Jade B.

Jade B.

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Thank you Chisel !  

Before I know it's the end of it, it has been the most challenging program and man it worked !

Thank you my teammates and our trainer Sharmali :)

Easter holiday

Not much to report here, this Easter holiday got me off the wagon... 2 more days to go !!

K run half Day 17

Half way into week 3, I have been enjoying the program! My main goal is to run without huffing so intently and my run seems to get better and better each passing day, good sign ! Will be more disciplined with my diet in the remaining weeks :)

Best skiing  

I just got back from my ski holiday in Japan, this is my 4th season skiing and the best by far!!! Thanks ski boot it did work :)

Off to ski

As the workouts have ramped up to 5 cycles, man.... I have been able to do only 3 cycles, it does exhaust me on top of my marathon training.... Anyway, going to Japan for skiing tomorrow, will try to keep up with my workouts ;)


When the lady on Runkeeper said "Workout completed" I had my arms in the air as if there is a real finishing line in front of me ! Surprisingly I made the 13K with quite a good time, I planned to run it slow as I really thought I would struggle to finish it.

Thank you our trainer Malia and teammates! Although I didn't comment much, I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. So long, hope to see some of you on K-run half :)


Last week

I am amazed how I completed last week's 11k distance run, my last 10k was about 10 yrs ago.

Ran the 45 mins today, was a bit tired during maybe still recovering from the 11k :)

Looking forward to our last run this Sunday. I am going to be discipline on my diet !!

Rain rain go away

It's been raining for the whole of past week and more rain forecast for next 7 days!!

I missed running outside.....have been on treadmill for all of last week's runs and feel a bit like a hamster/bored....!


Weather has been 30 plus degrees, it's hard to run on the track though I managed a couple runs when there was a drizzle and few degrees dropped with nearly 100% humidity.... Hard ! So I did my runs on treadmill in gym and felt "easier" and a bit of guilt - when I can see people still jogging at the track in the heat while I am in an AC controlled treadmill !!

Fartlek is fun !

Did my first Fartlek yesterday (in a gym thou, 33 degrees outdoor). I had to press the + button up up up for 30 seconds then down down for a minute and repeat 5 times ... I loved it ! Maybe that makes it extra fun doing it on treadmill instead of at track :)

3 years later...

I completed Kenzai body 3 yrs ago and now back in the game, very excited!!!

Haven't done any exercise in the summer (kids not in school...) 25 mins on Day 1 was fine on treadmill, actually felt good. So I challenged myself on the track on a rainy day on Day 3, uh oh, mistake ! Finished the first 10mins, dragging, then walk/ run (snail pace) the rest of 15 mins with a stomach cramp :(

I am never good with diet, but Kenzai is very kind to give us a wide range, will try to stick with it, wish me luck :)


Finally ! 

PCP may be over but my journey of fitness has just started.
Big Thank You to Sarah, everything you said is true! PCP is an eye opening experience, it's been really amazing and I learned so much about fitness in these 90 days than all my previous years combined. The most valuable thing I've learned from PCP is: Simple. We don't need fancy power bars, protein drinks, gym membership, just the basic fruit and veggies, rope and bands plus a bit of discipline of course!

Thanks to my teammates, although I don't blog as much as you guys but I truly enjoyed reading yours and it had helped me going along the way, esp. Rory and Lissi, you two blog almost everyday !! thank you for sharing your PCP ups and downs as well as your day to day life.

My stats: Day 1 --> Day 90
122lbs --> 112lbs
UK10 --> UK6/8
Waist down 4 inches 

I wish I could lose more but to be honest I didn't give my 100% in the past 90days. I won't stop here, will continue on with the maintenance workouts, the 5 PCP policies and the 90 lessons !!!

Special thanks to John and Pauline for introducing this super program to me, it' the best thing I've ever signed up !!!
Congratulations everyone :) 

Few more days to go

I have shrunk one size down from 10 to 8 and lost about 4 kgs yay ! (depends on what time of the day I step on the scale) I would be really happy if I can lose another kilo....Anyway, PCP has given me all the simple yet important "lessons" over the past 90 days of which I am very grateful and I will carry these lessons with me throughout my life!

Slipped back

I was very pleased with my progress couple weeks ago and thought to Myself that maybe I can now relax a little and started to eat with my family/friends on weekend.

Now looking at my body at the mirror and start to think happy too soon. Will take the rein back and finish it 100% for the rest of 14 days !

Fingers crossed.

Record Low

Feeling stronger than ever over past week, hopped on the scale and the number shown on it is the lowest I've seen in the past say 10 years? ... Even lighter than before baby times, couldn't believe my eyes !

Oh my... week 10 diet, love and hate the egg white. I wouldn't have any boil egg for a long time when this is all over !

Having read Rory's post today, 100% agreed with what he said, my husband refers this is "Anti-social" diet.

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