Isaura G.

Isaura G.

Kenzai Body | Day 75
Kenzai Body
Day 75
Program progress:

I am not quitting now because I asked my husband to do this with me. And he did not want to. But he did it anyway.

So here we are. Hungry and grumpy, lol.

Earlier this week was a highlight of the program. And today is certainly the low point. I posted my progress picture. And well, I see no progress, or very little if I squint.

I understand progress can be measured in many ways and perhaps the most valuable progress is difficult to see (especially, only 6 weeks into any program). It is also challenging seeing how much progress my husband is making. I am happy for him and thankful he is doing this with me. I understood his efforts would be more evident when we started this and so comparisons between the two of us would be misguided. But that understanding does not make it easier today.

So why am I not quitting? Because I wanted to do this. So much so, I asked my partner for support. Today, I want to quit. And I will probably want to quit tomorrow. But I won't.

I hope others are having a better time with the program this week!