Ines A.

Ines A.


I started off always working early in the morning and being done before breakfast. I would start my day with my workout done! Lately I’m having a harder time doing this and for example today I started my workouts at 9pm! At least I did it!!:)( when I found myself out of excuses😂😂)

on my way back

I’m on my way back home. From tomorrow on I will get back to a routine and into Kenzai! During this past two and a half weeks it was not always easy to stay strictly in the program, I hope I did not mess it up too much!!
My father is now in a stable condition.
Thank you all for your support.

I’m going into a slump, I’m having a harder time getting my exercise done and sticking to the diet!
I am staying at my parents’ in the morning so instead of going to the gym, I’m running up and down the steps at my parents’ place, 10 floors


Can anyone send me the right technic for jumprope? Provably I'm not doing it the best way! Today I'm going on a long hike so no jumprope for me:)

Day 10

Today workout was fine! I am having a hard time not eating fruits at breakfast, I so used to it!
Spinach frittata avocado and toast today!😊

Day 9

It was hard waking up earlier today for the workout since I had a tighter morning! I had to go out for lunch yesterday and today so I’m guessing the amounts. I hope I’m not messing up too badly!!😬😬




Kenzai Body
Kenzai Body