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Day what?

I write this at the table in the restaurant of my hotel in Singapore... Not really sure what meal I'm supposed to be eating but sushi followed by squid stir fry sounds reasonable. Apart from all the oil in the amazing chilli sambal and the soy I was dipping my sushi in!
Travelling's difficult. Need bed.


I get seriously frustrated working out at home - tonight being a case in point. I get distracted too easily, effort is half hearted, I skip reps and generally cheat myself.
It's a stark comparison to when I do them in the gym - I don't skip a rep when there are others nearby, I give it everything and crawl back to the changing rooms to recover in the steam room. I take pride in working out properly and look down my nose at all the people who are so clearly just pretending to!
Guess I'll have to stick to the gym anyway - better for my Kenzai prospects I think.
I expect there are people out there who work in exactly the opposite way. It takes all sorts.
While I'm ranting - someone from Kenzai needs to fix this iPad logging in thing... it can't be that hard to make it remember my email address at least!!!
Ahhhhh, that's better :-)

Day 45

Argh, a trying weekend.
Have seen todays lesson but I'll call Friday night past my indulgence. Indulge I certainly did - beer and wings. It's no good beating yourself up about these things though, just means i need to focus for the rest of this week. Yesterday was also sub-par from a Kenzai point of view though. A long day at work running a training session coupled with horrific Scottish weather meant i skipped my skipping for the first time and just did my exercises. A bit lame really, skipping in the rain is perfectly do-able if you're in the right frame of mind.
Special focus required tonight - going to the gym to do my exercises and will sub in a 5k on the treadmill for skipping. Still working toward my target from day 30 on that front so will get a time up when i'm done.

Day 40

Another mini milestone, day 40.
Enjoying things at the moment, i'm starting to see changes in the mirror which is the ultimate encouragement. A few people noticing at work too.
I really like the prescribed nature of the evening meals currently too. There's no wiggle room, you get an apple, egg whites and some dairy and don't have to think about it. It's taken one element of planning out of the equation which for now is a good thing!
I'm out for a friends birthday on Friday night... uh oh.

Where's my banana gone?

Just noticed my dinner banana has been taken away... Not sure an apple smoothie will work!
Thinking cap back on.

Day 37

Progressing gradually toward my goals...
Weekends are quite dull at the moment but happy to relax before an impending period of hecticness with work.
Clocked up a decent time over 5k yesterday. Feel much stronger doing all the exercises. Just waiting for the next batch of weight to start dripping off.
Time will tell.

I work better with targets to aim for.
I will be 12st 7lbs by day 60.

I bought a shirt that was too small for me yesterday.
It will be too big for me by day 60.

I ran 7k on Saturday in 41:34 (Slooooooow).
I will run 7k in 35 minutes by day 60 (A bit less slow).

I will be 12st by the time this damn thing is over.
I have been there in the last 18months. I will get there again.

I can, I must, I'm Will.i.am,
No, I mean, I will.
Then, I am.

Head down, onwards...

Day 29

We're a good chunk through now aren't we... the progress bar on my dashboard is nearly at the end of my name and going into the abyss of nothingness that follows!!!
That said, I feel a bit disheartened by what I perceive as a lack of progress in the past week. Weight has remained constant and my picture looks much the same as last week. I know we're going through phases of the program and this coming week is certainly a new phase as the dinners become drastically removed from what most of us know as 'dinner', so these lulls are to be expected over so such a long period of time. Chin up and soldier on is the message to myself.
I have 3 weeks to go before I head off for 2 weeks away with work and I really want to smash these 3 weeks as best I can so I have all the Kenzai tools and momentum at the ready for my trip.

Look familiar?

Certainly does to me.
I'm currently rocking the 5 & 8lb bands... I upgraded from 3 + 8 a few days ago.
Still unclipping the 8 for Da Vinci's and shoulder raises though.
I haven't investigated my next move yet, maybe on day 30. 13lbs is giving plenty of fight still.

Week 3

Quite a week!
I proposed to Debs last Sunday so had a few glasses of champagne with friends that evening to celebrate our engagement! Not something that bothered me at all from a Kenzai point of few... I knew it was coming (she didn't!) so wasn't going to beat myself up too much. I managed to pick up a sickness bug later in the week too so had a pretty unpleasant Wednesday night and Thursday. I took my rest day on Thursday rather than drag myself out of my sick bed but just carried the workout over to Friday/Saturday and and am coming into this week with all boxes ticked! Diet went out the window as nothing would stay down (too much info, sorry!) but eased back into it on Friday and going along nicely again now.
Yesterday went for a run, played golf then cranked out my exercises, great to be so active. My golf was good too - I attribute some of that to not having a hangover like so many Saturday morning rounds of golf in the past but also feel the exercises must have had an effect. I was swinging through the ball far cleaner than usual and felt much more balanced. I'll try and play again soon and note progress again. It was great fun anyway!
Excited by progress so far too, have lost about 7 lbs and see that my diet includes no evening carbs this week, will be interested to see the effects of that.

Day 17

I skipped in my suit this evening. Needs must.

Day 13

The program marches on, all still going well so far.
I haven't strayed from the diet at all, only 6 days but it all counts. Debs was baking cakes last night for a charity bake sale at work too, so last night the flat was filled with the heady aroma of banana bread and chocolate cake... temptations abound.
Went for a run on Tuesday - i'm not bored of jumping rope by any means but ideally i'd like to avoid that happening so going to try and mix it up from the start.
Friends coming round for Sunday lunch this weekend - i'll be roasting a mighty bird but will stay away from it's legs and wings and keep the gravy and roast spuds at arms length.

The inconvenient truth we all knew, put into words in today's training lesson. Step away from the pig!

Day 7

Week 1 done, it's been successful and now looking forward to the real deal beginning in the morning.
Low point was watching Chelsea getting beaten in a pub in Manchester on Wednesday with only a pint of club soda and lime to comfort me.
High point probably was today, waking up fresh for the weekend and heading out for a day of Kenzai friendly activities! Picture below of Edinburgh in all it's brooding early autumn glory was taken from our wander around the Pentland hills this morning.
Hope everyone's ready for the change up starting tomorrow.

Day 3

Yesterday provided an interesting challenge!
At work we had a team building type day, not my cup of tea but you go along with these things dont you. A series of presentations and group exercises intended to reinforce your blah blah blah....
Anyway, the challenge surfaced at lunchtime when they wheeled out a buffet which consisted of the usual sandwiches and wraps as well bhajis, chicken skewers, mini pies, etc.... I love a PIE! This would ususally be a trigger for me to dive right in and fill my boots - i have no stop button at buffets, simple as that. I managed to twist it round in my mind though and i suppose saw it as my first Kenzai challenge, one which i passed with flying colours. No pies were consumed. I probably ate a third of what i usually would in such a scenario so that box was ticked.
We then had more of the team building guff and moved onto the "celebration" part of the day... none of us knew what to expect, particularly as my project is yet to deliver and any celebrations would be premature at best! Turned out it was a quintessentially British afternoon tea (with champagne, on a Monday afternoon!?) laid on for all 150 or so people in attendance. Very odd, but a kind gesture nonetheless. So not 3 hours after battling my buffet demons my resolve was called into action once again. I'm glad to say i overcame it all again and made do with a solitary finger sandwich, avoiding all cakes, scones and champagne.
So all in all an interersting first day back at work with the Kenzai mentality and certainly not what i was expecting. Exercises and evening meal later on were a breeze compared to the trials of ealier!
In Manchester for a couple of days tomorrow so taking Kenzai on the road for the first time, hotel food provides my next challenge.

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