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James C.

Reboot | Day 17 (Member)
Day 17
Program progress:
Reboot Day 15

Ticking along nicely and feeling much better for 15 days of cleaner living.
Had a day at the cricket on Saturday so things slipped a bit but was preplanned (same again coming this weekend actually!).
Had a week of basic dinners now as well, i generally make an egg white smoothie in the evening. The lack of choice appeals to the lazy part of me.
All round pretty happy with how things are going.
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Reboot Day 8

So far so good.
Diet is going well, working on portion sizes and been able to get into the rhythm of cutting out all the junk pretty well. I lost 7lbs but most of that will just be superficial as normally happens at the start of a program so nothing to get too excited about.
Exercises going well - challenging but still quite a short workout once you’ve got past the skipping. Building up nicely.
Let’s get stuck into week 2.
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Reboot day 1

To say this is much needed is a huge understatement - i'm in as bad shape as i can remember but 100% ready to change that.
Plan is to reboot now and then go into KB2 again in September to get myself back down to a target weight and fitness level.
We had a baby in January so have been immersed in that and neglected my own fitness. Time to get it sorted!

Week 4

Had a loose couple of days as was visiting family down south Monday and Tuesday.
Back on the wagon now and looking forward to the second half of the program.
More and more new exercises with the kettlebell are keeping it really interesting, long may it continue.
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into week 3

A lot more kettlebell activity in the exercises now- which is great! Loving the pass under, feel the burn!
Diet going okay - a couple of infractions but keeping on top of them.
Feels like we’ve only just started but halfway mark already in sight. Focuses the mind to get things right.
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Week 1

In the books!
Good week - loving the kettlebell. Some interesting exercises already and enjoying the variety the bell brings to it.
Diet gone okay and glad to be on a set diet heading into week 2.
Pic as per challenge attached - me and my new 12 kilo pal!
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The End 

Definitely a useful exercise to get me back on track in terms of diet and exercise.
Off on holiday next week so no doubt will cut a few corners then and have to readjust again when I get home!
4 months out of 5 this year I’ve been doing Kenzai and it has certainly made a world of difference looking at my pics.
Until next time.
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Day 17

Week 2 wasn’t my greatest success
Diet - 5/10. Generally fine during the day but strayed in the evenings too often
Exercise - 7/10. Got everything done in the week but missed Saturday exercises. Was a very active weekend of golf and entertaining my daughter though so not too bad; just that miss on Saturday.
Blog - 0/10. Oops
Alcohol - 10/10. Not a drop!
Week 3 has started better in terms of diet so will keep that going and keep crushing the exercises.
Weighed in at 13st 6lbs this morning so that side of things (although not necessarily a Kenzai target) is heading in the right direction.
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Day 7

Pretty happy with week one - scores on the doors :-
Diet - 7/10 - good portion control, eaten a bit more in the evenings this weekend than my plan allows. Need to get in more veg than I have been in the AM.
Exercise - 9/10 - done everything, slacked on a few sets here and there so marked down a point.
Blog - 6/10 - must try harder. 2 posts for the week but haven’t completed the assigned skipping mission. Also haven’t been for a proper look at everyone else’s blog.
Alcohol - 10/10 - this gets its own score. I slipped up here too frequently in the recent KB2 so let’s keep the focus and give it a score of its own. Zero consumed this week.
Overall an 8/10 for week one.
Gotta push for more 10’s!
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Day 4

Off and running again!
About 6 weeks since I finished KB2 and keen to refocus for these intense 4 weeks and cut out some of the trash and bed habits that have crept back in in even that short period of time.
It’s great to be back on program!
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Day 90 

The end!
Another long road but delighted with the end results.
How was the journey for me?
The negatives in my own performance spring to mind first, sometime that's human nature I think - I could have done this better, not eaten that, not had one of the nights out, but we're not here to wallow at the end, rather to celebrate!
So the positives, and interestingly the contrasts from KB1 are far more useful.
I did all my exercises in my bedroom, no gym visits, all worked around my little daughters bedtime and the very different backdrop of trying to get fit as a parent! Kenzai is designed so we can all do it at home but I didn't last time, I found the structure of a gym visit useful and a good way of breaking up the routine. That wasn't an option this time but I found a way and that's great to know moving forward.
I did most of my skipping with a ropeless rope!!!! It works, it gets you moving, it may be a different workout but needs must and me crashing around with a skipping rope on our wooden floors wasn't the order of the day! I walked a lot, my daily commute for work involves 4 x brisk 10 minute walks - for me these were a really important part of my workout and I could really feel the difference on days I wasn't in the office and missed these walks.
Diet - I probably improvised a little too much for the nutritionists liking but sometimes we have to find ways of getting it done. The messages have been drilled into me so I know what's good and what's bad but there was an element of freestyling!
We had a great group too - numerous times in the middle third I turned to others blogs and comments on my own blog to seek that little kick in the behind we all need to get on with it.
The end results have been great for me - I compare the two pics from day 0 and day 90 and they are different people. I had a weight loss goal (apologies to the Kenzai purists) which I wasn't far off hitting. I lost 25 pounds, or 100 McDs quarter pounders as I like to put it ("cooked or uncooked?" someone asked me - you're definitely missing the point!). When I think of 100 burgers plastered around my torso it really amazes me how things can get so bad! Still 3 lbs to go to get to the 13st mark and I'd really like to hit that mark.
So that takes us to the real challenge - maintenance. I have to be more strict, I have to have a routine and I have to get that in place sooner rather than later.
Thanks to everyone for their support and congratulations on completing too!
Here's to that next challenge.
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Day 78

Great success last week - despite my cold dragging on and on I managed to keep ticking over the exercises and diet was no problem.
My weight nudged down to just under 13st 6lbs so still heading in right direction. We’re going to a wedding this Saturday and delighted to report I now fit the tartan troos I had made for my wedding 3 years back - They certainly did not fit on day 1!!!
Had a bit of a slack Saturday diet wise but had a great weekend with the family so not going to beat myself up too much.
The home straight, let’s see what we can manage in these last couple of weeks!

Day 71

Have been suffering with a cold all weekend - exercises and diet have taken a bit of a hit but back on track now. My little daughter seems to bring all sorts of germs home from nursery with her!
Into the final stretch now - really need to nail these last 3 weeks so as not to find myself agonisingly short of my end goal.
Let’s do this.

Day 54

Ah, the struggle is real!
My weekend more or less off program has taken it’s toll - followed by an incredibly disrupted week of being cooped up at home for 3 days and counting as the “beast from the east” closed most things in central Scotland with more snow than I’ve ever seen here.
Anyway, enough excuses (well, one more) - finding the exercises seriously tough this week. May need to find a new slot to compete them as my current 7pm start is making it challenging to get through everything so have cut a few corners.
Still plenty time left in the tank and despite this not being a weight loss program, one of my goals is to get 13st by the end and I’m going to need to go some to get there.
Hope everyone doing well, my community input has been less than optimal so thanks for the support and I’ll try and get some right back at you over the weekend.
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Day 44

Wow, the workout went up a notch today! Really felt the pain of those planks at the end.
Nearly half way through already - part of me is a bit disappointed that we’re already half way done and I’ve still got a long way to go to get to the shape I want to be. That said - 46 more chances to get it right.
Scotland v England at Murrayfield this weekend, afraid there will be a few dietary corners cut, want to make sure I nail my workouts though.