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James C.

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Day 15

Cruising into week 3
Maybe not blogging enough...
Shed 9lbs already.
I planned to not fuss over my weight too much but when it's falling off at such a rate it's quite cool! from memory it plateaus after the early drop off anyway so harder yards ahead.

Day 9

Busy at work...
No slip ups so far.

Day 3

I feel it already - the spring in the step that comes from cleaner living. The slight ache in the limbs that haven't been worked out for a while is something to relish rather than bemoan too.
It's early days, fresh enthusiasm will be vanquished before the month is out, of that there is no doubt - but that's when things start to get interesting and you need to dig deep.
Anyone can eat well for 3 days.
Not everyone can do it for 90.
Luckily I know I can. I just need to make sure I do it again.

Day 2

Since i last Kenzai'd i've moved to a new job with an unexpected perk - the Kenzai webite isn't blocked by the corporate internet filters!
So no excuses for not getting on here regularly now.
Day 2 going well. As a 2nd timer i've taken my first shortcut and skipped the half portions week by moving straight onto my week 2 diet. Already feel the need to cut out all carbs in the evening so might start adopting that early too.
I don't intend to cut corners unless i feel they're pushing me harder - with no trainer watching over me i'll need to be strict with myself to make sure i stick to this.
Will get last nights day 1 pic attached to yesterdays post when i get home too.

Here we go again - day 1

14st 6lbs
Knee surgery in August after running the Stockholm marathon

And never again shall they be mentioned again as I move forward into Kenzai round 2.

Get back to my day 90 picture from Kenzai 1 in time for my wedding on April 18.
(93 days and 16 hours as I type)

Let's do this!


New Lifer Alert

Signed up and ready to kickstart this thing back into action.
Although i'm not quite sure where to start!
Helluva lot of work to do anyway so i'm going to go away and come up with a plan and then pop back on here to update the kenzai world with what i've been up to (or not up to!).
Not sure who reads these things now mind you....
Kenzai, out.

Day 90 

Wahoo, it's over. Been living the the high life here in KL since we finished!
Delighted with the results. The day 90 pic looks great and the comparison is pretty epic I think - which is what I was hoping for and expecting to be honest given my poor shape at the start. There's obviously plenty of room for improvement but I'll take it for now!
Going to enjoy the next months holiday while keeping the exercise ticking over - I've managed to run and go to the gym both days since arriving here - before really assessing my next move and investigating what maintenance is going to look like when I get home in January.
I may post again while I'm away as took heaps of photos for the end. That's all for now though.
Many thanks to Ward for his expert advice and to team Maia for the encouragement along the way. Hope you all got what you wanted out of the experience too.


Don't ask me how, but I had it in my head that day 90 was Saturday!
What a relief! I was seriously concerned about how I was going to fit in the final workout/photo shoot before a 9am airport pickup...
3 more to go, let's do this!

Day 81

Photo up - very pleased with it!
It serves as another kick up the backside to kill the last 10 workouts and see where i can get to in the end though - there are more gains out there, they're just hidden in dark and painful places :-)
Managed 5 sets of 5 pull ups last night - a PB. The 5th rep of the 5th set was quite remarkable -  i was done, there was nothing in the tank, yet somehow i still managed to get my head above my hands and complete it. Can't really descirbe the feeling after, some sort of zen i think! Even 10 days ago if i'd reached that point half way up the final rep of an earlier set i'd have just dropped and patted myself on the back for a solid effort. There's just something extra in the tank at the moment.
Kenzai rocks!
(But i still can't wait for it to be over!)

Not only for the end of Kenzai, but also because on Sat 14th December I'm off to Australia for a month.
The trip was one of the reasons for me diving into Kenzai and I'm glad with where I've got to so far. I was in disgraceful shape at the start of the program and now at least I can confidently stroll the beach with my top off (for all of 2mins before I start burning!).
Still working hard although had my folks up this weekend for an early Xmas gathering with Debs family (as we'll be away for the real thing) so a couple of meals were far from compliant, ah well. Had a great session in the gym this morning followed by a long run. So great being off work on a Monday!
I'll continue that way this week and next and see where I've got to in the end. I fear the 12st mark will be missed but results so far are still pleasing. Just a few more days til warm weather (and cold beer).

Day 71

Did my first unassisted pistol squats today... woohoo! It was only 3 in the midst of many assisted ones but still an achievement. Didn't think I'd ever manage them.
I indulged in 2 parts, once at dinner on Thursday night as was in Belfast on my own and the hotel had a nice restaurant. Then had the alcohol portion on my return home on Friday. Felt rough as hell yesterday!
Pleased enough with week 10 pic. Still plenty of time to tighten everything up a bit more.

It's progress...

That's all it is for now.
A quick day 1 comparison but the focus remains on the 23 more workouts to crush and I'm glad we've got them. Plenty more gains to be had.
Onwards, Maia!!!

Knock three times...

Shame on me for only just reading the day 61 training guide but it struck a chord so i've come clean.
People do ask about the program, especially when you're eating egg whites at your desk every morning - but also there are those who maybe haven't seen you for a while and those who are looking for the magic explanation the guide refers to. I'm often too quick to jump in and try to explain Kenzai to someone who actually isn't that interested or worse still thinks it's just plain weird.
"Eating well and working out" will indeed be my new retort. Until they knock again.

Good to be back

Ready to right the wrongs of the last couple of weeks. I don't think i've gone backwards but probably have stagnated.
I always knew it was going to be difficult but having kept the exercise up it's now time to get the diet right back on track.
Here goes...


Finding the diet difficult here, harder than Singapore by far. Still smashing the exercises though and looking forward to getting back on the straight and narrow for the last push when I finally get home at the weekend.
Time is still on my side, encouraged by my pic from this week so will keep working hard in the gym to cancel out the salt and oil which is so ubiquitous in this fine land!

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