Jacqueline V.

Jacqueline V.

Graduation Post 

Well that's it, I must say I really enjoyed the lessons, feedback and support of Kenzai. I fell short in the last few weeks but held up for around 9. Definitely would do it again but maybe a shortened version..

Thanks Kenzai

Kenzai finish

I have loved every part of the Kenzai and the lessons it has incorporated into my life. Life got very busy in the last weeks and my Kenzai journey ended but would love to take a shorter challenge in 2020. Thank you Kenzai!!

I have to say I have been pretty lax with Kenzai the last two weeks, there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day!! I do love the programme though but am wondering next time if I should do a six week rather than a twelve week. Is there a six week? Think is better suited to my mentality.

Have problems uploading photo's can see them on my phone but not all of them on the desktop. Have no idea why...

Motivation --

Yes - it has been hard to get motivation back after having gastro. The body has been weakened but getting stronger once more. Captain's Chair am finding incredibly hard to do , is there an alternative pleeasee???

oh my

My week in the uk went from bad to worse . I did get my luggage back three days later but unfortunately caught a gastro bug which knocked me out .. no appetite , no workouts .. back in singapore but hoping that my disastrous week hasn’t hindered the good work done ., Could you advise ?

Holiday Time

HI there,
Apologies for not being in touch for a while. Have just arrived in England for a weeks holiday which hasn't started well as someone has mistakenly taken my bag with all mine and my kids clothes in. And my Kenzai equipment as definitely keeping up the workouts whilst I was here.. So gutted. It has been 24 hours -nothing traced yet and my feeling is that I am not getting this bag back at all. What to do now???

Egg Whites

Wow eating a lot of eggs- what is everyone doing with the yolks?

PS still having issues with photos..


Yes think I can see changes in my body shape. Been a hard week this week and have fallen off the wagon food-wise but hopefully not too much to set me back.
Exercises are getting more difficult. Never can jump rope for more than 200 at a time, are we aiming for continuous?
Also my leg circles are very restricted on one side - have problems with my hips and feel like on my right side I can't get to the right angle position as it is not physically. possible like something is blocking. Off to see the osteo. Mmm see that people are referring to weight loss, I haven't gone on to the scales - should I have?

Also having big issues putting pictures up, is there something I am doing wrong???

Keep it up my fellow Kenzai's!!

Otter Kicks

OTTER KICKS BURN!! Wow I find them hard ,hard for me to keep my legs straight


Hi there,

I am terrible at meal prep - and need specific instructions Sorry.. Hit me up with some breakfast /lunch and dinner recipes that fulfil the Kenzai criteria. Appreciate it


About me

1. Tell us about your life...
I live in Singapore with my four children ranging from 10,9,7, and my little one who is 5, two dogs and my husband. I have my own accounting business which I started over a year ago and it is going amazingly well.

2. Tell us why you're doing Kenzai body...
I have always been relatively active and have completed marathons, half marathons, climbed mountains. Starting my own business has meant a lot more office time which has taken my exercise time and my diet has become shocking.. Alway grazing and not eating meals.

3. A problem shared...
Wish I could make the day longer. Wondering what the best time for me to do the workout is. Take kids to school at 7am in the morning so have been doing it at 5.30am.. Sustainable -probably not.. Evening is just Soo hot in Singapore... Will have to work this out..

4. What question would you like to ask your team mates and/or trainer?
If you had a super power , what would it be?

First Day : Kenzai

Workout completed Tick!!! Realised my push ups are not great - is it ok to do them on your knees? Whats the deal with the Hand grips - could you do them without?




Kenzai Body
Kenzai Body