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James M.

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Still running!

Still keeping on track with the running, still a little off track with the diet!

Not quite making the progress with my pace I was hoping for, however, at least I'm logging the KMs.

Last weeks distance run below and I've roped in a friend for today's distance which I'll post later today.

Apologies for the lack of blogging busy time planning the move and busy week ahead with the packers arriving on Tuesday and leaving Prague for the final time on Friday.

Hope all are well.

Head Down

Work remains relentless but I am still pushing on with the program. Diet good, excercise average and blogging terrible!

Will get a fuller update up over the weekend.

On track.

A full week at home this week has made sticking to the program much easier. Straight back into egg white dinners, bit of shock but in a slightly odd way I rather enjoy this diet period. If nothing else, dinners are quick to prepare!

Exercises are tough when you've missed some of the ramp up but I'm getting back on track and have managed to squeeze in a couple of early morning runs this week.

Thanks for all the amazing support from fellow Pumas, it is really appreciated!

Kenzai Travel

So it's been a week since I checked the blog and it looks like I've some catching up to do with over 20 missed posts from Puma alone! Currently enjoying a couple of days holiday in Dubai. Staying with a fellow Kenzai trainee, Ayesha Adams who helped guide us to Kenzai compliant restaurants. Yesterday's lunch in the photo, tasted great....

Now to read the blogs.....

Getting into gear.

Here we are once again, embarking upon another exciting 90 days. Having completed KB2 this time last year, I can report that whilst I have let myself go a little, I've not gone completely off the rails! Starting KB3 from a much better place than both KB1&2 gives me the energy I need to see how far I can take my fitness and health.

Off to a fairly solid start, much cleaner diet this week and have covered all the lessons. Exercise compliance will be for the next update, following todays lesson.

Look forward to working with you all over the coming months.

Great Program 

Have really enjoyed this program, it has helped me improve my overall running technique and my pace!

It's also got me into a good program of four runs per week. From here I start training for my first marathon which I've entered taking place on October.

It's been great following everyone's progress, a big thanks to team Zambezi.

Off Message

Apologies for my rather lapse blogging, many excuses none of which hold much weight!

Still plugging away at the exercise and starting to notice some real improvement in leg strength and muscle definition.

Really enjoyed the strong finish run although I found myself slowing as I approach the time to change speed, need to work on this next week.

Distance run went well yesterday although, running with a friend we rather underestimated the distance of our planned route and found ourselves a little way from home at 11km.

Looking forward to the final week, it's been great to get disciplined into 4 runs a week, hope to keep this going.

Back up and running.

Hit by the man flu over the weekend! Made the distance run decidedly unpleasant. Decided to take a couple of days off running to allow me to recover. Back on it today but will need to rearrange the runs in order to get all 4 in by end end of the week.

My running route is similar most of the time, around the river in the centre of Prague. On location picture attached. There are worse places to have to train.

Diet on track this week but with the changes to the excercise routine this may have to be #almostperfectweek.

Running 1, Diet 0

A really good week for me on the exercise front, all exercises completed and I even managed a couple of extra bike rides to take advantage of the great weather we had last week. Completed the distance run with a friend on Sunday, always better to distance run with company I find.

Diet was better last week than the week before but still some way off fully compliant. Looks like this is struggle for quite a few of us, perhaps we need a #oneperfectweek challenge to push us back on track?

All of this running has made me remember a great radio interview with Michael Johnson. (Link below)


One of my favorite quotes is when he talks about his training and wanting to take every opportunity to be the best he could be, seeing any skipped training as a missed opportunity.

The forth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving but Thursday is a training day!

First Fartlek

Despite running for a number of years, I've never completed at Fartlek. Was always worried I would struggle to recover after the surge, irrational but there you go!

Actually really enjoyed it and it certainly helped my pace. I will break you 5:00 min/km some day soon.

Solid 1st Week

It was a decent first week for me on KRun. Don't normally run 4 times a week so started to feel it in my legs towards the end of the week. Most certainly looking forward to the cross training today, planning to get out on my bike to take advantage of the summer weather that has arrived in Prague. Thankfully it's not humid here, reports from HK sound painful!

As I hoped the technical run certainly helped. Happy with my column alignment but really benefitted from leaning forward, helped my pace and felt easier.

Diet has not been 100%, evenings still need some work, my focus for this week.

Day 1 Complete

Competed the first run this evening back home in Prague, nice route around the river, following a week in the UK.

Have been running for a while but never really learnt how to run properly, looking to understanding more of the technical aspects.

Looking forward to the next 42 days with team Zambezi!

90 days go fast! 

The KB2 experience has been rather different to that of PCP the first time around. In someways worse, less excitement about the voyage as in many ways the road has already been taken. And for me completing the program in the knowledge I was only likely to get back to day 90 PCP levels and not beyond. In many ways better, greater knowledge of the program allows you to plan and mentally prepare. I found the level of variation in the exercises more engaging and finally you prove to yourself you can do this again!

I know we are encouraged not to measure progress through numbers but I'm a numbers guy!

Weight - Down 19kg
Body fat - Down 8%
Waist - Down 12cm
Resting HR - Down 18 BPM
Clothes in the waredrobe that fit - Up 70%

Whilst I am delighted by the results, one also realizes many people started day 1 with my day 90 results. When I completed PCP, the life program did not exist and when it did go live I found my fitness level made integration into the plan challenging and I dropped away.

Now my fitness levels are back up, I am keen to look at additional programs, albeit after a timely break, to push me further and will use KLife in the meantime.

Whilst we have been a quiet group, I have enjoyed reading the blogs and keeping abreast of people progress. A special thanks to Jeff who almost single handedly kept the spirt of the group high! Thanks also to Kim and Thomas for always taking the time to comment on posts and keeping us moving.

Final push

Once again I find myself with a suspension warning and I'm also behind with photos!

Since this last update I've been on a decent path. Diet has been good and exercise around 75% complaint. In addition last Saturday I completed the Prague half marathon. At 2:04 it was not my best time but taking into account my fitness 85 days ago and he low carb diet we've been following I was happy with the results.

Please with the progress made thus far and I will join the post KB2 debate started by Dipa tomorrow.

Back on track

Following my last post I've been back on the wagon and on point with diet and exercise.

Pleased with the progress made so far and hoping to finish strong following my slight wobble.

End of Week 3





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