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Kenzai Mind | Day 7 (Member)
Kenzai Mind
Day 7
Program progress:
Day 7 - Indulgence

Father’s Day and my boys and wife took me to The Frying Pan. As I’ve been healthy eating for 50 odd days and strict diet starts tomorrow went ALL IN!

Round 1 a 4x4x4 monster of all sorts of breakfast things. Then shared three waffles with my boys.

On the straight and narrow tomorrow. Looking forward to an epic 7 days.


Plugged into The Honest Guys and burst out laughing after 5 seconds...had to turn it off after 43 secs. That is not my cup of tea. The voice was sooooo over-the-top and strange and weird and unrelaxing...plus the 'Deep Forest' circa 90's chill out club mix in the background. It was like it was WAY WAY too much effort.

Cracking on, I plugged into a 10 mins 'Headspace' meditation on visualization. Now I love this guy - no idea who he is. But he's one seriously cool dude. Love his voice, sounds proper sincere and relaxing and like he gives a sh*t. I think he must have been a monk at one stage.

I loved it. I had to do this visualisation technique and I thought of my youngest son (perhaps as my wife had been discussing him before I started) and to help visualise light I think of this mountain path in Chamonix with Mont Blanc in the background and the sun high in the sky casting shadows in the forest, which really helps visualise light. Really enjoyed the 10 mins and thought of something I want to help my son with. So really, really cool.

Other than that really feel like I'm in a good place and crushing this. Love the short exercises which I did this morning. Then all the family got around the pool and chilled out. Chatted to a few mates. Had a nice lunch.

And an early father days gift from my youngest - a proper Dad cuddle. He's turning 10 so I guess I won't get many more of those. Make the most of them :-)


I fell asleep last night so did the 7 mins posture sit this morning.

I was terribly restless. Itchy and scratchy!! Mind wandering. Felt under time pressure to get up and to a meeting.

It was a good test actually,

Hong Kong most of the time.

At home chilling with my wife and kids 11 and 10, Music festivals, rugby and football pitches, walking from Causeway Bay to Wanchai, at the HKFC gym, eating something nice, on Cathay Pacific somewhere, the mountains.

Why Kenzai Mind? Why not. I started doing a little headspace stuff a month ago and really enjoyed it. Just coming off a Chisel programme and wanted something different as I head to Europe in July for some skiing and so didn't want too much exercise so diet and mind sounds like a perfect cup of tea! I'll also be on my own for three weeks before my family join me so I have time to think!

6 years ago (wow) I got into PCP and the first few years were amazing. A few knee surgeries and bad habits later now getting back into shape.

Obstacles? “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” —Buddha

Enjoyed the 5 mins today. It was really interesting thinking about the thought-train, I've never really queried how the minds works. Fascinating - in love with this programme already.

The 5 mins also felt very quick, more like 3 mins compared to yesterdays 13!

Workouts are never optional with me, so I think, come July and my other training kicks in (5 hours cardio a day) I'm going to do them as an added extra every day.

Now that’s my sort of programme.

I had/have zero expectations heading into this programme. I’ve just finished Chisel, so in a good place mentally.

Really thrilled to see the combination of exercise and diet to go with headspace.

Really up for this.

Day 42 done

Completed day 42 exercises yesterday morning and then had the mother of all blow outs. Two birthday meals.

Lunch @ Caprice and 7 epic courses.

Dinner at Alius and 15 incredible dishes.

No booze of course but a fitting end to a great programme.

Next programme - Mind - starts on Monday. Looking forward to that and also jumping into my wife’s KB3 exercises till the end of June.


Doubled up this morning and did last cycle B (day 40) and day 41. Felt like a really good workout. Nailed it in about 70mins.

Did my final pic after.

Finished up 79.2kg. Great spring board for further fitness.

One more long set to go tomorrow morning :-)


I am doing my 4 last missed exercises.

It’s fascinating how much harder it is once the ‘official’ programme is over and everyone else is finished and done to keep going. Even if you aren’t really into the blogging it’s a good reminder to myself how important community is. And how great Chapi was.

Final A was very hard as not feeling 100% well. But pushed through :-)

1 x more B and then home straight.

Chisel Attempt 3 :-) 

0 x booze
1 x bad back (2 weeks)
2 x music festivals
3 x work conferences
4 x DHT face plants!!
5 x cities
6 x exercise days missed (making those up now!)
7 x kg lost
11 x flights
15 x awesome Chepi recruits
20 x travel days
29 x blogs
31 x lunches, breakfasts and client dinners
95% x diet
100% x exercises
100% x commitment and effort

1 x friggin awesome programme.

It's been great, it's been emotional. Thank you Chepi for all the support. It's lonely doing the last few days on one's own.

Wow went back to day 32 cycles First time in a couple of weeks I've gone b**** out. Will see how the back holds up, but my-O-my that was hard. Did the 3 cycles in 27 mins and pretty relentless pace. Didn't give myself much of a break so the last set was brutal. Got day 33, cycle B to go and then onto the last weeks of exercises. I'll finish a few days behind everyone else but as this is my third attempt at Chisel I want to feel like I've done it all. Back back and all.


Had a great day 33-25 in Nappa at Bottlerock.

Food and drink choices were pretty decent considering I was at a wine, food and music festival for two days, a Gary Clark Jnr gig, farmers market for breakfasts (The organic mushrooms were epic) and paid a visit to one of my favourite American vineyards (Heitz Cellar) and bought a couple of bottles for day 366.

Zero alcohol. One portion of ribs, half a Michelin star cookie and a few sugar free Red Bulls were my off-piste moments.

Managed two days of exercises Fri and Sat and a 'V' hand stand. Sunday and Monday travelling back to HK from 8am Sunday to 8pm Monday so missed two cycles. I'll make those up.

Had another Kenzai Chizler - Jeff S - who kept me on my toes and reminded me of the all-important stretches mid-festival.

All in all had a great USA biz trip and considering I had 16 restaurant visits last week chuffed have stayed on the straight and narrow.

Back feeling good. I missed a few days (6) because of back and travel so going back a week to day 32 and 10 days left.

Day 32 - LA

Although I’m on the road feeling good. Flew into LA from NYC last night. Didn’t realise how long flight was, or 3 hours time difference. Back felt okay so went about 90% on exercises this morning I reckon (day 26 cycle). On point for breakfast, lunch and fruit.
Our company has a free bar so my 5-7pm meeting was a challenge as my two colleagues sipped G&T’s and cold white wine :-)
Left and hit up Jony J (Chinese rapper) and now off to dinner.
Feeling good.


Good first day in NY. Haven’t been for 17 years so great to visit. Managed to sleep for 5 hrs and woke at 5.30am and cracked into the 24/7 gym. FaceTimed the family and wife found me a great breakfast place.

As I’m exercising before breakfast can have massive breakfasts. So doubling down on salads and egg white.

Had first dinner last night. Managed to avoid alcohol, the bread and double fat duck potato. Eat too much of the Tomohawk! And some indulgence on the desert :-) was good though!!

Day 28 - Part 2

Flew to New York. Wow long flight of 16 hours and -12 hours behind. Sort of messes with the schedule. Do you eat, not eat, try and exercises in the aisle (LOL NO!). Also when to sleep to not be completely out of sorts.

Think I nailed the sleep (or lack of it) and I just devoured a lot of fruit...what a waste of everything else.

What was amazing was the landscape as we flew over parts of Russia and I guess the snow cap, Canada. Enthralled. I’ve never flown over these areas.

A week on the road. I will be tested. Time to baton down the hatches.

Jun 7th, 2019



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