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Final Post 

Iron is fantastic. Really good training programme if you stick to the diet and training. It's the old adage...you get out what you put in.

Unfortunately, life got really busy the past two months so really found sticking to the programme tough going.

On the plus side being 'in' the programme meant I made better choices over three months than not being in the programme. So I'll take that win.

However, I managed to do only 50% of the exercises (plus two week leg weeks of skiing...if that counts). Diet, was again about 60%.

Day 81 - leg Week

Skiing in Chamonix having a blast.

Day 71 - travel

Starting the week with four days in Japan. Then 7 days in Chamonix for Easter break. Looking forward to leg week all week next week :)

Plugging alone. Fighting the good fight.

Day 68 - travel

In Shanghai at the moment. Always find China pretty challenging on Kenzai...but found a great place for lunch yesterday called HunterGatherer. Its an organic food marketplace that serves delicious lunch.
Work is getting in the way of the exercises. Must Do Better!!

Day 59

Plugging alone. Not perfect but hanging on in there!! Work is crazy busy so the exercise a nice distraction.

Day 52 - Slog

Grim in the gym.

Diet pretty easy this week. Home food a nice respite from restaurant food.

Day 50 - Back

Day 50 and back in HK. Hopefully spending the next four weeks local so plenty of time to get focused on diet and exercises.
Not going to beat myself up but the last 3-4 weeks have been tough.
Tomorrow is going to hurt :)

Day 41 - Leg week

It’s been CNY and a wonderful ski trip to Hakuba. Unfortunately not a weight in sight and food choices limited to ‘fuel’ a days skiing.

Taking positives from 10 days.

Leg day every day :)

Arm/shoulder day every day (when you propel yourself across the flats...stretching here!!)

Last 3-4 days been back on track. Sunday have caught up on one of the days exercise. No booze and diet 100%. Feeling good again and back in the zone. The good news is that it didn’t take long. This month I’m traveling extensively so just need to keep that mindset in mind and do the best I can.
For ‘Iron’ is the an emergency exercise programme you can do if you only have 20-30 mins. I know they exist in other programmes, being realistic I’m going to need something like this as there will be days I’d prefer to do something/anything other than nothing.

Day 25 - Oh Dear

Been a tough week. Totally derailed for the first time. Business trip to Japan, followed by some skiing and a biz trip to Taiwan.
On the plus side, my legs got some good exercise and I've muddled through food options (probably did a couple 10,000 cal days!!!!). And I missed a fair few days exercise as wasn't close to a gym! Did I mention I didnt some skiing LOL
I'll have to write the last 8 days off really.
Hit the gym today and did a leg day. Also back on the diet 100%.
This weekend back on it eating clean.

Day 16 - DoMS

Sore legs, sore boobs, sore everything.

Message was spot on today. I guess that means I’m doing the right thing and working hard!!

Got to the gym early today and it was closed. Skipped in the dark with the faint glow of he exit sign...strangely liberating and recommended :)

Day 13 - Tough

Tough day today. Was lacklustre on the exercises. Have a little niggle in my right forearm...mental excise not to go hard?!

Was in China in the week. Was pretty good considering. One slip up. But back on track in HK.

Tough month ahead, just going to have to roll with the punches.

Day 6 - complete

On track so far this week. 100% exercises and diet fairly nailed on. No booze. Navigated a trip to China.
Got a tough Feb ahead so aiming to get on track this ever-so-important next 3 weekS.

Day 3 - love/hate

Day 3 -

Love getting stuck into Iron again. Finished the programme mid-Dec and had a proper month off (maybe too good). Hoping to be able to make some good gains having a better base than last start day.

But already remember I hate some of the exercises - twisting AB curls
:-( only 87 days to go LOL

Day 90 and Relax 

Had a strong first half to last week, made it to Day 87 and then wheels fell off. Company conference and then travel to SRI Lanka meant I missed 88,89 and 90. Not the perfect or even strong finish but overall really enjoyed Iron.

Exercises - 92%. Missed a day in the 40’s then had a shocker in week 11 (missed 3) and then 3 at end. Not bad when turned into a % :) If any of the hotels on holiday have a weights machine I’ll do the missing 7.

Food - hovering around 85% I reckon. Had a fair few indulgences and a couple of work trips that had to roll with punches.

Overall great experience. I think a great way to train without being perfect.

Liked going deep into December. I’m going to have 2-3 weeks off then back into a programme in January. Should mean not much to get back into a reasonable shape.

Well done team thanks to your support and to the trainers.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.

End of Week 3





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