Jacqueline V.

Jacqueline V.

Kenzai Body | Day 11
Kenzai Body
Day 11
Program progress:

Hi there,

I am terrible at meal prep - and need specific instructions Sorry.. Hit me up with some breakfast /lunch and dinner recipes that fulfil the Kenzai criteria. Appreciate it


About me

1. Tell us about your life...
I live in Singapore with my four children ranging from 10,9,7, and my little one who is 5, two dogs and my husband. I have my own accounting business which I started over a year ago and it is going amazingly well.

2. Tell us why you're doing Kenzai body...
I have always been relatively active and have completed marathons, half marathons, climbed mountains. Starting my own business has meant a lot more office time which has taken my exercise time and my diet has become shocking.. Alway grazing and not eating meals.

3. A problem shared...
Wish I could make the day longer. Wondering what the best time for me to do the workout is. Take kids to school at 7am in the morning so have been doing it at 5.30am.. Sustainable -probably not.. Evening is just Soo hot in Singapore... Will have to work this out..

4. What question would you like to ask your team mates and/or trainer?
If you had a super power , what would it be?

Workout completed Tick!!! Realised my push ups are not great - is it ok to do them on your knees? Whats the deal with the Hand grips - could you do them without?