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Morning team, I'm flying to Singapore tonight for the weekend and packed all my workout gear and checked it in this morning. When I went on to the gym I had to use their skipping ropes (usually take mine), and it was so weird, skipping with a different type of rope. Mine is one with weighted handles and I've got so used to it, it kind of feels like part of me when I skip now. They had two at the gym, one with really light handles and a short, thick heavy rope which I started with, and then one light weight, leather speed rope which I ended up with.

It really challenged me, and felt alien. Might need to mix up my ropes a bit more often!

Surfed out!

So I spent the last two days in Bali with my brother and a friend surfing. Surfed 3 times yesterday and 3 times today so gave the Kenzai workout a miss because I was absolutely exhausted!

Yesterday the waves started small and finished overhead at Uluwatu which was where we surfed last. Today was a bit of an adventure as we hired a boat and guide and explored the entire Bukit from Serangan to Dreamland and back again. We had solid waves in the 6-8ft range all day and had some challenging paddles to avoid the sets. Had a few waves and a lot of exercise! The photo below is another surfer at Uluwatu when we were there today. Shows the size of the waves! Biggest waves I've been out in, in years and I felt the fittest I have done attempting to surf in years too.

Back in HK and the gym

Sorry for lack of updates. I landed back in HK yesterday morning from South Africa, without the family as they are there for the rest of the month. Foot has been quite painful and haven't been able to skip on it, so swapped out skipping for cycling last week which was actually a lot of fun. I had forgotten how much fun jumping on a mountain bike and doing some single track riding can be. Took my eldest son Oli out for a 15km ride one day which was awesome. His longest ever by about 12km's. While we were in SA we got to watch some of the pro surfers compete in the Jbay open which was awesome, seeing their level of athletic prowess is amazing and gives added motivation to doing Kenzai.

I got back into the gym yesterday and today and managed the full workout including skipping, albeit I couldn't do the half burpees as they put too much pressure on my toes and tendons yesterday. I am having the stitches out tomorrow so will see how that goes.

Now I am back, I am back on diet and on track for these final couple of weeks. Feeling good for being back in the gym and without the off diet temptations of SA like red wine (which I have to admit to not resisting last week). I've got a fair bit of travel coming up with Bali, Taiwan, Singapore and SA again before the end of July so will need to be disciplined to finish up, but I am determined to finish strong, particularly as I got back into size 34 board shorts last night, which hasn't happened for a while!

It was a struggler!

My workout thia morning was a shocker. Skip, trip, skip, trip etc... coukdn't get into skipping until about 15mins and then things got better.

One of those mornings! Now I need to scrub thay from my memory and have a clean diet day! Here we go!!

So my trip to the UK ended up being bad from a diet perspective but good on the workout front. I couldn't stick to Kenzai diet at the training centre as much as i would have liked to unfortunately. It was certainly better than pre-Kenzai but not where I wanted it. I nailed my workouts every day which felt good except yesterday when i travelled back so i doubled up today.

Happy to be back now and on diet and plan until Thursday when we go on holiday to South Africa. Looking forward to some great fruit and veg selections when i get there not to mention the meat and fish!

Run and done!

Hi all. I'm in the UK this week and one good thibg about jetlag is you can get your exercise done nice and early!

Went out and ran about 9km's around Canary Wharf this morning. Really nice way to start the day.

The week has been pretty good. Really enjoying the exercise now. It's not easy but I am starting to see and feel my shape changing which is great.

Choppy week

Hi guys. Bit of a choppy week for me last week. I had a 40th party last Saturday for a friend followed by a week in Seoul for work and a junk trip yesterday. All of which challenged my diet. I'd say my diet was about 60-70% on plan this week so not great. On the exercise front I worked out everyday though so that was good.

On to a cleaner week this week starting today!

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Just did my free cardio and went for a run. If any of you use the app runkeeper you may know they're doing a global 5k this weekend so I combined the two and did a 5k and some walking afterwards. I managed the run in 26:42 and I was pretty happy with that. I know I couldn't have done it 4 weeks ago!

It was so hot and steamy though this morning and struggling to cool down now. Planning my indulgence later as its a friends 40th party. Seems a good opportunity to indulge!

My body is feeling the impact of the new regime today. I can feel that post exercise ache on my back, shoulders and legs. It feels good in some ways but I can also see why this is about the time lots of people give up a new exercise regime.

I'm not going to let the Grok win though. Summer is coming up and I'm keen to be in much better shape by then so will keep plugging away!

Ups and downs

I've had a good week on the diet front. Survived some work lunch and dinner hurdles and managed to avoid the booze too apart from last night when I had a slip and had a couple of vodka sodas with some friends.

Unfortunately I didn't exercise for the last two days though as I've had a bad chest for about 10days and by Wednesday it was getting painful. Went to the docs and was told I have bronchitis so am now on antibiotics and it's starting to ease so will try to do a jog today.

Feeling much healthier (apart from the chest) and am noticing my body starting to change which feels great! I got on the scale the other day and some weight has also come off which is good, especially as I'd put on 10kg in the last year.

Workout buddy!

My youngest, Archie always takes a keen interest in my workouts. He's particularly helpful when he climbs on my back for the planks! Today he decided to see if his muscles were still big. Gave me a good laugh as I tried to skip for 15mins!!

The journey so far...

Sorry team I've been a little absent on the blogs. My wife's been away since midweek and I've been juggling 3 little ones and a crazy work week.

The good news is that my exercise has been 100%. Diet has been about 90%. I've been eating well but portions haven't been accurately weighed out and I've missed a few fruit snacks unfortunately.

I managed to navigate 2 work dinners this week without succumbing to the free flow booze or the copious amounts of food which was around. That took some determination but I felt great for managing it.

I did succumb to a beer and a glass of wine last night though. Back and focused again now after an hour of trampolining for my free cardio today. Got a good sweat up doing that!


So today was my first big test. It was a very normal day with the family which involves hanging out with kids, and usually lunch/ dinner with friends often washed down with beer or wine.

Today I managed to nail my diet, did my workout and resisted the temptation of the beers and wine despite having 4 guests staying with us and serving drinks etc. Even snapped a photo of my lunch as it was very different to my usual choice of curry or a burger recently.

All packed for an early start tomorrow including my workout gear!

After a couple of false starts on KB2 I am back and really happy to be giving this a go. I've been pretty bad on the diet front and exercise for the last few months, and have noticed the clothes getting tighter and my energy level dropping. When I climbed on the scale on Sunday it finally confirmed what I already knew. Time to do something about it.

I put in a nice long run on Sunday (8km's), well I say run but there was some walking thrown in for good measure, and am now on the road in Taiwan and hit the gym this morning. Ran through the KB2 workout quite quickly so had a little jog on the treadmill to finish off. I didn't sleep well last night, and made such a hash of the skipping, it felt like my first days on what was PCP, but I know it was just a bad skipping day. Now I just need to cleanse my diet, and get through today in a healthier way! I'm motivated for it!

Here we go

Hi, sorry for slow blogging start. Spent the last week in Bali at a sales conference. Watched what I ate, but had drinks most nights. Got out surfing every morning, or running so that was good, but looking forward to getting into KB2 properly this week!




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