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Although I didn’t see a whole lot of change this time around I am happy, since I feel I have solidified a healthy way of life now. It’s not a diet for me it’s everyday to watch what I eat and exercise.

almost there!

I can’t believe it’s almost over! I am excited yet a little anxious about ending it-making sure I keep up my good work and not gain back the weight.


Husband bought a charcoal BBQ. I’m excited about it because it brings veggies to a whole other level-from I’ll eat them since they’re good for you and taste ok-to they’re delicious and now for seconds! No salt, no butter and there you go, smartly seasoned and still yummy.


Sleep has been an issue. Which leads me to be super tired in the evening-falling asleep on the couch but in the middle of the night I’m awake. Vicious cycle. I got lavender bath soap, maybe I should try stronger, like therapeutic oils?

darn you donut.

Waiting for my son’s graduation to start, having eaten nothing but they have donuts for sale while you wait. Only out of desperation because I was starving did I give in. Oh well. Healthier lunch with my graduate later. 🙂

more cauliflower...

I attempted to cook a cauliflower crusted pizza. The result was ok. Minimal cheese of course but I need work on being creative with toppings. My few bits of broccoli didn’t really cut it. Any suggestions on healthy pizza toppings?


I indulged at the movie theater with some popcorn and some M & M’s. It was delicious. But a little dangerous. I tasted that forbidden fruit and wanted more of the same the next day. I didn’t but it makes you a little obsessed with everything bad to eat around you. Just for a couple days.

riced cauliflower!

Riced cauliflower is great! We sautéed it with some onions and used it as a base instead of rice or noodles with ratatouille. Great stuff!! No carbs!

meat alternative

Just wondering everyone’s thoughts on the highly popular Beyond meat, Impossible burgers, etc., as to taste or feasibility to swap out protein with an all plant alternative?

weight loss?

I feel like I’ve definitely lost some weight-I’m getting comments as well. But per the scale it’s only a couple pounds lost. It’s particularly frustrating not to see that definitive loss in a visual number on the scale. I’ll just keep on...

new diet 🙂

I am actually pleased to see the apple/banana/yogurt/egg white dinner. It’s yummy-my sister had suggested a little cinnamon with the banana/apple/yogurt combo-and I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to make!


As to why my protein went down 20g at dinner time?


Since my husband is on a low salt diet we all have been on one too, which fits into Kenzai perfectly. This little spice is fantastic! It especially punches up those veggies. I honestly don’t miss salt.

My answers

Sorry-a bit
late getting to this:
What inspired me?
My sister. She has always inspired me and asked me to join her in this journey.
My strength?
I can keep my head to the grindstone and take it one day at a time.
My weakness?
Keeping up that motivation sometimes is hard. I need to work on not getting into lazy mode and skipping a workout.

Glad to be back!

2nd time around for Body 1. It was a fantastic experience the first time and I definitely have made some life-changing habits. But this time around I really want to focus and really get better at the work outs. 🙂




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