James H.

James H.

vacation workouts

I’m on vacation for three weeks and I have to say it’s hard to motivate myself to do the workouts. Once I do I feel great though, I have to keep telling myself that a head of time. Patterns are important!

I’m very excited to get back into the program. I have some free time coming up and will be jumping 1500 jumps a day before you know it.

I need to get a pull up bar, I will make sure I have one by Thursday!

I am officially a man converted! I will forever from now on love jumping rope. Best addition to my exercise regime ever.


My dog gets especially excited when I do stretching, which is a fun motivator.

veggies in the am!!

I always knew I should be eating vegetables all day, I mean I’m an adult ya know. But I could never seems to prioritize eating them with breakfast. At least not a lot of them and definitely not raw. Farmers omelets totally. Now I’m adding a salad and or steamed veggies from dinner the night before and I notice a burst of energy in the morning. And I think I’m digesting my food better at the beginning of the day. Love it so far.

easiest to hardest

Workouts are the easiest thus far.
Jumping rope is wicked hard, and I can’t wait to get better at it.

Dieting it tough.

Excited about my garden and the opportunities I am going to have for fresh food this month.


Leaving a quarter is hard. Mindlessly crushed a bagel at 5:15 am with my coffee while watering my garden and completely forgot to leave a quarter unfinished. My partner was psyched I remembered when smoothie time rolled around . My Huskie probably thinks it’s his birthday or something :).