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James D.

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  • Jul 31st, 2012 at 2:25PM

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“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race”

I remember first hearing about PCP early January. Although it sounded like some weird boot camp I was tempted, although obviously not enough, because before I knew it the first few months of the year had flown by, I was a few KG heavier and approaching the worst shape of my life and 40 next year!!

So my first thank's goes to Tim C who introduced me to this incredible project, but most of all showed us all what 90 days of dedication and focus can achieve. The mind is a powerful tool and having seen how well the project could work, the rest was easy in that I knew as long as I followed whatever rules PCP threw at me and did my best every day I would get a similar outcome. Sometimes that is the hardest hurdle to overcome.  

So what a ride it has been. To anyone thinking about doing this - as our shoe friends would say - JUST DO IT. But don't be fooled, you get out what you put in. This isn't a fancy cure for weight loss but one that demands a lot. However it is 100% manageable with kids, work travel, new job, injury etc etc. You just got to buckle up for 90 days and get on with the ride. 

A few thank you's:

- To my wife, I love you dearly and thanks for all your support I couldn't have done it without you
- My two boys. Thanks for exercising with me every day and sitting on my back during press-ups....it made a huge difference
- Dev B. Dude I am still laughing at Bicycles, thanks for smashing it with me fella 
- Team Rigel in general. Wow and genuinely what a hardcore team. I was very skeptical of a group of 9 bloggers at the start but it made a massive difference. I was inspired by your struggles as much as your achievements and those are all outstanding. It will feel strange not to follow your lives daily as I have done for the past three months:
* Marc, for your hilarious struggles and for working out in Singapore. Incredible results - 'man up' will always bring a smile to my face
* Andrew, for the inspirational stories and for pushing me every day 
* Emma - wow hun what a difference, lets grab that mini-indulgance soon 
* David - your Guiness-book-of record attempts on large quantities of skipping after quaffing a client cake 
* Mayu - your recipes and determination to keep going when things were low 
* Yukiko - your new found love of Star Wars and Yoda :-)
* Ed - fantastic effort you supported us all when you had much to deal with 
* Shuji. The machine....

- Sarah and Patrick for your words of wisdom and this training project. It rocks
- Mr Avocado and Mrs Salt Free Seasoning. Life would have been a little more bland without you
- Michael S - wherever you are. Your 8 blogs and 2 photos were a constant reminder never to give up

I know if it not a numbers game but final scores-on-the-doors. 92.5kg to 76.9kg (-15.6kg) a loss of 17% of my body weight. Trousers down from 38/36 inches to 31/32!! 

The hard work now starts. I haven't even been tempted by fast food or booze since we have finished (Monday - Wednesday isn't exactly rock n'roll for 3 off days), I am sure that will change over time but having learnt so much various things have changed for the good. I am sorry to say I had to exercise yesterday with a short 20 mins swim and 8ma's.....

The things that I will take away for life:

1. You can eat tones of food and lose weight (as long as it is the right food)
2. It really is impossible to touch the bottoms of your feet
3. You are what you eat (looking like a burger is unappealing!)
4. Jump Roping rocks, resistance bands are cool 
5. Memories of carrying my excess weight around airports is a strong motivator
6. I haven't had Achillies problems for 3 months, when I've had them every day for 3 years! That in itself is worth the price of admission.
7. You got to set yourself some challenges constantly in life otherwise the bad habits return
8. I love fruit snacks and eating 6+ times a day

Last but not least as this was about condition my wife took some photos of PEAK (well what it looks like for a nearly-40-something :-)

Other photos:

Dragonfly20130312 2 g5rlqu

Dragonfly20130312 2 pgsgnc

Dragonfly20130312 2 1xp1jfw

Dragonfly20130312 2 5xbhn4

Dragonfly20130312 2 7barw3

Dragonfly20130312 2 1wbodwe

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Patrick ReynoldsPatrick ReynoldsKenzai Member
Founderalmost 9 years ago

15+ kgs off. Jeeze man, that's hardcore! You only get results like that with absolute persistence. Respect!

You've gotten the best possible change here, which is the reclamation of your palate and a love for natural food eaten in hearty quantities. This change will stick with you your whole life. Even when you're eating poorly you'll KNOW that your eating poorly. The impact of this for the sustainability of your results is hard to overstate.

You did it James. Congratulations and a big COMPLETE!

    Michael C.Michael C.
    almost 9 years ago

    James amazing final blog. Your results are truly impressive. You crushed it. Congrats!! Well done!!

      Amy F.Amy F.Kenzai Member
      almost 9 years ago

      Amazing! You look like a different man. Congratulations and enjoy those 32 waists ;)

        Andrew G.Andrew G.Alumni
        almost 9 years ago

        That blog almost had me in tears mate, just brilliant. There are just no words that adequately describe your transformation but those pics speak volumes about you and your achievements.. As you can probably tell by now, like yourself I am a true believer in persistence and determination. Let's continue to press on. 

          Shuji K.Shuji K.Alumni
          almost 9 years ago

          Love your 5th,6th,7th photos! You really looks different man now comparing to first photo! especially side view. Enjoy shopping and buying new clothes!! - from machine

            Rupert H.Rupert H.
            almost 9 years ago

            Unbelievable.  I've known you longer than all of your PCPers - so I know even more clearly how impressive that turn around is - and how phenomenal those results are.  You are bloody minded - and that comes through loud and clear.  No let up.  Push it all the way.

            Massively proud of you mate.  Truly inspirational.  With your Day 90 results and the Olympics all around me, no better motivator to keep pushing through!

            Congrats buddy.

              Stuart S.Stuart S.Alumni
              almost 9 years ago

              James - i've been following you the 61 days i've been on this program and been simply amazed at your determination and drive...the results are simply phenomenal. The inspiration for those behind you in the program, and the rest of the Day 90's team blogging can't be understated when such transformations are showing thru...thank you and congratulations.

                Sarah K.Sarah K.Alumni
                almost 9 years ago

                WOW JD! You look like a totally different person. It's amazing how much progress you made in only 90 days. You obviously ate right and exercised right. What a difference. 

                I love the photos of you and your wife and you and your kids. You have a lovely family.

                You were a wonderful addition to Team Rigel. You put everything into it and that was motivating for you teammates. 

                15 kgs is no small feat and your waist going down to a 31/32 is huge. Enjoy shopping for your new wardrobe and all the best. You nailed PCP in every possible way.

                  Dev B.Dev B.Alumni
                  almost 9 years ago

                  A big complete for a complete PCP legend. To be continued my James. 

                    Ryan H.Ryan H.Kenzai Member
                    almost 9 years ago

                    Great stuff. Your side view is amazing. You must feel really good. Keep on going.

                      David C.David C.Kenzai Member
                      almost 9 years ago

                      James, i cant even recognize you in your final picture.  You killed this program, enjoy yourself!

                        Paul A.Paul A.Alumni
                        almost 9 years ago

                        Fantastic mate. Epic results and it's been a pleasure bumping into you. I look forward to seeing you around at the club and comparing notes on how we're finding life after PCP...a lot better than we did before I bet! 

                          Emma B.Emma B.Alumni
                          almost 9 years ago

                          Massive well done, your dedication has really shone through and your results are very impressive. I'm sure Jo is chuffed with her new man!!! See you tonight for some semi naughty food!

                            Darryl R.Darryl R.Alumni
                            almost 9 years ago

                            Fk me mate....just had a look on the site and saw some impostor posting pics in your name!

                            Well done, awesome

                            Patrick should be giving you PCPer of the decade


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