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Kenzai Iron
Day 88
Program progress:
day 86 - lunch

Eating right :)

Had my cholesterol checked today. In 3-4 months I’ve gone from ‘way to high’ to desirable/optimal range. Kenzai works.

Last 5 days - bummer but I’ve definitely done some damage to my right calf and it seems to be getting worse. Makes it difficult to do the 60 secs speed rope. And some of leg exercise today. I’ll just have to middle through.

The end is in sight :)


Week 11 was brutal.

Did okay in the circumstances. But had four or 5 work indulgences. Didn’t have a Friday (flying) and ended up missing three days exercise for the first time. But if a write-off week and Shane so close to finish but these weeks happen. I definitely didn’t stress about it and just did what I could and still make reasonable choices (breakfast, lunch, did a fair bit of exercise). Signs of a maturing student LOL

Taking positives. I got up at 5am three times to exercise. Did an extra two hours of tennis. Eat fairly well considering (lots of salad and protein). Took my shakes and enjoyed the week. Didn’t beat myself up either.

Week 12 - right back in it. 100% diet and 100% exercises so far this week. Easy when you are in one place and at home.

Most of HK is sick (my family included)!! Also my right calf has a strain so having to do cross trainer for 35 mins a day instead of skipping. Not ideal but needs must.

Trying to stay in one piece for the finish

Day 70 something

At a company conference in California. It’s pretty full on. Diet okay. Eating too much protein and carbs (in the form of liquid grape!). But for the most part doing okay considering. Rolling with the punches. Exercise has been good, been waking between 3-5am so no excuses. Incredible to see how packed the gym was at 5am - my work colleagues are pretty health conscious.

Sunrise was pretty spectacular in my skippin spot.


There always on isn’t there - always one donut you say to yourself ‘what a $&@*#•’

Today that was me :-)

Totally forgot to pack my t-shirt for Shanghai. At 6.30am this morning nothing for it but to rock yesterdays work shirt.

Got some really funny looks in the gym :-)

Day 66 - phew

Plugging away. Having a pretty good week. No distractions, only a short trip to Shanghai. Will be 100% on diet and exercise.

Last week was hard. Travel to Bangkok and had a few drinks. Had a pizza on Sunday which ruined my stomach all Monday.

Had my first motivational - ‘my god I’ve still got how many days to go’ - moment this week. I think it’s the intensity of the exercises. Got to remember ‘one-day-at-a-time’, that helps.

Overall making progress. Weight about the same but obvious gains in strength and a notch in the belt. People starting to comment looking fitter.

Onwards and upwards.

Weight has plateaued at around 84kg. That's interesting as it's about 7kg more than the need of KB1. About 3kg from start.

I definitely am looking different and a both in on the belt. Still carrying too much fluff around the middle!! But too be fair I've had a few work do indulgences that couldn't really be avoided (so 90% on diet).

I don't have any pre-work out snacks. Is that normal. I see the lessons talk about them?!

day -52 - On Fire!!

One of those days where you remember small bit of advice from all the lessons.

Up early to grab a flight to Japan. Had a delicious and healthy breakfast before the plane took off, then was starving a few mins in. They were serving a full English so swerved that and ate fruit

Landing at 2pm I got to hotel about 3.30pm really, really starving. Debating to eat first then workout or other way round, decision was taken out of my hands as the hotel was on fire!!!! 10 fire engine type fire and building blocked off type stuff. Apparently a car was on fire in the underground car park?!

Decided to eat a late lunch but could only really find noodles - delicious but definitely a salt bomb. Too many carbs, no veg and lack of protein. Roll with punches :-)

Got into hotel about 7pm! Went straight to gym knackered. But cranked it out.

The silver lining is that the hotel does a Chicken and avocado salad - had that and milk for dinner.

I am Spartan!

Had a very enjoyable Saturday exercises. Did the Spartan Race 'sprint' with a couple good mates. They went off at a cracking pace so my new found 7 weeks Kenzai fitness was put to the extreme test. A lot of fun and the wife is still complaining about my muddy knees. The kids got involved as well so laying some great foundations for an active family.

The rest of the week was brilliant. My brudda and Lil Sis surprised me in HK for my birthday. I took a few days off work and we ended doing a lot of hiking and getting out. Cranked out 20k steps most days and did all the exercises. Diet was a little off-piste in the evenings and then indulgence 2 landed on my birthday - great timing. Had a cheeky Dragons Back beer at Big Wave Bay after a long hike. Then after some crazy golf headed to Brickhouse Mexican in LKF for a slap-up meal and a few drinks.

Great week.

Week 8 - like last week exercises have really ramped up and taking time!

Had a great week. Firmly on diet and exercises all 100%...and then

Unfortunately on Friday fell over and gashed my hand and smashed my dodgy left knee. Two days later and the hand looks a little infected and the knee feels weak. May head to doctors tomorrow for hand.

I did Saturday's exercise today, Sunday, and just managed to the triceps exercises. Can't close my left fist which may mean trouble ahead for exercises, and my knee means the legs may suffer as well.

Got a Spartan race on Saturday which might have to miss.

All a bit gutting when it was going so well :-(


Pic attached


I eat chicken. A lot of it. It's nice to take a break and eat something different.

Yesterday's lesson cooked up an idea.

For the anti-quick meal I got a nice leg of lamb. Coated in rosemary and garlic and banged in the oven for two hours. Accompanied with some sautéed red cabbage and Apple. With some new potatoes. Made gravy from the juices. It was delicious.

For the new quick meal. After the roast, I took the excess meat (lots of it) which already had the rosemary and garlic. Cooked up some union and carrot. Got two cauliflower (steamed and blended to make cauliflower mash). Hey presto - Shepherd Pie with cauliflower mash topping. Took 30 mins.

What does '30g protein powder with after workout' mean? Is it a typo?

Does it mean 30g protein powder 'with' or 'after' workout?

Or does it mean 'with' and 'after' workout. Or does it mean 'with your after' workout nutrition.

Just wondering.

day 35 - quick & dirty

Oven chicken - check
Roasted veg - check
Brown rice - check
No oil
No sat
No seasoning

That's my go to meal. Most days. Most meals :-) particularly second half. Just can't bothered to cook anything fancy. Batch cooking at its simplest.

I think someone gave the analogy of Castaway/caveman once. At the start you're trying to add flavour and be have differentiation. At the end you just eat whatever is easy and gives you the grams.

Day 27 - Protein Motivation

Had a great week - 100% diet and exercise. Swerved alcohol on Friday and Saturday. In fact feeling far more motivated now than I did at the start. I think I'm a slow starter on these programmes. The first 3 weeks are by far the hardest. So I didn't really jive with today's lesson.

Protein. No idea what I'm doing and ended up buying the second thing I found. Seems okay - 24g protein per 35g cup. 2 grams sugar and 140 calories (so in the range for 25g). Got chocolate and tasted delicious.

Expensive though, but perhaps that's just Hk? I got two packs (24 servings) for HK$340ish bucks.

Sunday woke up to a Typhoon 8, which I didn't realise so only dad to turn up to kids rugby LOL. Stuck in doors so the missus suggested 30 mins keep fit - it was great. Heart rate up to 146 and have legs a good work up.

Difficult week of travel and entertainment ahead. It's not going to be perfect. More damage limitation. Exercises will be fine. Just got to roll with the punches and then not traveling for two weeks.


End of Week 3



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