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Jackie D.

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There's a variety of cardio exercises to do in lieu of jumping rope, however, rowing isn't listed as one of them. Is there a reason why it's not considered as comparable? What's the multiple?

Day 1 Reboot

Hi everyone - like Joy, I finished KB1 just before the holidays. I only did about half of the workouts due to a recent surgery & follow up procedure. I thought this would be a good way to continue that journey. I did my first work out a few hours ago and it felt great. I had planned to continue jumping rope after I completed KB but the motivation to do it on my own just wasn't there. I need the community to keep me going so I'm really happy to be back.
Happy New Year!


I really love having bread with my coffee in the morning - is there a reason carbs have been cut for breakfast? other than to have something with a lower GI? I've been eating the bread at breakfast and morning tea - I usually eat all the "lunch" bread before lunch anyhow...is it ok to do this still? or is it important to have the bread at lunch?

First workout - DONE

I went for my 6 week check in yesterday and received the go ahead to start working out YAY! They just want me to ease into it. So I did Workout #1 last night and Workout #2 this morning. Workouts felt good but I feel sore already! hahah... Then I took a look at the workouts you all are doing now and yikers....it really ramps up! Pistols! Kenzai is no joke. This is starting to feel a little daunting, but knowing that you have completed all of these workouts already helps me to think that I can too. Looking forward to seeing more physical changes now that I'll be incorporating the workout element of Kenzai .

Indulgence...Part II

We celebrated a friend's birthday on Saturday. I had a couple glasses of wine and a slice of cake. I enjoyed the wine and cake more this time around since it was part of a celebration versus having an indulgence just to have it. I know an indulgence wasn't scheduled right now in our training diet, but I figure I will just skip the next one. I was able to limit the treats to that one event and kept with the diet since.

Current Diet

Like a few others, I was skeptical of the current diet plan, particularly dinner. However, it's been a very nice change to not have to think about what protein I need to cook. I do try to eat everything on the plan and I've been much better about the mid-day snacks, but I've only managed to eat the final veggie snack once so far. Mostly because the yogurt/fruit/eggs completely fill me up and I don't want to eat right before going to bed. I still haven't tried Harriett's egg/apple recipe, but her photo looks delicious.

Salt & Bread & Protein

I miss salt... but I'm gradually getting used to having less to no salt on my food.
Also - I'm not used to eating SO MUCH BREAD. Prior to Kenzai I thought of my veggies as carbs so I rarely ate bread or rice and I never ate pasta. I'm assuming corn tortillas are an appropriate substitute for bread?
I'm also eating more protein than I am used to - can we substitute a protein shake? and how many grams of protein should I shoot for?
Is it ok to eat some of the bread with my tea break (along with fruit)




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