James C.

James C.

Kenzai Member

Day 7

  • May 14th, 2018 at 3:52AM

Pretty happy with week one - scores on the doors :-
Diet - 7/10 - good portion control, eaten a bit more in the evenings this weekend than my plan allows. Need to get in more veg than I have been in the AM.
Exercise - 9/10 - done everything, slacked on a few sets here and there so marked down a point.
Blog - 6/10 - must try harder. 2 posts for the week but haven’t completed the assigned skipping mission. Also haven’t been for a proper look at everyone else’s blog.
Alcohol - 10/10 - this gets its own score. I slipped up here too frequently in the recent KB2 so let’s keep the focus and give it a score of its own. Zero consumed this week.
Overall an 8/10 for week one.
Gotta push for more 10’s!
On on.

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Patrick S.Patrick S.Kenzai Member
about 2 years ago

Like the scoring here James. I managed to stay off the booze at the rugby on Saturday but had a dinner that night which meant a few wines. Does that cancel itself out on your scoring? If so, i may borrow it.

    Ward WillisWard WillisKenzai Member
    Head Trainerabout 2 years ago

    High marks, mate. Well done. Sounds like you are stuck in, James. We'll be locking forward to that Week 2 report in the days ahead. Reboot on, my friend. Reboot on!

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