making time for exercise on one of “those days” would impact on sleep, then sleep should be the focus.

I’d welcome anyone’s thoughts on this.

Week 1

Hi everyone 👋.

This year has been one of milestones. My 50th, my eldest’s 18th and this weekend my lovely wife and I are on Cempedak Island celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. If you’ve not tried it, I certainly recommend giving it a go. The food is fantastic and pretty Kenzai compliant. Exercise has been pretty easy this week - nice to have an easy introduction.

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable start.

Intro to Hemlock

Hi team 👋. I live in Singapore with my wife and 3 kids (18, 15 and 12). We’ve been here 4 years and before that we were in Hong Kong for 6 years.

I had my 50th birthday last month and timed my last programme to finish just before the big day. Wasn’t my best effort. Was great for 6 weeks and then I got tendonitis in my right elbow which was a little limiting so I didn’t finish as strong as I would have liked. I definitely need to go back and do Iron again when the time is right.

Really looking forward to this programme and getting to know you all. Looks like some have done KB2 before! Respect ✊.

Unfinished business  

I was really looking forward to Iron but in the end I felt I gave it 65%. I certainly would have enjoyed the workouts more had I not suffered from an irritating tendonitis. No excuses but there were 3-4 weeks when it was quite limiting. I thought that perhaps it was getting better and accepted an arm wrestling match against one of my son’s 17 year old 6ft 4 friends. I lost badly 😂😂. I also discovered that my elbow is still a long way from full recovery which was a little a little disappointing.

Over the 3 months I’ve got a sense of unfinished business. I’ll have to get back to this programme and hit it harder but I suspect that’s going to have to wait quite a while.

This is me and the whole family on graduation day at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo which was great.

I hope everyone managed to get what they wanted from this programme. I hope to see you on the next circuit.




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