James C.

James C.

Kenzai Member

Reboot day 1

  • Aug 5th, 2019 at 7:58PM

To say this is much needed is a huge understatement - i'm in as bad shape as i can remember but 100% ready to change that.
Plan is to reboot now and then go into KB2 again in September to get myself back down to a target weight and fitness level.
We had a baby in January so have been immersed in that and neglected my own fitness. Time to get it sorted!

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Sara PittmanSara PittmanKenzai Member
Assistant Trainer4 months ago

You’re here, it’s day 1 and you’re ready to make those changes. You can achieve a lot in 28 days - let’s do it !
Looking forward to having you on the team.

    Elissa ImranElissa ImranSkiBoot | Day 3 (Member)
    Trainer4 months ago

    Sounds like a good plan! Time to lose the sympathy weight! :)

      Amy L.Amy L.Kenzai Member
      4 months ago

      Congrats on adding a little one to your family this year! Nothing like a kiddo to disrupt the routine and cause a little sleep deprivation. Great plan to reboot then jump into KB2. I completed KB2 earlier this year and really enjoyed the program. Have a great week 1!

        Aditi M.Aditi M.Kenzai Member
        3 months ago

        Congratulations on the baby! I didn't realise until I had mine that the sleep deprivation is insane! Hope this reboot brings you back on plan

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