Ian L.

Ian L.


Ian L.'s Kenzai Iron program, Iron | May 6 2019, starts in 12 days.


So here it is, day 90. I must admit that I didn’t imagine a few months ago I would be writing this blog - not least as I’d never heard of Kenzai. My wife, Jenny, got me this as a Christmas present.

It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve really enjoyed (almost) the whole experience. From time to time I had to really grit my teeth to get things done but it was worth the effort. Physical changes have been extremely satisfying and watching the results of others has been inspiring.

We are in Hong Kong this weekend for the rugby 7s. I wish everyone all the best and congratulations.

I know that for very good reason we don’t look at weight as a measure of success. The horrible thought though is that I’ve lost 7kg and put on a load of muscle so how much fat did I have in my body to start with?!! I never saw it creeping up on me until now.

I have to say that seeing the transformation that some of you have achieved has really inspired me along the way. Big shout to Mike - Kenzai poster boy - but also to everyone else. You have been fantastic. I was away on a once a year Golf weekend last weekend and we have a new recruit as a result!


Today I missed only my second day since the start. Haven’t managed to eat for the past 24 hours and feel weak and shaky. Hopefully I’ll manage to throw it off soon and get back on track.

Hi 👋. Flushed with enthusiasm from the fact I’ve bought some new gym equipment, I’d like to sign up for Kenzai Iron at the end of KB1. Can you point me in the right direction for signing up for the next time this is running? Thanks!

Mixed bag this week

Hi everyone 👋

Had a couple of real Low energy days this week and struggled to get through the routine. I did manage but really had to grit my teeth to get it done.

My lovely wife and I are going out for dinner tonight - just the two of us. A rare treat! I’m not going to be paying much attention to rules on this occasion and I’m seeing the whole evening as an indulgence! We have picked a restaurant we’ve not tried before but have heard great things about.

I hope everyone is doing well. We are really at the point where it’s counting down to the end. Quite looking forward to the fail sets next week 😂😂

Only 1/3 to go 😢

We have had a couple of days in Langkawi as s family which has been absolutely lovely. Sun and sea with a great gym and all the time in the world to enjoy my workout. Slightly tweaked my right knee so I’m being careful on anything placing a strain on my knee. Hopefully only a few days. Now only 29 days to go and a bit like Margaret I’m already wondering what to do next. I’ve always wanted to run better so perhaps Kenzai run? My youngest is keen to do it with me but I’m a little wary of my knee which has caused my trouble from time to time for many years.

I hope everyone is doing well. It has been fascinating watching the changes we have all made.

Just keep going.

I’ve been traveling all week - Kuala Lumpur then Melbourne. Overnight flight with little sleep. The “Low energy day” lesson was well timed! It’s been a real struggle to get up and get skipping and a couple of days I almost just lay in bed and really had to force myself to get up and get active. But I did it and today I’m feeling pretty good. I know if I’d not stuck to it I would have been disappointed in myself.

I hope everyone else is doing well and successfully working through their own struggles.

Malaysian Street Food

Delicious but seriously spicy! 😂😂


Been reading the blogs this morning and I have to say there are some seriously impressive results beginning to roll in. I missed a workout last week because of traveling and I felt twitchy all day because of it - it’s beginning to feel like something I need in my day.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their success stories it really does help the motivation!

Got that wrong!

So for some strange reason I thought that 7 x 2 mins skipping was going to be easier. That was really silly! 2 mins is a lot longer than I thought and inevitably I feel a competitive need to beat my last number before the time is up.

Not sure if others found that tough but I know I did.

So 6 weeks in. I’m really enjoying (most of) the programme. I’ve lost a notch on my belt and lots of friends and colleagues have commented how much thinner and fitter I look. All good!! But with 50+ days to go I’m beginning to worry that I’ll end up looking thinner - and older 😂 - than I want to. I’m not after the perfect 6 pack - although some additional loss of the mid life tyre would be great. This one is really seeking comment from the Trainers.

Is it just me?!

I find myself in a rhythm counting skips before I go to sleep 😳. Still finding the skipping pretty tough and I’m impressed by those that seem to have progressed to the several hundred without stopping. I’m still doing it in sets of 150 - partly because of neck pain that I’m going to see a Physio about next week. I’ve had it for years but the skipping motion causes some pain which releases 20-30 seconds after I stop.

On the plus side I can say that I’m feeling fitter. I feel like I’m even walking differently!

I hope everyone has had a successful week. I suspect that we have all had ups and downs but now that I can feel positive benefits it is certainly easier to find the motivation to get out of bed.

Week 4

Have been traveling a lot and the jet lag doesn’t help but with the exception of yesterday I’ve pretty much kept to the plan. Yesterday was a 14 hour flight so no chance to get my workout done.

No travelling for the next 2 weeks and a couple of days off this week to celebrate Chinese New Year. Happy year of the pig everyone 🐷

OK allowing a little bit for water fluctuations etc that’s still pretty good. 3kg lost in total so far which I’m really pleased about. If I keep it going at this pace that would be 12 kg in total which would be WAY too much. I guess that as muscle starts to build weight loss will decelerate.

So almost at the end of week 3 and I’ve been travelling most of the week, and all of next. I could have found an excuse every day to avoid the workout- too tired, too late etc - but I got up and did them. Quite pleased with that 😁. Food has been impossible but I’ve eaten healthy, chosen carefully when out on work dinners and been sensible.

Two things this week. 1 I got 2 spots on my chin. I’m nearly 50 - not fair! 2. More than one person had commented that I look slimmer and fitter. That felt great!!

Hopefully everyone else is doing well and having a few small victories of their own.


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